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Rumor has it that the next iPhone will eschew Google's Maps backend in favor of Apple's own. Rene over at iMore, who has a good handle on how the minds in Cupertino operate, has a great overview of Apple's supposed current strategy that you really should read to try to make sense out of this one. The short version -- Apple wants to shed Google's services. Not because users have a problem using them, but because they don't want Google to profit. Instead of offering an additional choice with their own version of a maps app, they are just going to replace what users know and love with something that generates less profit for Google. Smart business move, but a pretty foul dump on the users.

They're going to need some real magic to pull this one off. In the current version, Apple builds the UI and Google provides the mapping data. Google is really good at mapping stuff. The rumored version-in-waiting is supposed to add a 3D view, becoming the new killer feature for the next version of iOS. The problem is, users don't care about 3D map view (or anything 3D on their mobile devices) -- they care about features, ease-of-use, and integration. Apple can certainly take care of the integration part, and even give it some of that good old fashioned Apple magic in the UI department. But that still isn't going to cut it. Google has the one big thing™ when it comes to maps and navigation -- search data.

When you tap the button and tell your phone to find 1313 Mockingbird Lane, there's this unfathomably huge pool of data Google has at it's disposal to populate that map. Need to know where the closest Starbucks is? Ask Siri, or just look at the Google Maps app. Apple can't replicate this without years of its own data. Users will be left with an app with a pretty front-end, that's actually a step backwards in functionality. Apple will either have to offer a sub-par maps experience, or use Google anyway. And the first person who says Bing has to stay late and clean the chalkboard. That's two steps backwards.

Google creates the web services people want and use -- even people with iPhones. This is a space where Apple is going to find it's difficult to compete, and fickle users may just look elsewhere. Of course, you'll find just as many bloggers telling tales of how great this is, and that Apple invented Maps. It's going to be interesting to watch this one play out.

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Apple to drop Google Maps with the next iPhone?


Its funny just how much hate crapple has for Google. You would think they were going broke or something. Then again there walled garden doesn't have to care about what's right for users. They shovel it there users take it!

Its because Google stabbed Apple in the back with copying the iPhone and bringing it to market. Wouldn't you be mad if you spend millions and was about to reinvent the cell phone market and then you find out that a close partner is coming out with a phone as well and when shown it resembles a blackberry and then turns out to be an iPhone copy then it just so happens the CEO is on your board of directors. Wouldn't that get under your skin just a little?? Google is making a lot of money off of iOS and last I read they are taking a loss on Android. Was it a smart move on Googles part to compete with Apple, not sure, but Apple is working to take away the traffic that is given to Google through iOS to get back. I don't blame Apple. Its a shame Microsoft did the same thing back in the day and now history is repeating itself again, is it Apples fault for trusting a partner, I don't think so, you have to trust some partners to innovate with them, but when they steal your IP and run with it thats another story. Google is todays Microsoft, keep running your photocopiers Google!

Just an FYI: I had a HTC Incredible for 2 years and got the iPhone and since the switch Android just doesn't feel right. ICS seems to be even more sloppy. So that walled garden I am fine with as I have no lag in OS and no virus's to contend with and if you want to open the walled garden then jailbreak your phone, most jailbreak or root their Android phones anyway, but not troubled by the walled garden here if its there to protect me and still let me get the apps I need and have a reliable useable smart phone.

Apple is just copying others these days. Siri, notifications, imessage, air print, apps, and on and on. The only thing apple innovated in the mobile world was a touch screen UI that worked well. Everything else someone else has done before iPhone/iPad. LG prada was released first but didn't really take off. That had apps, all touchscreen. I don't think the G1 was a rip off of iPhone. Had a keyboard, removable storage, removable battery, notifications, updates ota(apps and os). One thing for sure is that open source will always beat out a closed source for me anyway. But hey apple will claim their maps will be innovative. Can't see apple spending hundreds of.millions mapping the world. Have fun when navigation is wifi only lol.

True, Apple copied LG in the First place. They just improved on that, not to mention stuff like the notification thingy. I think the thing they actually invented is the ecosystem.

Are you serious? Why do people think Apple invented the touch screen UI we see on phones today? Have you ever used a Palm Pilot or Windows Mobile? Sure they weren't pretty, and were a little buggy, but making something prettier and more stable doesn't mean you invented it. It just means you may sell more. Google did exactly what Apple did by copying the phones before it, and improving on them. There's a reason why Android is over 50% of the smartphone market. Google has been doing it right by allowing users choices, whereas Apple gives you none.

