U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple's request for a preliminary injunction against Samsung late Friday afternoon, one that would have halted sales of three Galaxy phones and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Judge Koh found that any action halting the sales of these devices in the United States would not be necessary to keep Apple from being irreparably harmed, and denied the sales ban.  This doesn't mean things are over between Samsung and Apple, who currently are involved in more than 20 legal battles in 10 different countries, as the case is still to be heard.  This ruling was concerning the halting of sales only.

Of course both sides involved had little of value to say -- this is a legal drama and tight lips are a wise choice.  Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet referred to previous statements about the case, saying that Samsung's "blatant copying is wrong" and Samsung spokesman Jason Kim said "This ruling confirms our long-held view that Apple's arguments lack merit".  Whether the arguments truly lack merit is something the courts will have to decide later, but for now the products in question will remain on the shelves for the Holiday buying season.

Update:  Reuters has updated their original story with more information from judge Koh's ruling, stating that "Apple has established a likelihood of success on the merits at trial" regarding some of the smartphone patents, and that "Apple would likely prove Samsung infringed one of its tablet patents. However, Apple had not shown that it was likely to overcome Samsung's challenges to the patent's validity."  General consensus is that the suit will end with monetary damages more likely than any injunction.  Whatever the outcome, it would be nice to see all these legal issues slow down at least a little.

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Apple's attempt to block sales of popular Samsung devices in the US is denied by the courts [updated]


Now all those German and Australian judges must feel like they've been made Apple's B1tchs, after getting suckered by Apples claim of rounded corners etc, when Apple can't even prevail in their own country with hand picked judges.

If apple products really tat gd than compete in d market not in
court,CONSUMERS need choices.APPLE is a big bully.u are wasting
time,y dun try improving on ur products n wake up ur
ideas u are not the best Co's ur sales n IOS is not the top in market

This is f.... up! Instead of competing and improving their iphones (bigger screen, faster and better processor, not so blisteringly boring ui, flash support, etc...) apple just wants to ban sales of a competitor because their product is so much better. Apple knows they can't compete spec for spec so this is their only way.

F U Apple.

edit: looks like the isheep didnt like the taste of truth and downrated my comment :) bbaaaaaaaaa

Thank God - I'm so sick of that patent trolling. Apple, the innovator of copying and thus perfecting their product is so full of shit. Where are the iTrolls?

Haha I like that, the "inovator of copying"!

Edit: don't fret, the iTrolls will be here shortly, once the news will reach them.

I hope apple looses ever one of its ridiculous lawsuits.

As mentioned in the 2 post .
Why dont they put half the effort into improving their product instead of trying to ban the competition ?

I'm not buying anymore apple products because of this, and in fact I havent any since I bought an android phone a 1 year and 6 months ago.

Reading this article gives me more reason not to either.
Agreed F U Apple !!

If you look at the buzz before and after the 4S announcement you will see dte huge disappointment isheep had when it was the same exaxt design. iPeople wanted a bigger screen so bad because they look at 4, 4.5, 5.2?(galaxy note) screens and it eats them up. ...and then the isheep accepted it ...again.


Release Samsung Tab 7.7! With Tegra 3 and ICS! And that beautiful Super AMOLED + screen!

Now is your window of opportunity!

I say we all go into apple stores and jus trash they shit lmao iphone can neva catch up wit android google is makin to much progress and I jus say a store to day that accepts google wallet jus wait till all the other stores follow suite like target and walmart then its really ova this lawsuit can't stop samsung. Oh yea I need a galaxy nexus android central asap ineed me sum ICS.

As much as I love my MacBook Air, I'm quickly growing tired of the tactics that Apple uses in defense of their products. Rather than being competitive, they try to strong arm the other manufacturers out of the market. It's just ridiculous and if it continues, I just may go back to a Windows laptop just to show my disdain for Apple's business practices.

You should. I used to have Mac Envy (because it worked) until Windows 7 came out. Now I don't care, because ms finally put our a great product!

Finally, a judge that uses a little bit of common sense in ruling on what I believe is the most ridiculous attempt to keep other companies from legitimately competing (can you say monopoly). Apple has come up with pretty good ideas on its own, but mostly, it takes someone else's ideas, throws on a shiny new coat and claims it invented it, then tries to use the legal system to bully competitors into submission.

I can understand suing someone if they stole proprietary technology, but trying to get injunctions over someone copying your look and feel? Grow up Apple! The USA is a capitalist country and, much to your chagrin, it's perfectly legal for companies to provide similar services and products here We don't just like having more than one choice when it comes to products and services, we DEMAND it because the freedom to choose is inherent in our culture. If it weren't for freedom of choice, Apple would've been dead a long time ago.

