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Apple has sent letters to U.S. retailers offering Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Nexus phone, warning them not to sell the devices. Following a patent dispute earlier in the month, Apple obtained preliminary injunctions preventing the Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus from imported into, or sold within the United States. In the case of the Nexus, however, sales are set to continue after the ban was delayed on appeal, and that device looks set to continue shipping from the Google Play Store soon.

In its letter, quoted on FOSS Patents, Apple demands that retailers refrain from "importing, offering to sell, or selling [the devices] within the United States," saying the injunctions apply "not only to the named Samsung entities, but also to anyone 'acting in concert' with them." It goes on -- "Apple thus believes that the order extends to you."

Whether Apple is legally in the right remains to be seen, (and that's a debate for folks smarter than us). But the attempted strong-arming of retailers shows just how badly the iPhone maker wants to prevent consumers from being able to buy these competing (and, they would argue, infringing) products. People close to the matter at Best Buy and Wal-Mart tell us that they've been complying with the order regardless of Apple's aggression. One such source told us, "We had planned to remove the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the shelves the evening the news [of the injunction] broke, and we received word from our district manager to go forward with the plan immediately." Despite this, some U.S. retailers are​ still offering the devices for sale, and that's what seems to have provoked this response from Cupertino.

A statement released by Samsung condemned Apple's actions, saying "Apple’s menacing letters greatly overreach, incorrectly claiming that third-party retailers are subject to the prohibitions of the preliminary injunction, which they clearly are not."

Source: FOSS Patents; via: The Verge


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Apple demands retailers remove Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 from shelves


Seriously fuck off, Apple- I mean, can't we argue they're monopolizing the market by stifling competition? And the problem is you have 100-year old judges who probably still use rotary phones ruling on the ambiguities of software differentiations. The Galaxy Nexus is technically not infringing on the "Slide to Unlock" feature, because it's a free-form circle, with Camera or Unlock option on either end, as opposed to Apple's design, which is truly a bar, with a slider. The only thing they have in common is both unlock the fucking phone.

Well, the infringement is not regarding slide to unlock (that's a whole different case). From what I understand this is regarding the product's search capabilities/process.

Ah, the universal search function, I see. But still, you get the essence of what I mean. On a lighter note, (referencing the article's picture) if Biff is Apple, then is Marty McFly Android, and Samsung George McFly? Or wait, Marty McFly is Android, and Doc Brown is Samsung? And the copyrights are the truck of manure. No, wait... I'm giving myself a headache.

Google has had this function since the eclair os, which was before the iphone ever came out. This is bullshit that apple can get an injunction because they purposely make their patents so vague it can apply to anything. Apple has given up and can't compete anymore with just their retna display. They have to seek litigation because they can not compete on innovation anymore. Their os is losing more and more to android os and they are getting desperate. The iphone 4s copied 5 main functions from android, and now Apple is going to make a "less than 8 inch," their words, tablet, after seeing the nexus 7. Its time to go Tyler Durden on apple. I used to have some respect for apple til all they are now is a bunch of whiny little bitches screaming and crying suing everyone no matter how frivolous of a suit. They have sued more than any other company in this market. Hope they burn, F'in patent trolls

:f7u12: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...... This patent system is a Piece of Sh..t!!!!

OMG Thank You, thank you so much for that droid commercial link, Says it all. +100. You know when the first slew of Apple's patent wars began I thought to myself that's odd, why now. The more I investigate and read these patent submissions the more I sense SERIOUS foul play in our patent system for apple. It's gotta be one of two things; ignorance, in the form that these judges are so old and clueless to technology that when a guy being herald a genius of the industry such as Steve Jobs came to them with these patents they just took his word for it so to speak due to his considered expertise. OR Apples sliding some funny money like with the NFC airport patent they were granted a little bit ago. What I do know is they think it shows a we won't stand for this attitude but to most people who are not blind apple followers (not all of their customers are) it really looks more like desperation. I honestly won't be surprised if the iphone5 comes out having smart stay and other features from the GS3 and beaming media through NFC but of course it'll be perfectly fine when they do it. On another note it's time for google to start fighting back. Two wrongs don't make a right but at some point if you want a bully to stop pushing you you have to push back.