On that same note, I'm really curious to see how Apple plays their next phone's screen size. Making the screen much bigger, like a GSII may tick some people off since it's too big, whereas leaving it as the tiny thing it is now will be sure to tick off others. I chose a big screen because I like it, but not everyone does.

That's all I care about in the iPhone news world; the screen size, as I want to know if they are going to follow the Android trend just to try and grab users back or whatever. I personally don't think Apple have been innovating much for a while now, they are just darn good at putting an almost perfect "look" to anything that makes people believe it is the best as a status icon. Whatever happens Android offers me more of what I need and use and like in a smartphone over the iOS device, regardless of it being a great device in itself. I just think there are indeed greater Android ones.

I'm looking forward to dieing and going to he'll!
Hopefully the devil will let me in so I can kick iSheep in their sacks for all eternity.

Oh, my bad, thats heaven...!!!

It's becoming more and more pathetic that the only time you even post is to troll on Google/Android.No one is forcing YOU to use Android so why come on here bitch about it.Typical iSheep always someone give the baby his bottle since that is what most iTards seem to do the majority of the time.

You need to face the facts brother ... Apple is old tech & Apple don't care about their customers ... Open apple is full of Samsung parts ! .... The Army , marines , coast guards and the world uses Google maps !!! The apple has turned Ibrown !!!

So I guess BlackBerry should boycott apple and google for ripping off their idea of the smartphone. BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile were in the game way before Apple.

Obviously the iPhone 4S is better than the Incredible - it's much, much newer.

That said, Apple gets way too much credit here. Apple didn't invent the touch screen smartphone. They built a stable, easy-to-use, and yes, very good product that people wanted to buy (helped a lot by marketing). The touch screen smartphones that preceded the iPhone weren't as popular, but that doesn't mean they didn't exist. The same goes for the tablet computer and the mp3 player. Apple didn't invent them, they popularized them and created a mainstream market for them. Android was in development long before the iPhone was, and with the shifting market interest, it's understandable that Google wanted to make the Android OS a touch screen system, that was clearly the way of the future.

Truly gentlemen let's be SERIOUS HERE apple and imaps THEY CAN HAVE IT..Who actually cares but iphone heads. Google maps, Gmail, Google search, Google Plus, Google Goggles, Latitude, Google Drive and just the entire suite of all google products make the Apple ecosystem USELESS. Look around folks the only thing apple truly has that's worth anything is the Ipad other than that they have been BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER SINCE 2010 from a smartphone standpoint. IOS users are clueless joe's attached to itunes and their useless fancy glass music player they call the iphone4 AND 4s when has any real innovation came from cuppertino. Regardless of any iphone 5 apple will be looking up at android for a long time to come WHY because apple leads the world in incremental updates to products. Yeah you will see LTE finally because VERIZON put their foot down and informed apple that if they don't have an LTE equiped device this year we won't need your product. And finally a little bigger screen AT LAST in the end of the day this means nothing at all in the real world. Apple is so BORING with their crappy same old icons useless operating system and crappy browser it's almost laughable they lasted this long. What Google should do is take away GMAIL and YOUTUBE as well as search from their useless platform and then see how great the iphone would be. In the real world business is business google understands that this map stuff means nothing to them life will go on because android is larger than anything apple can make. Look around guys the GALAXY S3, GALAXY NOTE, GALAXY NEXUS, HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC ONE X, MOTOROLA RAZR MAXX, These devices alone are TOP OF THE HEAP iphone today or iphone 5 months from now will never BEST these current devices that are on the market. It feels so nice to walk around the money capital of the world here in Manhattan and wip out my GALAXY NEXUS on trains and buses and look at the stale looking apple iphones people carry what a bunch of uneducated clueless joe's.

You would have to pry my android phone with free and accurate Google maps voice navigation out of my cold, dead hands. This feature alone makes android superior to iOS in my opinion.

Currently the only difference is no turn by turn navigation in iOS. The maps are powered by Google at this moment.

I do like Google maps compared to Yahoo and Mapquest, etc. But Apple hasn't come out with their version yet so who knows if it will be as good or better than Google maps. If history is any significance I would imagine it will be better than Google Maps, but we will have to wait and see.

