Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV: Which one deserves a spot next to your TV?

With streaming boxes all costing about the same these days, the process of choosing one has become a little more difficult. Amazon added yet another option this week with the Fire TV. We've already given you a hands-on first look of the Fire TV and came away pretty impressed. If you're currently debating between an Amazon Fire TV and an Apple TV, we've put together a comparison over on iMore to help you decide. Hit the source link below to check out the comparison. Then let us know, what streaming service are you using? Does the Fire TV tempt you to switch?

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Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV: Which one deserves a spot next to your TV?


No HBO Go or VUDU on Fire TV is a deal breaker.

I'll stick with my Roku thank you very much. Oh, and it already streams Amazon Prime instant videos.

I was actually the opposite lol I have an Apple TV but subscribe to Showtime. I would have rather had that than HBO Go. I'll definitely be using the Fire TV for Showtime at a minimum.

Fire TV is it. Can't justify $99 for me though right now. I have to get a Moto 360 first.

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Yes.. who needs another box.. i already got Xbox 360 @ living room, and Chromecast @ bedroom. They get the job done. Plus w/ so little time I rather look at my shiny smartphone..

I like the chromecast and all, but mine just suddenly won't connect to my network. it was working just fine when i first got it around Thanksgiving. I'm disappointed; I may try out Roku.

Eh....Idk....My cousin has an Apple tv and "jailbroke"(?)'s pretty serious.

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Neither.. I'll stick with my Roku 3 which is plenty fast, can search movies across ALL channels and has over 1000 channels available.. much smaller also :) I'm also not a Prime member and see little if any advantage over Netflix subscription content.. my two cents!

Being a PC/Android guy, this is more Fire vs Roku.

But after the Synology app update, I'm sticking with my Chromecast- now that I've got solid local playback, I've got all my bases covered by the $35 stick. If I really want to watch Amazon Prime, the BluRay player in the family room covers it.

PS3, PS4, ChromeCast, and a smart TV all connected to my entertainment center. I have ZERO need for another set top box.

Chromecast does. I bought 4 for myself and family members. If needed, I can connect up my nvidia Shield to the TV via HDMI. I might give Miracast a try if the adapters were cheaper.
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They can both suck it. Chromecast for the win. I can put it on three tv's in my house for the same price. And who wants a dedicated remote in this era?

Oh gee, iMore, incoming lack of bias.

"The Apple TV has great accessibility options"

Get a load of this, Apple, great accessibility options! Tell me next about the customization!

No joke. Apple makes quality products... and then does their absolute best to make them unusuable outside their walled garden. Screw 'em.

Most of the mobile nations editors use devices from all platforms. This is just their job. They not nearly as fanatical as most of the members of mobile nations.

This is true. That doesn't make the "accessibility options" on Apple TV absurd though.

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I bet visually impaired individuals most likely think some of these comments are absurd. They aren't unicorns, they exist, and they use technology too. I agree apple needs to be more open. But I also think accessibility is super important.

Good response. I have no love of Apple equipment, but it is nice to have accessibility support.

I asked my blind friend from high school about this. His response "Why the --- would I buy an apple TV, or any TV... I'm BLIND!"

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There are how many boxes out there running XBMC, open source, easily customized and tones of free programing on them why would you buy anything else that you have to buy a subscription for?

I already have an apple TV and a chromecast. I'd buy the fire TV as well if and when it gets released in the UK. For $99/£99 it's worth it just to play around with the gaming aspects.

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I just have Comcast cable. Works great. Little spendy but I watch the programming I want as it airs.

I use an Apple TV as I live outside of the US and Apple seems to be the only one that delivers content. Google has recently been upping their game, but the Chromecast isn´t available here.

Waiting for an Apple TV refresh... so for now I'll stick with my PS4 and Xbox One for streaming content. Only reason I'd ever buy a Fire TV is for Amazon Instant Video... but I literally have 2 consoles and a smart TV that has the app on it, making it completely irrelevant.

We used to try to stream Netflix via a Sony Blu-ray player, but we're stuck on crappy DSL and always had buffering issues. So we switched to a DirecTV HD-DVR connected to the Internet. We always have something scheduled to record off the satellite feed or sometimes downloaded over the Internet. Still have the option to stream via on demand or PPV, but will usually just record it and watch later instead. It's a win-win all around, no more streaming/buffering issues as everything plays off the DVR's hard drive. Not to mention live TV can be paused/rewound/resumed as needed. One of the best investments we've made for home entertainment! :)

Is the ASAP feature only working with Amazon prime videos, or also on Netflix Hulu+ ect.

THAT would be a huge advantage....

I have an Ouya in the living room and a Chromecast in the bedroom.
Ouya+XBMC has everything i'd ever want.

Maybe when one hits the $60ish mark I would consider one. Until then I'll just use the apps on my blue ray players, laptop connected to the TV, or phone connect to the TV

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Apple TV for me. Unfortunately all the other options are not available in my country so no choice... Wish chromecast/fire tv/ roku etc.. could expand their reach to more countries. It would be nice to have the options available.

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Neither. Wish this would crash and burn so Amazon would release an instant video app for android with chromecast support...Though I know it will probably be a success.

Warming up to Amazon Fire TV .... it IS definitely faster than our Roku, although we're keeping both so we can go to those channels that Amazon Fire does not have (i.e., Weather channels, Livestream, Free Speech TV, SkyNews, etc.). One thing that would have made Amazon Fire TV a HUGE hit, and taken it head and shoulders over the other two major streaming devices would be a web browser built in. Can't find any simplistic instructions for side loading a web browser (if if can even be done on the Fire TV) for the one who is not a super geek - just a minor geek.