ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Word on the street is that the original ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (read our full review) is in the midst of another firmware update. Nope, it's not Ice Cream Sandwich, but instead it's a bunch of little tweaks, which we're always more than happy to see. Head on in to ASUS' update app to download it for your own, and then head into the forums at the link below to see what everybody else is seeing.

More: Transformer forums; thanks to Chris, and everybody else who sent this in!

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Breedingh8 says:

I want my damn prime :)

czm2000 says:

I just ordered my Prime from Best Buy yesterday afternoon. I just received an email from them a few hours ago that it had shipped UPS 2 Day. I'll have it by Thursday. I was ready to hunker down for a long wait, and here it is already on it's way to me. Super cool!

Wait??? When the hell is the Prime releasing?

Relddem says:

It technically released on the 19th, though there were very few units that actually went out. They've been trickling in to some of the retailers throughout the last few weeks, but there are plenty of people who preordered that still haven't received theirs yet. I was lucky enough to catch a forum post right as Newegg got a batch in stock last week and ordered it through them and cancelled my preorder, though they didn't get the dock, so I still have that on back order. This is just the 32GB, apparently it may still be a while before the 64GB releases.

This is so ridiculous... same BS from the Last release.

Relddem says:

Lol I hear ya. If you're desperate, this was where I was following along, happened to catch a thread about how Newegg had them in stock and got my order in and it came the next day.

czm2000 says:

Just ordered my Prime from Best Buy yesterday. I got the email with tracking number saying it shipped today and I'll have it Thursday. I bought the Amethyst Gray one though, evidentally the Champaign color is a bit harder to come by. There's also a bunch on eBay, but people are price gouging big time.

sterpazook says:

Damn, it's sold out on BB already :(

Waffles says:

I have no idea what this small update did, but it's always welcome. Oh, and look, my comment is actually relevant. :P

TerryB says:

But as the commercial goes "That is sooo 72 hours ago."

MicroNix says:

Not everyone is chompin at the bit for a prime. Some of us have the original which is just fine for what a tablet does. I can't wait for ICS to come!

Suntan says:


And although I would like to upgrade from the TF to the prime, I'd rather hold on to this for an additional 6 months and get the next update after the prime even more.

That said, the endless galaxy nexus and TF Prime references to every post do get tiring.


KwietStorm says:

I wants mah ice cream sandwich

KwietStorm says:

Could this be a primer?

Xbbfan73 says:

Got mine and not sure what changed. Can't move games to sd card. That would be nice.

bryank9 says:

Can this update be applied if the TF is rooted? Had to un-root to apply the firmware update last time, then re-root. A pain to be certain.