As for the Turn By Turn, every time I used it on my Android phone I would be an hour into the drive and the phone would reboot so I bought a Garmin and stopped using a cellphone for Navigation so no loss here.

"Who knows?" Everybody who isn't a clueless moron knows, that's who. As Jerry mentioned, good Maps aren't about UI, gestures and vectors, they are about data. Vast, vast amounts of data...both current and historical. Apple doesn't have that, unless they are going to tap into the personal data of each phone that they since have claimed to be randomized and anonymous.

The bottom line is they don't have the services to compete right now. One day they may, but it won't be in time for the next iPhone launch.

However, that won't stop any sheep from proclaiming how awesome it is, even when it isn't.

Let pretend that Apple do somehow come out with a mapping service that appears to be better than Google.....oh look it APPEARS to be better than Google because it might look cleaner and more svelte. However it won't have the back end data and powerhouse that Jerry mentioned. The fact is, even if by some small chance Apple's mapping service worked better and looked better with all it's unnecessary 3D stuff, Google has such a history and vast database/in motion system set up that it could easily overtake it again within weeks. This is just because Apple want to sink Google in a very disgusting all rockets blazing hate attack (thought I thought that might have relaxed after Jobs passed). Apple's mapping app will copy a lot of what Google's does and will probably even rip off the different gestures etc that Apple seems to so love. But despite all this, in a way I'm glad Apple are trying to ditch Google maps, it will give it more publicity just from that aspect and will show it up more for it's advantageous qualities and push Google to update and improve it more/quicker.

AND THAT'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE DON'T YOU THINK!!!!!! What a troll. No one here is trying to convert you. Stop trying to convert us. You troll EVERY article here that even mentions apple. We get it. You're a fanboy. We also don't care dude. Go sip the cool aid on other site.

5 reasons iphone is not for me. 1) no removable battery. 2) no sd card. 3) No wireless tethering for free. Sure I can jailbreak it, but the carriers can track HOW you use data on it. 4) No turn by turn directions on Google maps. 5) No LTE.

I grow tired of hearing your rants of android copied. Go enjoy your device. Come back when the thing is able to give oral pleasures......maybe then you will convince me to switch.

I guess he's getting at that as in, get's detention and then cleans the blackboard afterwards. Or has to do the cleaning up after the plans have been drawn up on the board etc etc, I.e. mention Bing as a better / alternative service to Google maps and I guess they will shoot you down/laugh at you as it isn't as good.

You're right Jerry, iOS disciples will see this as a great move as Apple can do no wrong in their eyes. Google Maps is simply irreplaceable and I'm waiting to see how this is going to turn out for Apple. I can see it now "introducing iMaps, works on wifi only"

Google maps isn't all that accurate. I've been lost plenty of times with Google maps. But what is nice about gmaps is street view. That is great for looking at warehouses

Dude, either gmaps has bad coordinates in your area or your a dummass. I use it every day in florida to find job sites and I can't remember ever being lost. Apple is gonna mess this one up bad but they won't suffer from it. The user will. The same user that will lie right to u and say I s the best thing ever just to save face.

Urban areas are usually good but I find all sorts of errors with Google Maps in rural areas. One thing that I do like is the ability to fix these when you find them with Google Map Maker which is part of why Google Maps keeps getting better IMO. The road by my house has "Creek" as part of the name but was abbreviated "Cr". Make the the voice nav pronounce as "C. R." every time. I did a quick edit and it was fixed. I will be curious to see if Apple lets their users contribute to iOS maps data like this.

Yeah, not only will they tell you how great it is not knowing any better, they have no clue that supporting it is costing all of us more. Apple takes a cut of EVERYTHING iphone related including data fees. So why carriers push the iphone at all is beyond me. With Android outselling it, (in overall sales not individual......clarification for the troll) the carriers don't need to push it all. Put it on the shelf, let those that want it buy it, and push the devices that will make them more in the long run. WE ALL end up paying more, because of what they have to pay apple. This is why you never will see a sale on apple products. The day before a new apple device is released, the old model is still selling at full price. If you wait a few months, you can still get a top of the line android phone, at a discounted price. The carriers can take a bigger hit on the purchase price, because they are not having a cut of the data fees taken from them. Android is better for the consumer long term. Selling the iphone isn't enough for Apple, they demand a cut of the service fee too, which is why you don't see the iphone on T-mobile. They refuse to pay the fees. It's the reason the iphone didn't debut on VZW. VZW told them to shove it with their cut of the fees. Once VZW had established an very solid Android market, did they open up to taking the iphone.