And that's why the patent system sucks. Someone "invents" something and uses it. But then later, someone comes down the road, pays money for a patent, and then the first person can't use it anymore. Yeah, ok.

Actually, according to out patent laws (which aren't being applied at all for anyone, Android OEMs included) a patent can only be issued for something that is not obvious (example: a house has four walls, a floor, and a ceiling, otherwise it's not a house, obviously) or something that does not already exist in some capacity (this would include someone who did something first, brought it to market, and then never went out a patented it).

Well that commercial can not be true, because it would be totally contradictory to what Apple said. And why would they lie? Even though I distinctly remember this commercial years ago.

And Palm Pre had something just like that in 2009. So two companies had this YEARS before Apple.... and as always Apple claims they done it first and demands others to never use "their" ideas.

Getting so sick of Apple pulling this crap. They steal idea after idea from others and that's fine... someone takes an idea from them and it's a major crime. Love how they do this and tell others to come up with their own idea's.

I think you are way too polite. "Dick" is the guy who parks car by bleeding into neighboring lot, or unloads a trolley and leave it behind your car, making you move it, in order to drive out.

This is Apple sucking a choad while wanking over Android and drooling all over itself legt out of envy, feeling so feeble and insecure about its own product, and aware of its inferiority software and hardware wise, that the only way to survive, is not by fair competition and consumer right to choose, but by being borderline-childlike-bully-cock sucking-asshole-twat, forcing competitions out of market with trickery and questionable validity of their patents.

While Moto, Samsung and HTC might lose court case or two, the reputation Apple is losing over such behaviors, is beyond recover, a to great of a damage. To such degree, that even Apple enthusiast feel embarrass to say, that they are apple enthusiast still.

Tim Cook is writing checks to Judge Koh as we speak. The rest of the world will continue to not give a.....

Amazing how scared Apple is becoming of Android's vastly better technology. I'm sure all the iSheep fanboys will now chime in... Ready, set, go...

I wouldn't say IOS is vastly superior. But Android certainly has some competitive advantages. This is a really dick move by a company that has 90% of the profits in the Smartphone/tablet industry.

Please do not be so shallow as to assume all Apple fans are stupid "iSheep". There are iSheep, don't get me wrong, but I'm certainly not one of them. I have a Android tablet. I plan on buying the next Google Nexus phone when it comes out. I also plan on buying a Mac and an iPod touch. While I happen to like Apple, I wholeheartedly agree they're being patent trolls. If you're trying to use this fact to claim that you're intellectually and morally superior, Samsung does it to. And GoogleRola. And HTC. Stop pretending to care about their business ethics and enjoy your cool phone, and stop roping all the Apple fans into the "mindless retard" category. If you really want something to be done, call your representatives instead of blaming the consumers.

Sorry to be confrontational, but it is the consumers who have given immense riches to Apple and thus empowered it to bully the competition. How is calling my represenatives going to help?

Maybe demanding patent reform is the solution here, if the system is broken (and Apple isn't the only company abusing the patent system, Mirosoft and Googlerola are abusing it too) fix the system.

The first intelligent comment I found. Don't think I'll bother reading any further as the conversation is rather dreadful.

Poor apple. Looking pretty desperate right now. And we all know desperation is a stinky cologne.

Correction, iPads and iPhones don't work in water..... Unless you've got a water proof Android tablet or phone for power!!!

People need to start picketing at apple stores and see where that takes them(apple). Google needs to step up with counter attacks towards apple's actions.

Google have to make sure to invalidate that "SIRI PATENT" because it was even older than that B!TCH called SIRI.

Ipod touch for sale! Or maybe I'll just destroy it. Seriously Apple, you're guaranteeing that I will never purchase any of your products.

A friend of mine did that to her Blackberry Pearl. If I still had my apple ipod that I tossed years ago, I would have YouTubed it for everyone.

My hatred for this fruit company runs deep. I might as well get green blood at this point.

But the iPhone 5 is gonna be so innovative! I mean, a 4 inch screen! Wow! They should start to sue companies for trying to do things before them next!

