New teaser video hints at three possible sizes for whatever is Vegas bound

We're edging ever closer to CES, and as we prepare to hit Las Vegas, ASUS continues to tease the products it will be announcing in its press conference on January 6. This time out, ASUS asks "what's your number," and drops some colored balls from the sky clearly denoting 4, 5 and 6. The obvious thought would be device sizes, which if true would hint at smartphones. 

But this is ASUS, and we know from past experience to expect the unexpected. We've already been teased with another two-in-one device for a CES debut, so it looks like ASUS is going to be busy next week. We'll be live from Las Vegas with ASUS on January 6 to bring you the very best of it all. 

Source: ASUS (YouTube)


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ASUS asks 'what's your number' in latest CES teaser


It was so well thought didnt bother me either

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The largest I've had it 4.6 with my Galaxy Nexus, but I'm down just a little with my Moto X. I think it's a good size, but I've been thinking about a 5 incher too.

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I have a N5 and while I like it a lot, the screen is a *little* too big for me, and I kind of wish that I'd gone with the Moto X.

Besides tablets, have any of their phones been available in the US? I'm still holding out for a good 6" phone. My DNA is still a great phone but want something to replace it and my tablet.

Asus is known for quality and price in the computer and now tablet world. I know they've had their hand in smartphones before but let's hope they get it right this time around!!

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I own a TF300 and I have gone through three tablets, two keyboards, and a charger in the 1 year I have owned it. All of these things failedon their own. If it weren't for Best Buy being extremely understanding about Asus's terrible build quality I would have been out $350+ a while ago. I don't know about you but I will never own an Asus again.

So a 4-in-one, 5-in-one and 6-in-one device?

Phone, tablet, smart watch, glasses, oven, shower.

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Maybe it's a question for how many hours you spend waiting in order to talk to an actual person in customer service? 1,2,4, or 10?