Asus C200

Asus, which is already investing in Chromeboxes, is now looking to release a Chromebook. According to photos leaked on Google+, the PC manufacturer is working on a Chromebook -- the C200. While not much is known about the product itself, it has "Intel Inside" and a rather large touchpad.

With new Intel processor chips available on the market, we'd find it difficult to believe Asus would not consider new CPUs for use in this Chromebook. Depending on when we eventually see this C200 hit store shelves, of course. Here are some features (marketing jargon) stated on one of the product stickers:

  • All-day battery life
  • Larger touchpad
  • Ultra thin and light
  • High-quality audio
  • 100GB free storage with Google Drive (2 years)
  • Free Chrome apps

Asus C200

There's also likely to be a HDMI out port somewhere on the chassis. Ausdroid notes the Asus Chromebook website (, which currently redirects to the OEM's homepage. We imagine the company will make use of this URL closer to product announcement and release.

Are you interested in seeing the above Asus Chromebook unveiled?

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Photos of the Asus C200 Chromebook leak online


If it has a 13 inch display, it would be pretty awesome, but from the pictures, it seems to only have an 11 inch display. Looks great though.

From the slightly old but still great HTC EVO LTE via Android Central App

I bought this a year or so ago. And whike I said I woukd never purchase an HP for personal use, it has worked out very well. The battery life is only around 6 hours, which is more than enough at any one time. HP Pavilion 14" Chromebook. PCMAG

I swear some people just post with no reading or thought. Amazing...

I did spit my coffee out when I read your quick reply! Lol

Posted via Android Central App

He...he was commenting on "your" response, not on the one you commented on. You made him spit out his coffee.

indeed. it looks like they made the bezels around the screen huge to account for all of the space they used around the sides and below the keyboard. what a bummer. i was hoping for more from asus.

What's with these manufacturers making only small Chromebooks? If I already have a 10" tablet - there's no point in getting a 11" computer. Look at Samsung, HP and Toshiba - they have 13" and 14" options!

Also, C200 is kinda similar to Acer's C720, couldn't they pick another letter?

I saw that, too. Looks like it is sitting on a carrying case, and the wide-angle lens is distorting the proportions.

Posted from my XT1080M

i think it looks small because it is. the base itself is huge. huge trackpad. wide bezels around the keyboard. and a hinge that almost meets the keyboard. thus hiding a lot of the bottom bezel behind the base.

Looks a lot like my Asus X202. Same keyboard and touchpad. The X202 has an HDMI port, 3 USB ports (one 3.0). It will be interesting to see if the power input is micro USB or the same proprietary connector as the X202.

And even though it is an 11.6 screen, it often "feels" larger.

When I bought the X202, I was looking at both 11.6 and 13.3 computers. The X202 came in at a much better price with the features I wanted. Asus support and 1-year accidental damage warranty have been awesome.

Posted from my XT1080M

No, it doesn't lol. Anybody that buys a Chromebook for gaming isn't doing it right and would probably be better served with a tablet or actual gaming PC.

That's not to say that games can't be played on it (angry birds); but again, a person would be better served with a different device if that's their goal.

+1 it's not for me, but even I have to admit: Asus outs some pretty beastly hardware. 1080p, with some decent speakers, 8-hour battery life, good build quality, and a competitive price point would surely make this a win over the new Samsung Chrombook.

Hope this has what I have been wanting in a Chromebook...Has well, 4GB Ram, under 3LB's with an upgrade on the SSD it will equal a perfect Linux laptop. Not much interested in running chrome.
I think the OEM's keep the RAM at 2GB just so these are less enticing to run Linux.
Posted via Serenity

You may already know Acer C720 can be updated to larger SSD and there is instruction how to install Linux. It makes an excellent low-cost, and light Linux laptop.Hard to beat. :-)

I'm disappointed in the display! Wtf is that? I can clearly see In the photo that the display more resembles a laptop display from 1999 or something like that, as the screen is inset and the bezels look to be atleast 3\4" wide and a few millimeters outwards and gradually round in to meet the display...horrible! And I'm a huge Asus fanboy, but I have to be honest with what I'm seeing!

Posted via Nexus 7 Razor Rooted (nexogen)

I'm starting to see less and less of a reason to get something like this when a tablet/bluetooth keyboard combo works just as well these days. I'm currently using both a Nexus 7 and iPad Mini Retina with keyboards and they are much better to use for productivity with the document and photo editing apps. typing is just as good when you have a good Zagg keyboard too.

I'm happy with my 13 inch Toshiba Chromebook. My old Toshiba Satellite laptop died on me a few months ago and my wife got the chromebook for me. Just what I needed.

Posted via Android Central App

This sounds like the chromebook i just bought a week ago. The spec's are the same, its the C720P with the 11.6 HD Multi- Touch LCD. At first i thought that the screen would be too small but it is actually perfect. 2 GB DDR3, Intel and HD graphics, 32 GB SSD upgradable to 160 and a 7 and a half hour battery life. This thing is awesome, and quick as hell.