Asus Eee Pad Transformer

We know -- it's pretty much inevitable these days when it comes to Android devices. They're going to get rooted, most before they even hit mass consumption. The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is no different and as such, we now have root courtesy of Paul O'Brien and BumbleDroid. That said, the full details on how-to have yet to show up but considering the device still hasn't shipped to the masses, we've got some time. Does knowing it can be easily rooted impact your buying choice? If so, let us know in the comments. [via @paulobrien]


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Asus Eee Pad Transformer gets rooted


Hey Asus, I'll make you a deal. Give me a release date and pricing, and I won't buy your competitor's product. K?

You know when this thing will be released and for how much. Holding back the info is only going to hurt you. If I don't know when I can expect this or how much it will cost, I'll just stop waiting and put in an order for Acer's tablet.

You haven't seen the Best Buy page that was taken down? $399 (CDN, should be the same for USD) and the keyboard is supposedly $150 but nobody knows about that yet.

I agree. It's quite disappointing to see Asus put up a lot of hype in marketing the tablet without even giving a US price or release date.

Sorry UK folks, Asus would sell more units here than in Europe. (that's just a fact) In order to penetrate the tablet market and make a name for itself, they NEED to sell in North America. (in other words: selling to Europe is good but they need North America too, yet they haven't even mentioned US pricing)

It would be a huge mistake to lag behind Acer -- even though I think the Transformer is the better tablet. Most consumers will not wait for a tablet not made by Apple -- especially a tablet from a Taiwanese company that doesn't carry a big brand name here in the US.

You have two Taiwan based companies that carry about the same amount of brand equity (Acer and Asus) so it would be foolish to think that consumers will just wait for your tablet.

In today's tech world, a week or two can feel like months to a consumer. They will be missing a lot of early adopter sales to competitors if they wait another week or two. In order to sell more units: set it at a reasonable price (which both Acer and Asus have done) AND --almost more important-- beat competitors to the market.

I think you have the tablets mixed up:

the Acer Iconia A500 is $450 for pre-order while the ASUS Transformer has not had an official price release. (Best Buy and Amazon had it at $400 before the pages were taken off)

i would love to have one of these.anyone in the US have a place to get one of these from? I tried the but they wont ship to the states.

If I were you I'd wait instead of getting it from overseas. It will be considerably cheaper. Just wait it out, some rumours suggest that it may be released before the end of the month but I wouldn't count on that. Either way, It can't be long before it does get released worldwide. I'm just surprised ASUS shipped to us brits first. If I had the money this would be the tablet for me.

This is EXACTLY the news I was holding out for!! I've been keeping an eye on this one via the XDA forums (gtablet). Robeet - one of the geniuses that put a great ROM together for the gtablet has been keeping an eye on the Transformer as well. So knowing that Robeet is in the game - AND - that it can be rooted - AND - that Asus already released code for the tablet: things are looking better and better for this thing!

Now - if I could just find out when they will be available here in the States! (oh, and how much would be nice too).

The more I read about this tablet the more I want it. It's just a shame I don't have that kind of money to burn on an item I will use occasionally. Can anyone say toilet tablet? Only problem will be that everyone would be wondering what I'm up to in the toilet. Kudos to ASUS.

To answer the trailing question in the article: a resounding and emphatic YES! I won't buy a device unless I know I can root it.

No, I will not buy an Android device unless it can be rooted. As with my computers, I believe I have the right to run what I want on them whether it ends in my frustration & bad user experience or not. At least then, I will only have myself to blame.

Imagine a tablet with all the OSes available to boot as you wish (WebOS, Android, BlackBerry's OS, Windows etc..) Also imagine the tech support with whichever OS you use. It's only a matter of time, or atleast I hope. Similar to what windows and linux offer to all the consumers right now. Only exception will be the iOS just like Mac.

Yes, root access is key for my purchasing decisions in Android. I won't be buying a device that some how manages to block rooting, and the more difficult it is, the more of a turn off it is. My device, my choice. If I wanted it otherwise, I'd be a Mac fanboi.