Sometimes Google maps lists things in the wrong place, which is understandable, since much of the data in maps is user-generated. The point is that it would take many years for an Apple equivalent to get to the point Google Maps is at now, and iPhone users would suffer in the meantime.

I think this move can go either way, but you seem to be the first blogger that has said that it could be good. I mostly agree with you though, that without the Google backend, that it won't really work as well. But the UI will probably be awesome (I can't see how it gets better than the Android Google Maps UI), and it'll be pretty all around. That's how Apple sells it's stuff, by making it pretty.

Was actually going to give the next iPhone some consideration, but without Google maps that's a deal breaker. It's not that I use it every day, but when I need to know where to go I have found it irreplaceable. Just this past week, I had nothing but an address and was voice guided, without fail, to both locations, one in a nearby town I'm totally unfamiliar with, and another to the hinterlands of suburbia.

smart move by Apple. they should get into SEARCH too. leverage the user base and fight.

for the record - the only Apple product i've ever bought in my entire life was an iPhone headset for my Android. i'm not a customer - but i respect what they've accomplished.

Furr proof thaf Apples greatest weakness is putting its users through grief so that the company can try to ice skate uphill to prove a point. Good luck to you iguys and thinks thatll be a not so fun transition

I've spent time with both versions of maps on iOS and Android. The iOS version doesn't have navigation, vector 3D rendering for buildings, a dedicated places UI, or (now) offers. It feels woefully behind the Android version, which Google updates with greater regularity than any of its other apps. The navigation is one of the many things I love about Android. I couldn't possibly give it up.

If Apple thinks it can do better, let it try. But iOS users will simply go from having a version of Google maps with limited features to a nascent version of Apple maps, probably with limited features. Whatever they gain, if anything, won't be enough to bridge the gulf between the Android and current iOS versions of maps. Fan boys will champion Apple maps as vastly superior, but they'll have no idea that they're still a year or more behind maps on Android.

I wouldn't be shocked if Apple somehow stored all that data from maps or they might just buy it from Google but that would violate privacy laws. what they might do it build up all that data over time just like Google did. It would be just one long beta version. Sort of like Google their stuff stays in beta for quite a while. Apple has something up their sleeve.

I wonder with Apple and Microsoft aligned in their fight against Google, and if there is some deal in place for Apple to use some variant of Nokia's Navigation app in exchange for certain patent licensing.

To much of a conspiracy theory?

***BREAKING NEWS**** Apple to cut IOS users off the internet and connected them to Apple's latest service iNet.

This will be great because hopefully Apple will allow Google to put Maps on iTunes as a stand-alone app. The fact that this app is baked into the OS is ridiculous. Google removed Maps from Android long ago and has been able to improve the hell out of it with timely, useful updates. I see the same happening with Maps for iOS.

Apple is looking to cut google completely out of the picture I doubt they would put google maps on itunes since they are doing this.

Frankly, it's not going to matter to most iOS users who don't realize how awesome Google maps is on Android.....they just know Google maps sucks on iiOS, which it does. No doubt Apple will include the major features Android already can't even click on an address in Safari or your email and open it with Maps on iOS, something we Android users take for granted now. No doubt the new Apple maps will have that stuff and the Apple users will hail the 'innovation' because after all, they have no idea what they're missing and could have now.

Looking forward to the 'if you don't have an iPhone, you don't have iMaps' commercials.

this much is definitly true. google maps on ios is just... crazy. I feel like im using my old palm treo. As a matter of a fact i think its just as useful as when it was on my old palm... I see these IOS people try to make deal with what they got but in the end its just hilarious. Its sad what apple has done to such a great app..

But now to get rid of it. That just madness. Apple is somewhat of a big company so im sure what they come up with will be useful and come with some feature that really isnt all the exclusive but appears that way.. but its just not gonna be that good. I mean numerious other sites have done their own version of maps both before and after google and still it just doesnt compare. I mean really.. yahoo... mapquest.. bing???... they all fail in comparison. How is apple who as far as i know not touched this feild ever gonna compete. its gonna fail... well fail in my eyes and anyeone else who is sane enough not to buy into every word spoken from an apple presenter...

