Android CentralThe latest chapter in the ongoing patent feud between Samsung and Apple sees one of the former's tablets being banned throughout the EU, and the latter seeking damages of over $2.5 billion in the U.S. courts.

First up, a court in Dusseldorf, Germany has ruled that while the Galaxy Tab 10.1N doesn't infringe upon Apple's patented designs, but its 7.7-inch sibling wasn't so lucky. As a result, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has been banned from sale across the EU. This results in a rather bizarre situation in the UK, where Apple was recently ordered to take out ads stating that Samsung didn't copy the iPad's design, yet Sammy is unable to sell its Tab 7.7 because it's copying the iPad's design.

Meanwhile in California, court documents reveal exactly how much cash Apple wants from Samsung in damages as part of the ongoing patent war. According to figures unearthed by FOSS Patents​, Cupertino is seeking a total of more than $2.5 billion from the Korean company. That's made up of $2.02 for every Samsung product that uses "overscroll bounce," $3.10 for every device that uses a "scrolling API," and $24 for each device found to infringe upon Apple's patented designs or trade dress.

Whether Apple gets its way remains to be seen, but whatever happens, we can be sure the patent lawyers will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Source: TNW, Engadget


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Apple wins EU-wide ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7, seeks $2.5bn in damages in U.S. courts


When I think of the devil, I used to think of Hitler or Sadam.

Now I have a gimp picture of Steve Jobs that I throw Cancer Darts at.

Don't forgert that the U.S. Government will never allow any corporation to monopolize any respective market! Is what I would have said if they would stop doling out all of these frivoluous patents.

Why can't people just stop buying, selling Apple ... If everyone stood together whom actually had issues with them including store owners .... Wouldn't that make a difference?

I'd imagine it's because, despite how you feel about Apple, they make some amazing products that are well-designed, cohesive, and easy to use.

Taking a principled stand in business is all well and good, but it's also a very good way to end up in the poor house, because just about every company is doing something that you don't like if you look long enough.

Your link was borked. That said, do you really think that something can't be well-designed and pirated at the same time?

If you design something well, and I copy you slavishly, what I have is still well designed, irrespective of whether I stole that design or not.

I imagine it's because, despite how informed and reasonable people feel about Apple, they have some amazingly ignorant, stupid and loyal fans that will always support them.

What you're asking for will NEVER happen, no matter how overhyped their products are nor how unprincipled they are in business ethics.

could be because they make amazing products that do exactly what people want, better than anyone else and anything else. Pretty much that simple. And really, if you spent millions on a design of a product YOU made, wouldn't you be entitled to protect it? Just sayin... I am not in favor of all the lawsuits because I wonder if the lawyers are not just doing this crap for the money....rather, I think apple should do more industry talking... in other words, if they find a problem or infringement, why not (and maybe they do already) contact the company and simply work out a license fee that works for both parties.. But again, if in fact their copyrights and patents are being stolen...they have EVERY right to protect them and sue over them. If you disagree, then you are either a total idiot or, just a total idiot.

I agree with you. But... I will probably be the only one to agree with you. These uh... 'fanboys' around here seem like Android walks on water and is the victim here. Truth is... it's too early to tell who the real victim is in these cases. It could be Apple or it could be the Android distributors. Hard to tell. What isn't hard to tell is 'facts' on the surface of all this. Apple released the iPhone (and flat out said it's completely patented) and suddenly there is this clone called Android. Was Android in development at the same time? Sure. However, iOS hit first and Android (I believe) a year later. As Android moved forward, it became more and more iOS like (remember when pinch to zoom wasn't available? I don't think the 'bounce' was always there either when you hit the end of a page). Today, Android is different than iOS on most levels... but these patents appear to predate the 'new' Android and are hitting the core functionality that may have been cloned once iOS was revealed. That's my speculation. I will probably get slammed for not taking a solid stand with Android...but whatever. It's okay to think individually rather than collectively.

"remember when pinch to zoom wasn't available?"

Yes I do. Do you remember when multi tasking and the drop down notification and cloud sync weren't available on ios? This is all bs and everyone but apple knows it

It's half the size of an iPad and has a different aspect ratio. Only a total idiot could confuse them or rationalize design imitation. Of course, most apple fanatics lack the technical or engineering capacity to comprehend those differences, so maybe it's not so far fetched. We'd hate for the technotard iDiot masses to be confused. They might actually buy something more versatile and never return to Koresh's, er I mean TheCorpseOfJob's, farm.

