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Archos has entered the Android app game, launching its own media player on Google Play, for a price. The Archos Video Player, which in the past has been bundled with the manufacturer's Android tablets, is available to download from today. The app costs $4.99 in the U.S. and £3.99 in the U.K., and boasts a fairly lengthy feature list.

As well as hardware-accelerated playback for a wide range of file types, the Archos player supports streaming content over SMB (Windows file shares), UPnP media servers, in addition to USB storage. There's also a software decoding option, which can be used in the event that your device's hardware doesn't support certain file types. And the app sticks pretty closely to Android's "Holo" design language, with a large main view for content, and additional menus stuck to the left or right side.

Some of these features are offered out of the box on higher-end devices, but SMB support in particular may make this a desirable app for those with large, network-shared media collections.

Interested parties can hit the Google Play link above to try out the app, which requires Android 4.0.3 or later.


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Archos releases video player on Google Play


Just an FYI: you say to "hit the Google Play link above" but there isn't one. Making me go look it up myself :P

I love the interface, but I can't figure out how to find videos on my SDcard. Plus, another $5 for the codecs to play MPEG-2??

You can do play from SMB shares using ES File Explorer with just about any free video player for free. Dice Player can stream from SMB shares natively, for free as well. Basically, there's zero reason to pay $5 for this app.

There's a reason. If you like the player interface better than the other options, then go for it. For some people the interface matters.

That said, for me, MX Player and ES File Explorer work just fine.


Or you could use BSplayer, even better.
Support all codecs,SMB (with thumbnails) , video acceleration and support Subtitles EVEN with automatic download from his database.
Interface is also nice.

Yea, and an adjustable wrench can be used on all bolts, but sometimes a nice set of sockets can make a job a whole lot easier.

Navigating with a file manager, and then launching videos in another app is fine, but if I can get a nice UI with all my videos spread across SMB, USB and UPnP sources in a clean, organized manner... I'd happily pay $5 for that.

I had been using XBMC on an Android TV Stick, but the UI, setup and usage is typical Linux convoluted hell. This looks great.

I had MX Player Pro it kept crashing because it is not compatible with Android 4.3 (Asus Memo FHD 10 Pad). I have the paid version of Archos Video Player it never crashes with my tablet. I also installed the free Archos Video All Codecs Plugin so I could get sound (AC3).