ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300

Pressure from both Google and Microsoft apparently to blame

ASUS proudly showed off its new Transformer Book Duet TD300 at CES in January, but a new report suggests the Android/Windows 8 hybrid laptop/tablet has been cancelled. The Wall Street Journal claims that pressure from both Google and Microsoft has caused the project to be "indefinitely delayed."

But the software companies have ways to exert pressure to deter the propagation of dual-OS products, people familiar with the situation say.

It will also come as a blow to Intel, a partner of ASUS in its Android devices, who perhaps saw devices like the Duet as a way to help boost ailing PC sales.

Microsoft reportedly doesn't want to share device space with Google, and Google could choose not to certify the device because it isn't 'all Android.' It wouldn't be the first hybrid we've seen fade into nothingness, either. Remember Samsung's effort with the Ativ Q announced in London last year?

The Duet was a pretty clever device; a proper quad-mode with both Android and Windows laptops and Android and Windows tablets all in one package.

So, for reasons out of ASUS' control we may never get to see the Duet on store shelves. To see what we're missing out on, be sure to check out our – possibly only ever – hands on with it from Las Vegas at the start of the year. We've reached out to ASUS for comment, and we'll update if we hear more.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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ASUS' Android and Windows 8 hybrid may never see the light of day


That's a bit of a letdown. I was really looking forward to devices like this.

I guess it just was too good to be true.

Posted from my Nexus 5

Too good to be true? No offense, but could you explain why you want Android and Windows 8? I don't get why so many people want a hybrid OS. It kinda defeats the purpose of an OS.

I admit, the thought of running a few particular apps from android on windows is cool, but wouldn't it be better to just ask the developer to make a version for windows?

Maybe they can't or won't do that, okay, well maybe someone should make an emulator with barebone capabilities designed just to put an android app in a window like any other application, while leaving the OS stuff in the background. You know, instead of emulating a whole OS with a homescreen and whatnot.

I understand, such a thing would not be an easy accomplishment, but it could be done, especially by Samsung and the other folks making these "hybrid machines". Windows 8 already has a notification system, and most of the user end stuff they would need is already there.

Sorry for the babbling. I'm not insulting your wish for a hybrid, I just don't understand why you and so many people want it, and I think the whole concept is flawed.

Posted via Android Central App

Android for play and Windows for Work. Simply put, I don't get the same level of productivity out of Android that I can from a traditional OS environment.

Also, the tinkers out there could have their cake and eat it too. I'd love to tinker with Windows 8 in tablet mode, but I don't want to be locked into it.

This. A thousand times, this. One device to do it all. Instead were left with an android tablet, a chromebook, and a PC. Its all about $$$.

I love android for many reasons but I cant play Skyrim or have a full Microsoft certified version of Office on it. I can think of many other me specific reasons to look forward to this device. I'm pretty let down.

For me, it is more about the mobile browser functionality. Sites that don't work with Android work on WP8, and vice versa. I have to switch devices to pay all of my bills.

I really don't understand either. Why not just run blue stacks to run apps and still have a full featured operating system right there? That's also why I don't get why so many people want android apps on Chromebooks. I feel like it is more of an extra feature than being practical. I'd rather have full utilization of a bigger screen on chrome OS or Windows.

Your use of the term hybrid is incorrect, a hybrid platform would involve 2 platforms acting as one, for example a hybrid car. The 2 os are separate but on the same device, you won't be running them simultaneously. So going back to the at hand; if you could have 2 different operating systems on one device, why not? Why carry 2 separate devices when you could carry one? Now as far as the apps you were talking about, if they are already available on one platform and fully functional, why would the dev go to the trouble of making it available on Windows because you wanted it? This would mean that the thousands of developers out there would have to port their existing apps, not likely.

I wonder if this will affect ASUSs Chromebook release. I've heard distant rumors that maybe their Chromebook would be a dual boot device. They were supposed to be out last year and now early this year, but still nothing.

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While the idea of a dual boot device is cool, alternatively, ASUS could maybe partner with Bluestacks and have that optimized to run on their laptop/tablet. It at least let's users run Windows and Android apps.

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Google Play Store/Apps, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and full blown Windows Office on the same device would make me happy. This device and others like it would make that possible without running bluestacks, which still feels like a half baked compromise when I use it.

It's sad that both companies don't see this benefits both their interests especially Microsoft. If the product were to happen I'd definitely get one.

Posted via Android Central App

This could have been one of the best things to happen to personal computing for a while.
There are many reasons to be able to run both OS but most simply the work and play aspect says it for me.

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Android IS open.Asus can just put AOSP Android on it and dual boot but then it wouldn't get the Play Store....

Posted via Android Central App

I tipped AC about that a few weeks ago... Sucks! I was looking forward to it... Bought a lenovo yoga instead

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Kind of sad. I would have liked to have seen this happen. I would not have bought it, but it's an idea that deserves a fair chance.

I figured Microsoft would not stand for it though. They don't like sharing anything.

I have no idea how Google would react to it. Probably the same, but I would like to think that Google would allow new ideas to take shape. Business is business though, and Google's ultimate goal is probably to unseat Microsoft as the "business" market king.

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that's just rumors about Microsoft, there's no proof anywhere that Microsoft said that
Google is the only one that doesen't want dual boot with Windows

Source? Or just blind Google-bashing?

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If it runs Android, it will run other Un*x variants, I would put a third OS on, Linux Mint would probably be fine. The more options, the better.

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