Wow!! This is just embarrassing for Apple. They're threatened so much that they're calling out individual stores to try and stop android. Hey apple pick up your balls and start making fresh products!! You seriously. Think those pathetic patents you some how acquired are gonna stop the android beast? Sorry this is the future and people are starting to see your ignorance

What were they going to write, "We're embarrassed to admit, but Apple is acting like a whiny little bitch."

I've been trying to wrap my head around a good comparison for this situation and I think I've nailed it:

Ever see the movie Wayne's World? Of course you have. Well:

Apple = Stacey

Samsung/Android = Wayne

Stacy: Well, don't you want to open your present?
Wayne Campbell: If it's a severed head, I'm going to be very upset.
Stacy: Open it.
Wayne Campbell: What is it?
Stacy: It's a gun rack.
Wayne Campbell: A gun rack... a gun rack. I don't even own *a* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do with a gun rack?
Stacy: You don't like it? Fine. You know Wayne, if you're not careful, you're going to lose me.
Wayne Campbell: I lost you two months ago. We broke up. Are you mental? Get the net!

Seriously Apple, Get the net. You suck.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Apple's gonna lose this battle big time. iPhone? Ha! More like iShit! That thing blows so bad its ridiculous. Everytime I see anyone with an iPhone I laugh my ass off! All that thing is is a freakin iPod with calling capabilities and a cell connection. ANDROIDS RULE THE FREAKIN WORLD!!!!!

I thought Apple had stated that 3.5 was the perfect size screen and would never go bigger??? Very Interesting but STUPID.

I think iOS can not scale above 4:3 aspect ratio, so their 4" screen will be a slightly bigger, slightly more stupid looking iPhone.

Apple are scared, and rightly so, up intil recently Android handsets haven't been able to truly delivery on the potential of the Android OS, leaving people preferring the stability of the iOS devices, let's be fair it's a dull OS but because of that it runs very solidly.

With the release of higher specs and better processors the bells and whistles of the Android phones are really becoming attractive to people, Sense and Touchwiz etc are big draws for consumers who will always be attracted to gimmicks and toys.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Apple try to 'pimp that shit up' in a future version of iOS in an attempt to make it less boring.

I wish Google would buy the Palm portfolio, fold it a few times, then shove it up Apple's @#$!

I had to install some software on a couple of iPhones the other day, and I went away feeling so sorry for the people who owned them. Compared to my GNex, the iPhone feels like a kids toy. Apple has plenty of reasons to be shaking in their pink synthetic fur lined boots.

"pink synthetic fur lined boots"

Oh dear god (and i'm not religious) !

I laughed so hard... that's so much WIN. +1 +1 +1 +1

Ridiculous. I own an iPhone and I'm seriously thinking about jumping. Not because I'm bored with the device, but because the company is doing things I can't agree with. All that time suing for "patent infringement" could be spent INNOVATING. Innovation = better customer experience, which means we all win. I guess they don't like competition. The SIII, One X, or Atrix HD look like pretty good options right about now.

You won't regret it pal! Take it from an ex-iPhone owner. I love my Infuse and I can't wait to get my hands on the GS3.

Apple has made themselves successful by stealing others ideas, improving on them or marketing then better from the beginning. Starting with stealing the mouse from I think Xerox. Anyhow it's about time they are tasting their own medicine. Deal with it iTards

yeah.. except NO ONE is giving them a taste. I would KILL to see google just step in with a MOUND of patent violations and screw them like a $2 whore on sunday!!

What a sad day in apple land. If I was regional manager at any Best Buy store Samsung products would continue to be sold period. Samsung products are far more compelling than any apple product. Don't get me started talking about the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Nexus. Those products alone show you how far ahead Samsung really is and that's without the new Nexus or yet to be seen Galaxy Note 2...

"Samsung products are far more compelling than any apple product" ... and yet an Apple product of the same caliber for double the price goes quicker. How is it "far more compelling" to sell a lower priced... anything? You really have no idea what you're talking about.

Apple did innovate, but they have been out flanked by the Android makers, and now find themselves behind the curve. Apple should protect their patients but at what cost. Doing what they have will begin to work against them in the public eye.