Just because a company can obtain a patent or copyright does not meen that they are the sole creator of said documentation. Most of the patents that apple has been "given" are for technology already in use before they even apply it to their little toys. Maybe you should have clicked the link I left about apple being found 'GUILTY' of piracy on the posts above. Apple has to go after Samsung because they threaten to the only way apple is able to make there billions. Not by a superior product sir, but through their marketing schemes that appear to be working by paying celebrities to act as if the iphone has changed their lives. Answer me this, if apple enters the 7.7 tab world and other companies are there already, is apple liable if they make a 7.7 tablet? What if apple enters the T.V. market as they claim they will, can Samsung sue them for making a T.V. since they have been in that market for years? Here is that post I mentioned. BECOME ENLIGHTENED! AND STOP BEING LOYAL TO ANY CORPORATION, THEY NEED YOU MORE THAN WE NEED THEM! AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR THE CARRIERS!

Only if everyone did, which is really the problem isn't it? Stores are too scared to stop selling the product because there is a demand for it. The only way to stop that is for just people to stop buying like you first suggested.

Which is happening already, in the US android swallows 51% of the market to itself. All we are seeing is a company that is struggling to create anything. I see no innovation in Apple products, each one looks the exact same and has no real impact on the users interaction any more.

Eventually people will become that irritated by their childish attitude to business practices that apple will slide in the market. Meanwhile they can sit on top of the buckloads of cash they are pulling in meaning they make up for loses incurred by reduction in bought products.

Many people move through technology, mostly the core Apple users that will buy nothing but will be left. Until Apple create a new innovation or someone else does of course.

Yawn. The ruling will fall just like the 10.1 ruling.

Apple really need to play a new game and Samsung need to sue the court/lawyers/patent approver for wasting their time and money.

They aren't banned in the UK. The German court decision is not enforceable anywhere outside Germany, it's unlikely to even be enforceable IN Germany, and will likely be overturned soon.

Sounds like this "news" was written by someone with no understanding of EU law and jurisdiction.

The best way to explain it, is it's like when Bo and Luke Duke cross the state line, Roscoe P Coltraine couldn't do anything....

Different Judge, different ruling. Something is seriously wrong. Samsung lawyers need to take a much different approach. This does not smell right. Smells like roughten APPLES.

Really fed up with all the money that this patent litigation is costing me - the end-user.

We are the ones that end up paying for these claims and counter claims. I don't remember any such battles over other consumer goods like video recorders, TV's, DVD players, radios, ghetto-blasters etc. etc. Mind you, Apple didn't make any of those.

When "obvious" functions of a device can be "claimed" by a company and locked out from other products, it seems madness.

Apple is creating a lot of bad feeling from consumers around the world and is just shooting itself in the foot.

I couldn't agree with you anymore AndroidUK. Pretty soon we are going to hear law suits from Apple for power buttons and volume rockers.

Listen I am all for protecting patents, and going after anyone infringing on them, but I think Apple is tacking this to new levels. I am in no way an apple fanboy, but I have never ruled out the possibility of owning their products, yet all this litigation and blocks simple turns me off from apple products. Not because I fell that they are cry babies (which I don't just yet), but because it seems that apple has not done anything significant since the original iPhone and the original iPad but the OS has not changed much and to the user, it has really been pretty much the same system since inception.

I think at this point apple is trying to protect at all cost it products because it sees the tsunami that Android has become and instead of trying to innovate and shut us up through incredible products, they are trying to keep the better products out of our hands. They know that once people see how far android OS has come and how sophisticated the hardware is, ppl will see no reason to buy apple products. A shame....Steve Jobs is probably trying to reincarnate himself to right the ship.


Apple hasn't done anything innovative since their OG models of anything. Each time they come out with something "new" it looks and acts just like their earlier models. I use to give them credit for making great products but for them to fight this way makes me lose all respect for them.

Back in the day, companies would "fight back" by creating something new and exicting for consumers. Apple would rather sue every company out there and then use that money to not come out with something new. is this costing you anything? The devices (iOS and Android) have stayed the same price and some variations have gotten cheaper. The cost of applications hasn't gone up. I would say the only thing costing anyone anything on either side of the isle is a bit of ego.

Just to touch on the "obvious" functions... here is the problem and where I side with most companies in these kinds of suits. It's okay to have similar functionality. It's okay for iOS to have inertia scrolling and Android to have inertia scrolling. What's not okay is if either company (or any company in any industry) get to the same goal using the same solutions. This is why patents exist (though, I own't disagree that they get abused sometimes). Companies need to find multiple ways to achieve the same result. When those ways run out of options to achieve that goal, that's when negotiations happen. However, if those options run out and a company just decides to use someone else's method "under the table" - that's unethical and probably illegal. Most likely, this Apple vs Android 'crisis' is happening because someone somewhere went under the table.

How is Apple getting a product banned that isn't even the same size as their products? What... are they complaining about the Galaxy Tab 7.7 because it resembles their rumoured upcoming iPad "mini"??!?!?!?

Jeeeeeez......everyday its something new in some other country!!! Enough already! How is a 7.7in Tab like a 9.7in tab?? How is a rectangle screen patentable?? Isnt every phone a copy of an iPad if size doesnt matter?? Doesnt Apple realize that every change made to android software will just be "unofficially" fixed by devs? You would think they would focus on building their new spaceship offices in Cupertino or something.

