Asus Eee Pad Transformer
According to the folks in the Android Central Forums, a new update labeled as IML74K.US_epad- is currently rolling out to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. A few things noted about the release after some testing indicates face unlock is now included, wallpapers no longer appear to be flickering and some other bug fixes seem to of have been addressed. Have you got the update on your device yet? If so, jump into the Android Central Forums and let us know.


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Asus Eee Pad Transformer update now available, includes face unlock and various other bug fixes


If I bought one of these now after the known GPS issue would I need the dangle or are they manufacturing them correctly now? I

I installed the update last night. I usually get the Sleep of Death and Random Reboots the following morning. This morning it actually turned on just fine.

I'll need to test it for a whole week to be sure it's really fixed.

Still no random reboot fix, despite the claim that this would fix it. At least one beta tester from XDA developers also reported a sleep of death as well.

The last update fixed the sleep of death for mine. Haven't had any issues... Maybe I shouldn't install this update as might get disappointed!

Lucky! I've now installed this update on two transformers and one had a random reboot about 12 hours later. Over on XDA, many people are still reporting random reboots and SoD, so it's probably another case of YMMV -- it might fix your issues, and it might not.

ASUS is failing pretty hard at updating the original TF to ICS, I'm surprised we haven't seen any major news articles describing the total lack of stability post ICS.

The face unlock really surprised me how fast it would be. I thought it would take like 5 seconds but it was more like 2. Mq

I made the mistake of purchasing a TF101 for my wife. It worked well for a few months then had issues connecting to the WiFi. I contacted ASUS. They gave me the run around. I was told to do a "Master Reset" by the rep. I did and it worked for 2 days then same proplem. It wont connect to WiFi. The screen says "No WiFi Connection" when I try to turn On the WiFi it just stays on the screen saying "Connecting To WiFi" but never does.
So I contacted ASUS again. They again asked me for the serial Number. I gave it to them AGAIN and they told me that serial number Does Not exsist. They asked for the MAC address. Again they say That the tablet does not exsist. Can anyone tell me if there is a fix for the WIFI connection proplem?