Apple settle this with Samsung and whoever else. Do it in good faith and end this, and get back to what you do best, innovate.

It's crazy to watch Apple getting punked by Android, like Apple punked HP? in the late '70's.

Apple punked HP, Zerox, Android, and even microshaft. Not to mention all the other small business they crushed, and stole from along the way.

Besides, SJ even admitted to taking others' ideas and incorporating them as his own. (written in his biography).

Even still!!!If it weren't for M$, Apple would have tanked years ago. So for this I say to apple.....I hope you rot in hell!!! (pun intended)

I wanted a Microsoft Surface, but looking back on things Microsoft invests heavily in sinking ships. (Zune, Apple, Windows phone, and Nokia-pronounced Knock-e-aah)

Strongarming U.S retailers???...well, thats againts the RICO Act...lawsuit victory or not, the plaintiff can't inforce judgment...whatever ya wanna say about America...that right there is UN-American!!!

Apple trying to enforce CENSORSHIP at the retail level in a post SOPA world...

Yes Vagina we do have SOPA now, it came in on 07/01/2012 & the big players in Hollywood & the internet did what the US govt couldn't do & bring in their own version of it & I guess Apple is also one of the big players as well.

F**k U Apple & I have a Samsung Galaxy S II which is the cell that toppled Apples dominance in the smartphone market. xD

Apple is so full of it. Makes me think that they are so scared of the Samsung and we better go get our stocks now. LOL! I sometimes wonder what was it that had me wanting a MAC or an iphone. They're expensive get out dated so fast with no way to update unless you pay as much as the first time around. Shoot for get those money hungry greedy bastards. They are so yesterday.

Before when I read posts that state Apple is desperate, I disregarded it because I didn't believe it. I am starting to believe it now.

While we were all busy focusing on these stories, apparently Apple managed to get a patent on the letter "W" and how it is used in the workings of computing and data entry. They are currently seeking an injunction to stop the sale of all products that have a button with the letter W on it. This will apply to keyboards, phones with keyboards or touch screen keyboards as they merely function the same way etc.

I'm slowly converting family to Android. Uncle shattered his Blackberry Storm2 screen recently (yeah, you heard me..BB Storm2). He wanted something new and thought android. Not Apple. Why? Because he said the interface is dated. This coming from a BB guy? hahah

So I acquired an old OG Droid from a friend. Activated it for him, gave him some pointers and let him at it. He emailed me, "holy crap..I've been living in the dark ages with that BB. this thing is awesome and you tell me it's what? 2 years old?" :)

Told him when he gets more acquainted with it, I'll see what I can do about getting a better handset for him.

I didn't even know you could shatter a Blackberry Storm 2. I wonder if whenever someone breaks a Blackberry, if RIM CEO Thorsten Heins looks up at the sky and goes, "I feel a disturbance in the force".

No need for Google to sue,their(Google)is letting Apple hang themselves.Googles not spending a dime.Their taking their money and moving forward,example-JB.

I agree. If Apple didn't waste their money, they could be innovating. I bet the reason they didn't do a fresh upgrade on their Mac line was maybe they wasted money on stupid lawsuits. I'm sure you can't patten a touchscreen.

How Apple has the nerve to be so aggressive with this patent stuff after adding the drop down notification system to iOS baffles me. They clearly robbed that from Android.

Gosh if I was the head of one of those retailers I would have to send a letter back informing them that my company does not respond well to intimidation and that we will be pulling all Apple products from our shelves, and placing enlarged copies of both letters in their place.

Apple your the biggest piece of shit,I will do everything in my power to keep people from buying any of your devices.

Nice. Just make sure when you get it, you cover your bed with 10 pounds of assorted Jelly Beans and roll around in them while wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, using the Nexus, and email a picture to Apple's Tim Cook with the caption: "I don't think you're ready for this jelly..."

And you Sir, +1 (and half internet) for the epic comment ! Bow.. walk backward... bow... walk backward... bow...

