ASUS Chromebox

Simple specs and great connectivity options at a near impulse purchase price

Keeping to its word, ASUS has just put its first Chromebox effort up for order from three online retailers today. Amazon, Newegg and TigerDirect all have the ASUS Chromebox up for order at the nice, low price of $179 to be shipped out on March 14th.

That price gets you a 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 2955U Processor (what we see in many Chromebooks), 2GB of RAM, 16GB SSD, 802.11n Wifi and a whole bunch of ports — HDMI, DisplayPort, ethernet and four USB 3.0 ports are spread across this small device. AnandTech also points out that there will also be Intel Core i3 and Core i7 variants with higher specs, but that the Core i3 model won't go up for pre-order and the Core i7 version simply won't be available in North America.

Many of us are still scratching our heads on the reasons to pick up a Chromebox, but there are plenty of proven use-cases — especially in education and business — where Chromeboxes have shown their strength. If you're so inclined to give one a try at $179, you can drop your cash at one of the three retailers below.

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ASUS Chromebox hits online retailers for $179, shipping out Mar. 14


I just preordered one from Amazon, along with a displayport to dvi cable, and a little wireless keyboard/touchpad the size of a remote. I plan to connect it to my TV to access stuff I can't get through ChromeCast. Gets me one step closer to maybe cutting my cable and going internet only.

PLEASE let me know how well it works with the displayport to dvi cable - and which one you bought. I want one of these badly, but my old Asus monitor only has dvi and vga ports for display input.

You could have spent $20 more and got the $199 Acer C720 without waiting, exact same CPU, RAM and storage but you get a battery and display, just no displayport. I think it's worth the extra $20 to get this in a notebook, even if it spends most of the time connected to a display or TV

Exactly what I thought, I would remove Chrome OS and install OpenELEC, and then it would be my XBMC powered entertainment hub

My Acer C720 Chromebook has the same specs and runs blazing fast... When it comes to PC's, Windows is like Samsung, all bloat and useless things for the average consumer at the expense of raw performance... its a Intel Haswell processor... Who really needs i3+??

As someone who prefers desktops and appreciates the advantages of chrome os, I can certainly see a point for this.

Although I can't understand why they would omit the US with the i7 version. Seems like a mistake.

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For a set top box I would rather have full Android with the full Play Store of Apps.

I have a Minix X7 that came prerooted and had the Play store installed. I upgraded to the Finless ROM found at I use it with a Logitech K400 keyboard. It looks great on a 55 inch 1024 TV. I paid around $120.

Perfect for my parents. As long as my mom can still use friggin Yahoo Messenger with all its crazy stickers and animated emoticons!

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It's a shame about the i7 version. Using Crouton or Chrubuntu I'd put Linux on this and have a powerful full blown HTPC with all my linux Steam games (and even Windows-only using Wine) for less than a PS4 or XBone.

Scratching my head as to why I went and bought this stupid chromecast dongle that sits in the drawer of my TV. If u have any gaming system... It's a waste of money. This device may be worth a little more...

Posted via my Moto X DE

True. I kept on reading all this hype about the chromecast from all these cell phone site and I was extremely let down. Just wish someone would have said that if you have a gaming console, you may want to pass it by. I thought it would mirror my desktop/laptop screen...nope...guess I didnt read enough...

As far as this device, yeah it seems kinda steep in price for what it does as well.

A little tempting. My girlfriend's little sister loves Khan Academy and other learning websites. It is causing a little friction between her and her mother and this would be an easy fix

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I really want one of these... And I am not sure why. If they had chromecast functionality built in, it would be the perfect htpc

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Why do you need Chromecast functionality? Is hdmi out not sufficient?

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Why not? It make total sense,it hooks to the TV after all. No, HDMI isn't sufficient, there are other wires connected to it. What if you don't have wireless mouse/keyboard/touchscreen TV or don't want to use a big wireless keyboard. Unless the device have an intuitive UI that function perfectly with a high quality remote, it better have Chromecast ability to be convenient.

It is more convenient and easier to navigate and play Netflix, etc from my phone instead of having to navigate the the website/app with a keyboard and track pad from the couch.

Obviously, any normal Web usage would be on the normal chromebox usage though.

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I have been using the Samsung Chromebox for the better part of a year. I certainly do not miss the problems of Windows. I am about 90% free of needing Windows anything.

The chromeos store is growing with some amazing apps. I found a fantastic program for creating videos taking screen shots of PC screen. Useful for making quick instructional video.

That being said my only tie back to Windows is a proper video editing. program. Chromeos store simply doesn't have anything that comes close to useful for me yet.

But truly 90 to 95 percent of my time is spent on Chrome and cannot wait to completely cut the Microsoft cord.

Pros: If you are like me and do most of your work with online applications Chromebox is amazing. Connections are very fast. Zero bloatware.

Cons: No app for GoToMeeting, or Skype.

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Hoping to get to the same status as you soon, and really want one of these. I already have most of my stuff in the cloud and have done a lot of experimenting to see just how much I can do using only a Chrome browser - probably 75% or more. Off the top of my head, only three things are going to make me keep a windows machine around for a while. 1) interfacing with my gps to transfer data to and from it, and edit the gpx data I get from it 2) interfacing with my Canon scanner 3) ripping an occasional dvd to mp4. I might miss Google Earth too, but it is still somewhat useful on Android.

Why spend money on an os that can't do anything? No thanks. Google fanboys are getting worse than the apple ones.

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I've got an old Windows laptop and a chromecast connected to my tv for all my TV media needs. If that laptop ever craps out on me I would definitely buy this!

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For anyone thinking about getting this just be warned that ASUS has zero customer service.

After owning a Transformer 300 for about a year and a half I'll probably never buy an ASUS product again. This is just my input though. Hope it works out for those who bought this Chromebox!
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