Archos 5

Amazon's Gold Box, which features daily deals during the countdown to Black Friday, is featuring the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. The Archos 5 is an affordable tablet choice, and it is even cheaper for this short window. 

For the next two hours, you can get the Archos 5 for $309.99, which is 38% off the retail price. Hurry up and get it before its sold out! [Amazon's Gold Box]

Update: And, poof, it's gone, folks! Hope you were quick.

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joebob2000 says:

Oh god, come on. I purposefully avoid so that I don't end up "saving" myself into credit card debt and now a deal pops up here! lalalalalalalala i cant hear you lalalalalalalalala

jharo says:

Dang! This thing retails for $499.99. WTF!

Archon810 says:

Already sold out for me.

redd214 says:

Isn't the 10.1" Tablet they're coming out with soon gonna be the same price?!? I would hold off for that one at least!

ziaodix says:

My sentiment exactly.

droideris says:

Also, the 10.1" will have:
Processor: 1GHz Cortex A8
RAM: 512MB
Screen: 1024x600 capacitive multitouch
compared to the 5":
Processor: 600MHz Cortex A8
RAM: 256MB
Screen: 480x320 resistive single-touch
Plus, there are 7", 4.3", 3.2", and 2.8" models, all of which are cheaper and more powerful than the 5". Oh, and they all run 2.2+ compared the the 5IT's 1.6.

The Archos 5IT has GPS and a functional dock that lets it act as a DVR, which is why it's on my consideration list.

It's not high up on the list because it only runs 1.6

aaoflaca says:

The Amazon one is "Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with Android" , it has 500GB not 16GB

xADRIANx says:

i think bestbuy has it for $149.99?

aaoflaca says:

The Amazon one is "Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet with Android" , it has 500GB not 16GB

L3k0 says:

haha too funny and disappointing for some... 149.99 at best buy

Digiflame says:

the archos 70 will be out next week, 7" screen, 2.2, no gps or market but theres a hack for the market, that will be $275 or a 250gb version for about $80 more. beats the galazy tab for me.

MMark says:

The 5is is quite old already, it has a resistive screen (yak!) and is still on Android 1.6. Also it freezes up from time to time, is slow, and whenever a new firmware update is installed, I have to go through screen calibration and time setup again! Did I mention it doesn't have any of the Google stuff (Market, GMail, ...).