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The world outside Barcelona goes on as normal it seems, and Archos have today launched their latest tablet, the 70b. The name won't impress you, but the price of this latest Honeycomb effort might. The 7-inch 70b is on sale at just $199.99.

While being aimed towards the lower end of the tablet market, it stills looks fairly capable. As with all the Gen 9 Archos Tablets, the full Google app suite is on board. A 7-inch 1024x600 screen sits atop a 1.2 GHz ARM processor. Onboard storage is only 8GB but a MicroSD card slot is present allowing for another 32GB should you desire. You also get a front facing camera, and as ever Archos devices are capable of decoding pretty much most video formats out there.

The 70b isn't likely to set the world on fire, but offers a full tablet experience at the same price point as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet 8GB. Archos tablets have always been very media-centric, and maybe the best part -- the kickstand. Always a winner should you like to enjoy movies from your tablet. 

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Reader comments

Archos launches latest Honeycomb effort, the 70b Internet Tablet


Budget minded customers has to be the only reason why they decided to release this. No other reasoning behind it, at least i dont think so

I had one of their products and was I ever dissapointed. I will never again buy their second rate stuff. The screens tend to be really awful. It's too bad.

Archos 70. Just never really liked it. The screen was terrible and the device was a bit laggy. IMHO it is not even worth the price. Put that money towards another tablet.

I have used the Archos70-250Gb for 14 months. It does have some problems, but I think some of them were because of the drive and mediocre 800x480 screen. This device looks IDENTICAL to mine. I do think it is a very handy size.

The really weird thing is they already have the G9 in 10.1 and 8.0 versions! Either people don't like the 8 inch design, or they had a lot of 7 inch cases left over.

Archos are an interesting company, but very French (a mix of brilliance and madness). If they would just build "up to a standard", rather than "down to a price" I think they would be more popular.

i love archos ive been watching them for years but never bought from them but i might now because this tablet better then others just because it has android market and honeycomb out of the box but what is the GPU?