Archos FamilyPad

Archos has now introduced their latest tablet to the world. The Archos FamilyPad as it shall be called is 13.3-inches of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and aims to help you and your family capture some family time thanks to its size and 1280x800 HD display. The idea here being that the whole family can crowd around it and partake in activities.

  • Play together - The FamilyPad brings a new meaning to family game night and recreates the traditional board game into a digital game that provides a complete interactive experience for the entire family.  With its 10x Multitouch screen, families can play games with up to four people at time for a real game board experience. The FamilyPad features thousands of various games to choose from including a range of pre-installed games selected by ARCHOS for an instant out of the box gaming experience.
  • Perfect for sharing movies and pictures - Family members can load all their HD videos, pictures or movies on this tablet for a high quality 1080P HD resolution viewing experience.  The FamilyPad features a special embedded animated slide show functions that make pictures come alive for an entertaining slide show on a 34cm screen.
  • Organise the family - Family members can use the FamilyPad as a complete family organiser by placing it on display in the kitchen, living room or common area. In addition, they can keep connected with friends and family anytime through social networking and chat applications. It also allows configuration of a variety of email accounts for each family member, access to newspapers, sport news, financial information, traffic updates, weather forecasts and more. The FamilyPad is the perfect size

The Archos FamilyPad has a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB flash expandable up to 32GB along with a microUSB port and HDMI out. Should you want to snap some photos, you have a 2MP camera on both the front and the back. The Archos FamilyPad will be available in the UK for £274.99 starting in December.


Reader comments

Archos introduces the 13.3-inch FamilyPad, arrives in the UK for £274.99 starting in December


For half as much, I could find a refurbished Xoom that has Jellybean, 32GB of onboard storage with a micro SD card slot, and the same ports. Just saying.

I would like a 13" Android tablet, but not at those specs or resolution and definitely not from Archos. Give me a transformer type Android tablet at 13" and I'll get rid of my laptop.

There will be people who buy this. Some people will buy anything. Idea wise its not a bad tablet. A 13 inch tablet for the house is a welcome item. But you have to bring to goods. If this would sell here for $199 or $250 and at least 16gbs to start maybe it would do better. For $349 wit ha stereo dock wit ha built in Battery for long movie viewing then maybe but i think ill keep my Note 10.1 and wait for the Note 15.5 next year.

Without Android 4.2... I don't understand how anyone can call it a "FamilyPad."

That multi-user support stuff is really important for families.

I'd be curious to know how many families actually set up multi-user logons on shared computers. I'm sure some do, but I've never done it in my family, and I know of no one else who does either. I suppose it's a nice feature to have, I just don't see it's absence as terribly important.

Archos gets pluses for the wide range of media type support. They've even be quite innovative from time to time, such as having the first tablet with a built in kick stand, and the first tablet with an actual 250GB hard drive that was still thin and light and had good battery life.

But they also get minuses for quickly abandoning support for devices, most in less than a year, for anything other than major bug fixes. This, like so many others, will not likely see anything beyond 4.1, if it even makes it that far. It may not be needed if everything is stable and works as needed, but eventually the app markets will refuse to support older OS versions.