Like you said iMaps will be announced and praised like its gods gift to ios. Then of course apple will try and explain how inferiour google maps is to imaps. When as far as i know google maps cant get much better.

Funny, I've been opening addresses in the maps program from my email on my iphone since as long as I can remember. I guess I'm just imagining it or something...

Interesting because iI've tried it from a browser and it didn't work. Does it have to be in email and in a certain place or something?

I'm a huge fan of Apple. I agree Google owns it when it comes to maps and navigation . Apple do what you like,invent the bigger and better maps apps. Just don't take my ability to choose the app I want at end of day!

That is the difference between IOS and Android, IOS forces their shit down your throat, Android doesn't. If you choose to use another map you can, Google doesn't force their maps at you. Try that on IOS. All you sheep line up for the slaughter. What a bunch of mindless geeks who can't make their own decisions. Don't worry Apple will tell you what, when and where, you just have to buy and buy. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah

Actually, you can get plenty of 3rd party mapping solutions on iOS. Mapquest is one option with voice navigation. Unfortunately, unlike Android, you can't set it to default, and the same goes for many of the apps on the iPhone. Androids intents are far superior to iOS as you can change the default on everything from the browser to the messaging app. You don't really recognize the usefulness of this ability until you don't have it. Intents are a huge advantage over iOS that isn't talked about much.

IMHO, Google Maps on Android is still far superior than the iOS Mapquest offering, regarded as the best solution for voice nav on iOS. It will be interesting to see what Apple brings to compete.

The arrogance that apple displays is incredible. Even'll be funny to see someone with an iPhone using apples new map system or even Sir I (surely to be closely closely integrated) and have it be all hanky and off by 1000 miles. There is a reason Safari is not a popular browser. Even on a Mac.

I personally don't see what the big deal is. It's my understanding that you can get other options for maps on iOS in the Appstore. It seems you guys are reacting like _____ just because Google is being removed from iOS devices. At least as far as Apple can anyway. Lets see if it actually happens and how good the service is. For all we know it may be better than the previous built in option. They just want their own built in apps.... sort of like what Google does on android devices.

And yes I currently use a Galaxy Nexus.

Oh great another way for Apple to call another service revolutionary and later on the iTards would come along claiming Google copied Apple since their intelligence seems to be non-existant.

"Users will be left with an app with a pretty front-end, that's actually a step backwards in functionality"

And that's the apple experience in a nutshell.

The best question so far! Seems like Apple bashing to me.... If Apple wants to make that move then so be it, but don't be one sided about it. Kist like ppl in this forum is saying GS3 will be a hit, how when, where is thee evidence in that? So will the maps change be a hit/fail who knows but I'd put my money on Apple before I'd put it on Google. This is not a small tweak for Apple, this is huge and a billion dollar bet that Apple is willing to take....let's just wait and see, and again why is this on AndroidCentral, I thought this was an Android blog not Google.

I have an idea, how about we wait and see what apple really rolls out with before we proclaim their new map package dead on arrival. Just a thought, you know.

I mean how often does apple implement a feature poorly? Not very often. They tend to not implement new features until they can do it well. I don't see why maps would be any different.

These comments are a bit ironic. Android users are always whining about how apple users think they are so superior. And yet, most of the comments on this article have consisted of, "google maps is better than the apple maps program that we have yet to actually see".

Android users seem to have their phone so far up their own arse that they can't see irony.

The author also doesn't know shit about it either, it's not the next iPhone, it's coming in the next iOS. Oh, and guess he doesn't know about the mapping company Apple bought a few years back. Gee, wonder how long they've been gathering information...

But do keep writing bullshit, cause that's what your idiot Fandroid readers want to hear. They don't want the truth, they just wanna hate on Apple.

Typical Apple - take a feature others have had for years, polish it up and give it a cool name while removing functionality and locking it down, then claim to have 'invented' it and force feed it to users by removing all choice. Take 2-3 versions to slowly add back missing standard features, all the time forcing users to upgrade hardware.

It's amazing how clueless a lot of Apple fans are, they really believe Apple invented the pc, smartphone, music playback and that we have to thanks Jobs for all the technology we have.

Who cares though? Let those users believe what they want. Let Apple do what they do, it might suck to you, but on the business end it's made them one of the most profitable companies in the world. If you were a CEO, you would understand business practices.

