Archos 5

Amazon's Gold Box, which features daily deals during the countdown to Black Friday, is featuring the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. The Archos 5 is an affordable tablet choice, and it is even cheaper for this short window. 

For the next two hours, you can get the Archos 5 for $309.99, which is 38% off the retail price. Hurry up and get it before its sold out! [Amazon's Gold Box]

Update: And, poof, it's gone, folks! Hope you were quick.


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Archos 5 featured on Amazon's Gold Box, on sale for $309


Oh god, come on. I purposefully avoid so that I don't end up "saving" myself into credit card debt and now a deal pops up here! lalalalalalalala i cant hear you lalalalalalalalala

Isn't the 10.1" Tablet they're coming out with soon gonna be the same price?!? I would hold off for that one at least!

Also, the 10.1" will have:
Processor: 1GHz Cortex A8
RAM: 512MB
Screen: 1024x600 capacitive multitouch
compared to the 5":
Processor: 600MHz Cortex A8
RAM: 256MB
Screen: 480x320 resistive single-touch
Plus, there are 7", 4.3", 3.2", and 2.8" models, all of which are cheaper and more powerful than the 5". Oh, and they all run 2.2+ compared the the 5IT's 1.6.

The Archos 5IT has GPS and a functional dock that lets it act as a DVR, which is why it's on my consideration list.

It's not high up on the list because it only runs 1.6

the archos 70 will be out next week, 7" screen, 2.2, no gps or market but theres a hack for the market, that will be $275 or a 250gb version for about $80 more. beats the galazy tab for me.

The 5is is quite old already, it has a resistive screen (yak!) and is still on Android 1.6. Also it freezes up from time to time, is slow, and whenever a new firmware update is installed, I have to go through screen calibration and time setup again! Did I mention it doesn't have any of the Google stuff (Market, GMail, ...).