Back in August, we reported that Asus would be releasing an Android-based Eee Tablet in 2011. Folks, if you haven't been drinking the tablet Kool-Aid, you might want to start. What you're looking at here is that exact tablet we told you about in all of its glory. I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't think this thing was sexy, and I'd be lying to you even more if I told you I don't want this in my hands as I write this. 

What's even more compelling is what the pictures reveal. This is no ordinary tablet, pad -- whatever you want to call it. At least one variant is boasting what appears to be a full keyboard, and additional ports on the side as well. Now, before you call this a Netbook, let me be clear that Asus is marketing this thing as a tablet. Now excuse me, I have a few pictures to drool over. [via Tech in Style]


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Asus Eee Pad shows off for the camera


Android Central must be getting too big. You managed to slash dot the site. Either that your your link is just bad.

Yeah, it definitely looks like some sort of netbook to me...those pictures look like it is opening, like a laptop. Unless there is some sort of strange sliding out keyboard contraption.

My wife has an Asus w7 tablet / netbook that works pretty cool... it opens like a standard netbook, but then the screen spins around and folds back on itself to be a tablet. Very slick. This might be the same thing - just better (appears to be thinner)

That form factor have been around for years and years. Nothing new. Most people called them "convertible tablets".

Give me something running Linux/Android and solid state drive!! Thin and light powered by a mobile chip (like Tegra) with great performance and incredible battery life!

Actually, the Tablet most likely retains it's keyboard docking station from the old Windows Tablet prototype to convert it into a netbook/laptop. Has noone seen the original prototype pictures?

Been waiting for ASUS to release their Tablets (Android and Windows varients) for a long time now.

This windows tablets have me reevaluating android/smart phones. I mean I dont want a smart phone, I want a tablet with a real os. Its just the smart phones were the closet thing to what I wanted without knowing what it was I wanted. Phone contract tie ins, expensive hardware for a small device/screen that you dont even have complete control over. You can buy a tablet/netbook out right for less then 500. And that tablet/netbook is soooo much better then a netbook or tablet alone let alone a crap phone.

So long android, dont need you on the tablets.

I was thinking about getting the iPad 2 as my next big gadget. But I think this article has changed my mind. :) Love the detachable keyboard.

I always thought the convertible was a bit too early for its time...

If you can DETACH this keyboard- and it's inclusion doesn't drive up the cost- coupled with Tegra 2 power- and a decent pricepoint, this could be the death of netbooks.

I want one.