I hate Apple just like the next guy, but you gotta admit that Samsung ripped of the ipad and the iphone design lol. The Gnex is doesnt look like an iphone but the resemblance of the Galaxy S line and the tab is uncanny. I love android but Samsung needs to step their game up and stop copying Apple

I read somewhere that Google cannot sue in regards to the drop down notifications because, and I can't remember exactly, it was either that it is open source, or the patent for it hasn't been granted yet. Probably something else that Apple has their grubby hands in and is holding up, which is what they are doing by sending out this letter. They might as well be going to each of these retailers and committing strong arm robbery.

This is a tactic that reminds me of games like chess, risk, or monopoly when I was a kid. When you knew you were losing you began using delay tactics hoping the other guy would make a mistake. It almost never worked.

Good luck apple. The days of wine and roses are behind you.

Sent from my rooted gnex with Jellybean and on device search.

To be fair I did give Apple a chance.

I tried an iMac. It was hacked within 2 weeks and I lost all my yahoo, MSN and ICQ accounts to a hacker who tried to use them to scam my friends and colleagues.

I tried an iPad and wound up frustrated because I couldn't just transfer my songs and movies over unless I used a PC to import them using iTunes. I couldn't play all my movies either. The aspect ratio was a bit restrictive too in a world of widescreen devices.

But Apple's strong arm tactics on it's competitors instead of fixing the usability and security problems in their products will be their undoing.

I'm a happy EX Apple user here with my Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Voting for Google with my wallet...ordered my Galaxy Nexus on 7/8 and received my shipment notification at 5pm today. Funny thing is it was delivered at 3pm today(it actually shipped yesterday afternoon)! First time I've ever received something BEFORE I got the shipment notification. They probably shipped a boat load of them and their systems are just now catching up!

Not yet, apple not finish yet. Apple target is that under the law using android is illegal. They will using their 90B cash money to buyback every android. They want to build the nation that only use one phone only. All other phone website, except covering apple product, need to be close. Apple will not stop till the United States change it's name to be United Apple. Hahaha.

That's fine. I'll take $700 of apples money for my gnex. Then I'll find one on craigslist and put the rest apples money in my pocket!

Why would any store comply with this. They don't need to and they have a back log of products. Also as Apple has its own stores they don't need best buy et Al as much as samsung. Think of brick and motor shops and OEMs as a symbiotic relationship. They both need each other to make money. Apple is an apple tree (lol) they support themselves. One day when the is enough apple stores that will be the last place to get istuff. If I was best buy I would try make my relationships with android/windows oem stronger as Apple will drop them soon as possible.

Apple sucks android army is strong. They want us to buy American well apple news flash all your products are made in china, and brazil, rock on samsung

I have an iPhone and I believe in competition. Apple should just concentrate on making cooler devices-every phone maker copies others......can't we all just get along?

I saw this earlier and my blood pressure again when through the roof. Apple would rather use litigation than innovation. Maybe the solution is for the 85% of world that chooses not to use Apple products (this from a former fanboy), to strike back. Maybe if we each sent letters to the major retailers that carry Apple product saying that as long as they stock and sell Apple products we will choose to purchase elsewhere, that might send a message to Apple. Of course, 99.9% of us won't send a letter, and that same 99.9% won't go looking for retailers who don't carry Apple products. But if we all would do this, it would really affect Apple. If just Walmart alone stopped carrying their products it would affect their US revenues enough that the stockholders would demand Apple back down.

OK, back to reality, I am still mad.

I do have to say, I get the letters to the retailers for the Galaxy 10.1. That device is still under restriction.

But the Galaxy Nexus, Clearly Apple are relying on the stupidity of the retailers who don't read the news. And that whats discredits Apple. They clearly are taking the whole BS "we can steal but the people we steal from better not use what we stole from them for other devices" (ala full on device search - Desktop search) attitude a little too far!!!

Never mind all the copyright business if i'd pre-ordered a phone or tablet and the store refused to stock it because of CRapple i'd go chuck norris on there asses !!!!

One good thing to come from all this. Just think of all the free media attention that Google and Android are getting at the moment.
I cant stand Apple and would love for them to be just a distance memory, but there has to be more than a few people that stop to look at why Apple is so afraid of Android.
Not to mention that Apple is even starting to piss off its own fan base. Bad PR spreads a lot quicker then good.

