Family Tab 2.

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Well that was quick. Just a few months after Archos introduced their behemoth, family-sized FamilyPad to the UK, the company is here in Las Vegas showing off their follow-up, the FamilyPad 2. Archos was tight-lipped on specs and specifics, but recent rumors suggest the FamilyPad 2 will feature a minor processor bump with a 1.6 GHz Cortex A9-- up from the original's 1 GHz A8. The other major improvement is in onboard storage-- look for 16GB here rather than eight. Based on what we saw today, it looks like the FamilyPad 2 will ship with Jelly Bean, a welcome addition.

Aside from the minor bumps, the rest of the specs look to be the same, including 1 GB of RAM and that behemoth 13.3-inch IPS display. It's a beauty, despite its relatively low 1280 x 800 resolution. As you can see in the video below, handling this thing takes some flexibility, as the sheer size and weight make one-handed operation downright impossible. Make no mistake about it: this thing is a beast, and puts on no airs about being portable or lightweight.

The upside of its huge size is its multimedia capabilities-- watching videos, movies, and streaming content will look gorgeous, and the FamilyTab 2 is large enough for multi-person viewing. As you can see, Archos had it on a nice stand, which in your home would make the FamilyTab 2 a nice small television replacement.

Performance wise, everything seems up to snuff, though we would have loved to test out some games, which this tablet will certainly be ideal for. With Jelly Bean onboard and a more-than-capable processor, I wasn't able to find any lag or serious problems with the basic UI, though we'll reserve judgment until we get one in our home.

As always, we'll keep our eyes peeled for a proper spec sheet, release and pricing information. More photos and a hands-on video can be found after the break.


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Archos FamilyPad 2 hands on


Having various choices is great :) (Shhh, don't tell Apple. Look what it took for them to finally offer a difference sized iPad.)

I am not sure *I* would want something that large, but I bet there is a market for it.

These kinds of devices would sit nicely on the end of the kitchen counter in a lot of homes. Places where the outdated laptop has made its home now that nobody uses it for anything more than email and Web surfing.


If I was Archos I wouldn't make too many of them, I'd be making the next one or the next one after that. And add a free keyboard to it and call it an android notebook

CNET is saying this will sell for $299 sometime in February. Sounds a little too good to be true - but that would be great, if indeed accurate.

I have a 1st gen familypad which I bought in the UK just before Christmas. It's a life-changing device for me because I needed a tablet (rather than a laptop) which could display A4 docs in roughly the original size. It's not overly heavy; I carry it around with me quite a bit. The viewing angles are disappointing and quite a few Android apps, including Adobe reader, are unstable on it; it's a though the device is possessed or some invisible person is pressing the screen! Email works fine and contacts sync OK, but I've had no success with google calendar (and no response to my query about it to Arnova). The slowish processor means that web-browsing is rather sluggish, but it's possible. On the plus side, I haven't really felt that the lowish resolution is a problem, it works really well as a portable TV and the sound is good.

I have a familypad 2 & am very pleased with it. The prefect size for use as a music reader it will travel with my guitar everywhere. At last a portable tablet the size of a paper document, and for a very good price, great idea.

It's the perfect size for reading music but without support for Bluetooth you can't turn pages with a foot pedal like the AirTurn.