A lot of companies do it too, including Google. You would have though everything Google created was from scratch too, but just like Apple they just RE-invent. Plenty of search engines before Google, but ask anybody, they wouldn't know that, they think Google is the FIRST.

Let's see what an iOS map with Apple backend will be able to do that Google maps currently don't. Whithout any extra usable real world functionality, this will be more dust in the myopic eyes of the Apple fandom.

The average iPhone user (or average user of any smartphone) doesn't use their device to the fullest. They don't care about the data and content being delivered. They care about the shiny and polished package in which it arrives.

I love how Apple has been whining that other companies need to "invent their own stuff". They use Google search, Google maps, a voice assistant app they purchased, and now are replacing Google maps with a system based off several companies' work that they purchased. Look at all the recent OS features. What is Apple inventing anymore? Pulldowns from Android, iMessage from blackberry, etc. Apples problem is they have too much money. All they do is sue the competition away and buy other companies. Innovation has been long gone over there. On to of that people seem to forget that even though the iPhone was the first successful phone of it's kind, it was not the first of it's kind. Apple are not the angels you think they are.

I think all of this is Apple further creating its own ecosystem, and removing all third parties out of it. All this will do is promote innovation, force Google to innovate its mapping tools more. Which, by they way I feel they have done even being a sort of monopoly with in door maps, latitude, offline maps, and other features. Google has always been at the forefront of mapping services, and Apple buying a 3D mapping company to compete probably won't change much.

I think what you can expect in the Post Steve Jobs Apple is Apple not trying to build there newer Apps from the ground up, and just buy out a company who does what they need.

What will be cool is 3D turn by turn directions, if Apple releases something like this it would give Google's mobile mapping experience a run for its money.

Its fascinating to see how insecure most Android users are in their quest to make android seem to be choice for intellectuals. Who cares really? I was an Android user up to Gingerbread, and that was it, I couldn´t take more. The crappy apps, the relatively buggy OS, the not so nice looking UI, and the almost impossible update schedule. I sold my last Android device and bought an Iphone to use just for a few months until I decide what to get next (it was going to be the Galaxy Nexus, the One X or whatever Samsung came out with) and guess what, I got stuck. While I have found that Android can do quite a bit more, IOS 5 does everything it is supposed to do WELL. And that is what I needed. Now that is the good thing about the industry we have options and can choose according to our taste. Now Apple will do away with Google Maps (which sucks so badly on IOS) and I am sure they have a good next move planned (starting from having bought mapping companies), I can assure you their new Maps will be good. As good as Google maps? Most likely not. Better than what we have on IOS now, definitely. And as most people in the world of IOS are, we don´t really spend time complaining about what the competition does, but instead enjoying our ecosystem and hoping for it to get better. There is nothing wrong with choosing Google and Android, nor is there anything wrong choosing Apple and IOS. IT IS JUST CHOICE. MY nick is VanadiumDroid, it has Droid at the end of it, I was in love once, loved the progress, from Eclair (my first experience) to Gingerbread (my last). But Google needs to take Android more seriously, IMHO, and that just it MY OPINION, and we all can have one.

I have no doubt that Apple has enough money to come up with their own maps.
It's probably just chump change for them.

What if the Apple comes up with a better map than Google Maps? That's a
real possibility. If that happens, I just hope someone will be able to
port it over to Android devices. (yeah, right, never gonna happen :D )

I think the article was a little OD.

I get the writers points, early. The rest was too much. While I think it's wrong of Apple to go this route, I can't blame them either. While some iPhone users will be upset, it's not the end of the world, and I doubt even a small percentage of them are going to drop there iPhone for an Android handset just because they can't get Google Maps. They will complain, they will even get a version through Cydia, but again, it's nothing to write home about.

If anybody is easy to convert to an Apple-es product, IE: Apple Maps, it's iPhone users. Give them a few months on the iPhone 5, and users, e-media (you guys) and others, will even forget that Google Maps exited on an iPhone/iPad product.

A lot of e-seriousness going on in these comments.

After reading most of the replies, I don't know what's worse, Apple pulling the plug on Google Maps on there i products, or Android users bitching and moaning that Google Maps won't be on the next iPhone 5?

It is funny reading Renee's piece about this and looking at the comments on iMore. There are almost as many anti-Apple people there as there are here...which is GREAT :D -

We don't know what Apple's replacement will be but Google might as well start the lawsuit against Apple for infringing on Maps now. You know it's coming anyway ....