How bad PR will piss of there fanbase? Most of them does not care much about it. People that care about companies wars are minority of userbase, the rest have there head busy with more important things to even notice :p

Since I just got shipping confirmation on the Galaxy Nexus I ordered Thursday, I'm getting a kick out of Apple's butthurt.

This is definitely grounds for Samsung to take Apple to court for illegal bullying tactics. You can't be threatening retailers to remove products when there isn't even a ban in place. They are such cu*ts its unreal.
Steve Jobs is dead, no one apart from isheep and the technically inept wants to buy your shitty products anymore, get over it!

Here's my take from a former iPhone owner.... First, we actually NEED both companies to exist(Google and Apple), and we need the constant tech feuding going on. Think about this, if we were to lose either company, most of the innovation would stop on both sides. Having these companies go at each other is the best thing for us the consumer, as we benefit from all that innovation that comes out of hardcore competition, it fuels new technology and new abilities from our devices. Who cares what you own whether it be Apple or Android, either way you bought what best fit your needs, right? There is no wrong choice or right choice, just the choice that was best for you. As an Android fanatic I have to admit that Apple apps are much higher in quality than Android's, on the other side I love Android's more customized functionality but just about every other app I load is a hacker trying to gain access to my gmail accounts(no joke). I think that Android will eventually gets it quality apps but not if we lose Apple, if Google does not have a something to compare itself to, all Androdites lose BIG TIME! That just my 2 cents. All this patent stuff will eventually blow over, as NO company that has ever made it to the top, stayed there. Look at microsoft...

Apple will find a way to screw themselves at one point or another, so getting heated about the patent disputed is futile, hell, it's not like their using my personal money to fight these wars anyway.

You guys act like Google or Apple are going to back you guys up in your valiant fight to defend them. Let me make this very clear, GOOGLE OR APPLE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!!!!! To them, you are just another source of income, another way to make themselves rich on your fanboyism. They know this and laugh all the way to the bank smoking cigars rolled in cash that ALL you fanboys handed them for their overpriced devices. As far as I'm concerned both Google and Apple can lick my balls for screwing us all over, because at the end of the day, the american workers pay for their court fees and bills with our tax dollars! These companies find and engineer ways to give us as little as possible in return for as much cash as they can milk out of us. I would really like to hear ANYONE argue with me on that, let's hear it fanboys....

Economics 101: do not offer everything you can if you want to maximize profits. I'd do the exact same thing as Google and Apple are doing if I wanted as much money as I could possibly get. You just don't. You try to attract some, and come next year you attract more and even have the ones that were attracted the year before and make them buy the newer version of whatever you are selling. As for fanboyism... I do not see Apple being innovative whatsoever at the moment, if ever they were. If they could monopolize everything they would, down to the shape of the shit I take on the can.

We're not defending Google, but our freedom of choice. Also, Google never initiates bullshit lawsuits agains competitors the way Apple does. So if you're so pissed off about your tax money getting wasted, take it with the Appholes.

So Googleorla's attempt to ban the Xbox 360 isn't restricting freedom? I really wish that ban would happen, just to see the reactions on here. See who decides not to buy a Motorola or Android device!

Too bad all retailers don't have the guts to pull Apple products from their shelves and send Apple a collective "Up Yours"! Then we'll see who has true power.

Next thing you know, Apple will be sending letters to all consumers to not buy the Nexus and Galaxy 10.1 tablet or face prosecution. When my phone contract is up, I'm so dumping my iPhone.

Apple: Waahaaa you can't sell those anymore. You better not. Or I'm telling.
Retailers: Bring it.

Maybe they should pull all the iDevices and Macs from the shelves for a day or two, to show that they can sabre rattle too (I know, it won't happen... but a guy can dream).

Of all the potential opponents Apple are most sensitive to Samsung, who produce many key components of their New iPad. I keep hoping that Samsung will leap ahead and offer something like a 7.5" Galaxy Note (with S-Pen) that avoids all the pitfalls and limitations that all tablets (including the iPad) bring with them.

