ASUS Cube update

Update promises Wifi stability and new titles and support through GameNow

ASUS is pushing an OTA for the ASUS Cube with Google TV, bringing a few fixes and updates to the GameNow platform version.

The 234MB update addresses issues with the Wifi stability, updates the GameNow platform to version 1.0.31 and brings enhanced support for the Logitech F710 wireless controller, and adds the ability to see information about the camera used and date when viewing images in the Media Manager.

This update requires a full hard-restart, which means once it's completed you'll need to actually unplug the unit. You're warned of this after the initial installation is finished. 

Check yours by entering the Settings, and checking About > System updates.


Reader comments

ASUS Cube update now rolling out


Same I returned mine. I had terrible WiFi connections. Meh, long live Chromecast.

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All the comments on Amazon render this product as L.A.M.E. I'm losing faith in Google's ability to deliver a set top anything.

I've stopped using mine because my setup has it on a rack in a closet. The remote doesn't do IR so my repeater is useless and the bluetooth on the remote is weak through a wall 15 feet away. The app is ok but not responsive enough, especially given the Cube's sluggishness.

It's been disappointing. Really wanted to like this and find a good front end for TV but it hasn't worked that well in my setup.

I really enjoy mine as well. Although I do feel that Google is long overdue in bringing Google TV out of Honeycomb.

How is this Google's fault? I have yet to see a Google Nexus GTV set top box to market. Asus, Logitech, LG, Vizio, Netgear, Samsung and Sony are all different companies with different views of how to use the platform. The Google Play Store does not sell or promote any of the GTV's that these hardware makers are pushing. Chromecast is not even remotely close to what Google TV does. The new Xbox One is the closest to what GTV does for TV. You need great hardware to make this platform successful.

Was hoping for more with this update, but I'll take it. The Cube is a little buggy at times, requiring and unplug and replug every once in a while (mostly for loss of audio or video), but it's worth the headaches for the voice search and primetime app. It is so easy to find shows now. I actually watch TV more now because of the Cube.

Feels a little faster, which is never a bad thing. Glad to see they're keeping it up to date.