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D3lit3 writes in our Nexus 4 forums,

I was taking pictures with my baby and I realized that the HDR mode does not show a tick when you enable it. Thus I am left in confusion because I never know if my pics have HDR. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Don't be left in confusion, D3lit3! While this only applies to the stock camera app in Android 4.2, it is a change, and a little easy to overlook. When you're in HDR mode -- or any other scene mode, you'll see it listed in the circle in the corner. That circle may move around a little bit, depending on which way you're holding the phone. (Also, tap that circle to pull up the settings buttons.) But that's where you'll see it.

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akhan47 says:

How on Earth do you zoom? Volume buttons only control sound... driving me crazy.

whaddupdoe says:

Pinch to zoom

akhan47 says:

Thank you, I did try that earlier but I obviously didn't do it right. Love the new UI with the quick settings menu etc but not a fan of this pinching to zoom on the camera interface.

TyBec says:

Pinch to zoom.

Why isn't HDR in the Galaxy nexus? It doesn't make any sense!

kevin_wsy says:

I don't see the HDR mode in my Galaxy Nexus...

turdbogls says:

its not included....think this is a nexus 4/10 feature only for now.
silly, because and HDR effect can be had by 100% software.

theres no option for hdr on my nexus 10. is it there for anyone else?

the gator says:

there is no HDR on my Nexus 10 either.

Tietherope says:

I have never seen HDR on my nexus 10 as well.

I think this nexus 10 support page is just outdated:

But be sure to select "Not helpful" at the bottom so that they correct it. Or give us HDR...

rogeratm says:

It appears that I have HDR running on my S3. I get two photos each time with different exposure. How do I use these? Do I run software such as Photoshop or is there something else that I'm missing? Generally, HDR would work best with three different exposures. Is there something in the camera app that can combine these as the HDR output?

mazzmoney95 says:

Now that I think about it, this question was pretty obvious...

fort says:

After the update, everything looks blue. How do I fix that? Thanks

Small_law says:

I think HDR also disables the flash. Another telltale of sorts.

Erievon says:

Same ballpark but slightly off topic. What I hate about the 4.2 camera is there is no way to jump to the last picture I just took. Why was that removed (or put into some obscure setting/shortcut that I've yet to discover)?

Swipe left and the last pic you just took is to the right, next to your viewfinder.