Perhaps Samsung just can't sort out this dispute with Apple, or hit back with something so clearly different and superior to the Apple 10" tablet model that has dominated the last 3 years. The weird thing is - they have already done 90-95% of the development work - and been selling a product using it for the past 12 months. SO - WHY NOT do it Samsung?

Despite the Nexus7 (which looks good) I still don't see the calibre of Tablet centric Android applications, required to make Android Tablets really successful.

I am using a TF300T all the time these days and I like it, at least the Wifi works properly on this one (unlike the Prime). But ASUS still cant deliver the consistent quality user experience required to hit Apple where they live - the bank account! Jelly Bean would help that, but ASUS still needs several quality tablet centric applications, frankly the industrial design of the TF300T is weak as well. ASUS have shown the ability to design better equipment; they seem to lack the coherency and smoothness Apple achieves by spending longer on development.

Tell me - is this assessment wrong?

I agree with many of your points, but I do need to ask, when you talk about lack of tablet-centric applications for Android, what exactly do you have in mind? I mean, which specific application is missing? I honestly don't know.

Retailers should "comply" by not "selling" the items... instead sell consumers a nice case (for hundreds of dollars), and include a "free tablet". Just because they can't sell them doesn't mean they can't give them away,does it?

Bbuy could shutter their Apple sections immediately.

Wish apple would spend more attention and money hiring engineers to secure their app store, and less on hiring lawyers.

what fucking authority does Apple presume it has? Shut the hell up and quit your bitching and realize that businesses will have competition. Your job is to come out with something better, not bitch and moan when the competition comes out with technology better than yours. I hate Apple and all their butthole fairy fanboys.

man.. i just cant read this stuff anymore. it gets me SOOOOOOO PISSED OFF its ridiculous. I seriously wish there was something i could do to help with this fucking in-justice!!!

My first smart phone was a iphone4. After using Android(I have now have a rooted GII atm), I will never go back to Apple.

The problem for Apple is they want to tell us what is good enough for us while they milk us for every cent selling us dated products in order to maximize their profits. Then along comes Android, and the producers start offering people diversity and what they want(bigger screens, widgets, etc..) and all of a sudden Apple is behind. The whole problem is Apple and how they refuse to change to meet the consumers needs. Instead of simple changing, they waste their money on things like what this article is about instead of using it for R&D.

One day the producers are going to tell Apple,"Make your own displays, network chips, etc... BUT BEWARE do not infringe on our patents!" If this happened Apple would be out of business in about 5 years. Apple is a bully that needs a good ass kicking.

I will never buy another Apple product again. I am a long time Mac user etc.. but Apple has crossed the line. I will boycott.


One reason that drove me away from my iphone4 is I have big hands and big fingers. I needed a bigger screen and Samsung gave me what I needed.

Same here, plus, playing games on a 3.5 inch screen was really hard to do. Even if the iPhone 5 does have a "whopping" 4 inch screen, that still wont even come close to my 4.7 inch HTC One X. With Steve Gone, I think that Apple's days at the top are numbered. That explains all this sue happy attitude they have taken.

Apple, bugger off, these Tabs are not ripoffs, in fact they're better than most of the overpriced crap you sell already. Android FTW, Apple, go away! We need affordable, not out of reach unless you're filthy, stinkin' rich. Most phones now have "slide to unlock" even Sony Ericsson's 'Xperia' phones use it. And I bet they'll be after Sony next to try stifle them too, not gonna happen Apple...

On a personal note I seriously think that Gates was consumed with some crazy self-righteousness before he died and now Apple on a corporate level seems to carrying on the legacy. Apple has been caught many time infringing copy right (E.G. Nokia!)but they maintain their anger at perceived injuries made by others . I think their actions are self defeating. Your average punter doesn't really care about patents - they just want to use their phones. People pay attention when they see corporations involved in mud-slinging especially when the perpetrator has just as much mud on their face as the other guy....
P.S. Has anyone seen the Youtube footage of the 1997 tablet developed by Knight Ridder ( I hope this gets mentioned during the court hearing.