In this country, there is plenty of room for companies to make products or provide services that have similar look and feel. Need proof? Next time you're in the market for a new product - TV, home theatre system, office furniture, stove, fridge, car, house, the list goes on and on - take a few minutes to step back and look at all the different makes and models at your perusal. Then, after you've poured over all the specs and features and come to the point of making a selection, be thankful you live in in a country where you have freedom of choice to buy whatever you like.

Pffftttt, consumers don't need choices. You need to pipe down, drink your Kool-aid, and buy whatever our great overlords at Apple tell us to. I mean, they are so innovative...they added another core and mediocre software voice controls to the iPhone 4S this year. It is those bastards at Moto, HTC, LG, Samsung, Microsoft, and Google all plotting and colluding against, and stealing from the small guy at Cupertino.

It all seriousness, I am so glad that one of these judges had some damn common sense and put an end to all of this ridiculous patent nonsense.

Apple STOLE Samsungs idea for a phone, almost fully 1 year PRIOR to the Iphoney coming out. Apple uses Samsung parts, in one way or another. Samsung had a phone come out in 2006, the iphone came out in 2007.. Any judge should see CRAPPLE stole the idea and THEY should be forced to NEVER sell a iphoney again!

APPLE needs to go away. They can't even make a 4" screen. I have the Infuse 4.5" of glorious screen. The kids at ASU with their crapples drool when I pull out the Infuse..

Apple is going to die, just like Steve Hand Jobs.. Slow and painful!

Android keeps gaining market share. Eventually they will start feeling the pain as more people are seeing that apple is a dirty company that uses parts from the likes of samsung and then sues them for making their own product. Maybe when I phone 5 comes out with lte android should ban that technology I mean where does it end.

lol this is no where on tipb...i bet if it wasnt denied rene would have posted this along time ago

Jerry, you forgot to include the hugely important fact that the Judge also said that Apple has a very high likelihood of succeeding in their complaint against Samsung, and that Samsung most likely infringed on Apple's patents.

It also says that Apple is not likely to overcome Samsungs challenges to the validity of the patent. If the patents are ruled invalid then infringement is moot.

Both Apple and Samsung are guilty of trying to keep the other from selling their products in other countries so why is the United States any different

You have got to be freaking kidding me. " To look less like the iPad, Samsung could have focused on a thick frame instead of a thin rim, a thicker overall design, or a "cluttered appearance," Apple suggested among the examples."
Sounds to me like their saying 'Were the only ones that an make devices that aren't hideous. We don't care if you make pieces of our devices that without them they wouldn't function.'

lol they may as well tell samsung to use crt screens instead of samoled. maybe then samsung will be less like apple.

Market share ANDROIDS best selling SAMSUNG so apple had let down it's supporter APPLE wake up ur F*** ideas stop ur jealousy againist ur competitors u dun have the guts to face a powerful Challenger in market

for anyone jumping on apple's bandwagon, all I have to say is PARC.... it is widely known that Steve visited them in the 70's and violla, he comes out with a "mouse" that they were developing. Technology always gets copied in someway, its the way to improve on what's out there...

Apple is just pissed off because Android and other phone manufactures are taking a huge chunk our of the market and they are seeing their sales fall because of it. Go Samsung on with your Journey and kick the hell out of iStink while your at it!! Apple forgets that if it wasn't for Bill Gates agreeing to tailor it's OS & Office Platform so it would run on Apples products, that Apple wouldn't be around in the US anymore. If you want to get really technical Apple... Palm should have sued you for the Touch interface, Microsoft should have sued you for the tablet software. They both came out with designs and concepts before you ripped them off.. This is one of many reasons why I will NEVER own an Apple Product.. Competition is healthy and is a vital part of creating cutting edge design and concepts. Go suck on your iStink Apple!!!

Although little late with the news, better late than never. Apple received two strikes in one day, starting with ban of the iphone in Syria and now this. Also the Australia ban being shot down. Things are not the same since the passing of old Steve.

Apple develops great products and that is what they should focus on. It seems that they are spending to many resources and beginning to lose insight on their goals. It is a competitive market and I don't think it is wise to try and gain market share with law suits. Apple is making themselves look bad and look like soar losers. "Apple you are not God and you can't have the world to yourself. You have a great product and focus on making it better. Stop acting like the mafia by wacking your competition." You guys are embarrassing.