Cyanogenmod adds oversold bounce effect too.
what will Apple do about that? Nothing because all they want is money and they're too stupid to know what a custom ROM is.

Apple is manipulating the laws to pins down competitors. Very clever but very annoying too. Apple is not hurting Sammy only, it hurts consumers and retailers as well. Some one please stop Apple madness!

Just wait until ASUS is being sued. A $200 7" tablet with pure Google. Oh, Apple with be bringing that one up.

The part I find somewhat humorous is that it wasn't long ago Apple claimed there was no need for a tablet smaller than 10" or a phone with a screen bigger than the current iPhone offerings. Funny how they don't see it that way anymore now that they have seen the success others have had with those products.

It's time for Google etc. to take a hard stand against Apple. This is pathetic!

IMO, Microsoft's Surface is a bigger problem for the ipad because it is very business/user friendly with W8 & Office 365. While Apple is trying to stop Android with bogus claims, MS has innovated and created a hardware product that is very appealing to the end user. I personally find the Surface very appealing because I can easily access my Windows files and I can choose the type of processor I want to use(Nvidia Tegra 3 or i5).I am sure Apple will find some "patent" to take MS to court. It's time to stop the madness.

Any judge that thinks a 7" tablet is a copy of the ipad needs to be removed from the bench.Since Apple stole the notification idea from Android, should iOS be banned in Germany also?

I am very suspicious of some of these judges.

I would like to know why Samsung is being used as a punching bag,
while Google sits on the sideline watching to fight with pop corn and
cold beers.

I think it's time Samsung cuts Apple off for parts. Force them to get their processors and components made elsewhere.

Well I know that I buy Samsung products because of a stupid bounce it does when it scrolls. It was the only feature that Drew me away from Apple products. Makes perfect sense.

If I give Apple $2, will they just shut up? Such stupid lawsuits. I want to find the guy that decrypted the"bounce" and see if he/she really thought it was really a$2.5 billion idea.

Apple is ridiculous - this has to stop! They call themselves innovators, but the reality of the matter is that the only innovation I see on their behalf is in their ability piss everyone off by hanging on to a patent system that is so poorly run that recently a patent that was filed in 2007 by Apple was approved. Who they really should go after is the government for allowing this to happen. By the time these patents are granted the technology is already standard technology being used by most.

I've said this time and time again, everyone acts as if Apple invented the touch screen smartphone. HTC for one, had their touch screen smartphones out long before Apple. Shouldn't they be suing Apple? Apple is not the innovator that everyone makes it out to be. They sell their phones as though they were a fashion item; much credit to their marketing department for pulling that off and brainwashing their fanboys.

Why can't senseless violence happen to people that deserve it for once? Imagine the headlines-
"Rogue Apple employee shoots up Cupertino! Frivolous lawsuits dropped worldwide, apology soon to follow".

Oh, if only the world was a just place..

Those who can't innovate, continue to litigate! What a sad, sad company Apple has been and continues to be. I have never owned an Apple product (even before getting anything Android); all this litigation just re-enforces that! I will never support a company that acts like this. Pathetic!

I'm sick of this...Not just because I'm an Android smartphone user, but because this "legal" crap that Apple is doing is wrong! You don't have to be a genius to see what's going on. Consumers (everyday people) and technology will be dealt with setbacks that will last for as long as this is permitted. It needs to stop. It's one thing to protect your products, but it's wrong to say that no other products can exist, nor be any part similar, or even, perhaps not even be allowed to be better than what they've designed! Apple is snatching up patents left and right, and I've got this feeling that they have used other companies' designs as well to get where they are, today. Does anyone in the patent office ever challenge what's going on? They should. What if only one company could invent products because THEY owned patents on just about EVERYTHING! (Or, felt that they did...) We'd be left with only one company for each product??? Imagine, you could only buy your products that you love or need from only one maker, because only they have the legal rights. That's control for you. Innovations happen not only from creativity and design, but because people constantly challenge on how you can improve things and products evolve and are similar to another. Please don't let companies like Apple take over, and decide what's good for the consumers. It's not their exclusive right. People should decide. Let competition continue. And please, we also need patent reform,obviously.

Overscroll bounce?

I had that on my old Blackberry Storm. Funny how Apple never bothered RIM about that. With Android coming out on top this is just more evidence they're fighting scared; like a kid flapping his hands in front of him with his eyes closed.

What a joke Apple has become.

Until people stop buying Apple products, this BS won't stop!

Until Samsung (and everyone else in the tablet industry) innovates, this BS won't stop!

Problem is... technology between one company to another is becoming very similar that it's hard NOT to differentiate how certain things work, hence the lawsuits.

What's Apple going to do next... sue everyone for pressing the On/Off switch?!

***rolls eyes***