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Archos 97b Platinum HD, 101 Platinum and 80b Platinum announced

French manufacturer Archos has today announced the launch of three new Android tablets at varying sizes and spec points. First up, the Archos 80b Platinum packs an 8-inch, 1024x768-resolution IPS screen and 1GB of RAM. The more premium-focused Archos 97b Platinum HD doubles the resolution to 2048x1536 on a 9.7-inch panel, while the Archos 101 Platinum includes a 10.1-inch 1280x800 display. The 9.7 and 10.1-inchers both include 2GB of RAM.

All three tablets are powered by an unnamed quad-core Cortex A9 CPU at 1.6GHz. They're running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, including the Google Play Store, and include 8GB of internal storage, expandable through a microSD card. Archos declined to include any pricing information in today's press release, but claims its tablets will arrive at a "better" price than rivals from Apple and Samsung.

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Archos launches new 'Platinum' Android tablets


What's the price range? If it's more than $150 for that kind of spec id rather get the nexus 7 last Gen or Kindle fire hd 7

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If Archos can get the 9.7 at or around $199-149 and advertise they could have a sleeper hit. How hackable, or what kind of dev presence does Archos product generally have?

Yeah, a better screen, more onboard storage, possibly a bigger battery, and timely updates.

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I own a Archos G9. Very cheap build quality and it died about 3 months ago. Wouldn't waste the money on an Archos again...

So, you "owned" an Archos G9, lol. Unless, you still keep it around, to use as a coaster or Frisbee lmao.

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I gave Archos a try a few years ago. I actually liked the product, but their software was severely lacking. In the end I sold it and got a Kindle Fire. I think that if they improved the software side of things, people would be more willing to forgive any build issues.

Every time I see an Article about Archos bringing another line of tablets, I find myself unconsciously shaking my head.

Archos *had* their chance to compete at the low end but now we have Nexus tablets setting the standard and a slew of other (read: good) manufacturers competing for that space.

Archos, go create a new market. You've lost this one.

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