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Adding another device to the case deemed a 'tax on the court's resources'

Apple's attempt to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 to its patent infringement suit against the Korean manufacturer has failed after a judge ruled it'd consume too many court resources. Bloomberg quotes Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal as saying that adding another product to the case would constitute a "tax on the court's resources."

Of Samsung and Apple, Grewal said, "each time these parties appear in the courtroom, they consume considerable amounts of the court’s time and energy, which takes time way from other parties who also require and are entitled to the court’s attention." In response, Apple lawyer Josh Krevitt reportedly said the GS4's exclusion would require Apple to file an additional suit, as the products in the current case would be out of date by the time of the trial.

Several high-profile Samsung-made Android devices, including the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Note 2, Note 10.1, U.S. Galaxy S2 models and the Galaxy S3 remain in contention. The original Apple-versus-Samsung patent trial ended last August in a victory for Apple, along with a $1.05 billion compensation ruling, which was later lowered to $639.4 million. The second trial is set to take place next  spring.

Source: Bloomberg


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Apple can't add Galaxy S4 to Samsung patent suit, judge rules


So are apple lawyers goin to throw in the iphone since a majority of it's parts are made by Samsung?

Also, the Galaxy Nexus is a Google phone. Google contracted Samsung to build them a device for Google. So Apple should be directly suing Google for the Galaxy Nexus because Samsung built it to Google's specifications.

The parts are not an issue its the patents that Samsung violates. If Samsung starts using iSight technology in their phones, then that's a violation.

I agree, the ones that loose are me and you, the consumers. One of the most disgusting things I saw apple do is suing to get the keyboard that drops in the autocorrected word when you press the space bar. Android had this on the first models, apple got that feature removed. Software patents need to be fixed, so that companies like apple with all the money and power can't just beat up the others to get what they want. Apple is a sad company, sit back and curb innovation so you can keep up. I have always tried to keep up with technology, I had the first 4 iphones, and was an apple fanboy, my iphone could do anything, till they pissed me off enough to drop them. I kept dealing with their crap, I got tired of it and I bought one of the first androids then I gave my brother my iphone4, he had never had a smart phone he loved it and even still uses it for an ipod touch. I gave him an iphone, and he bought an android a few months later to use as his main phone, he liked my features, features like using the flashlight and playing a game which is nice at night while walking, or using pandora instead of the native music app while playing a game. apple just got these options, a few years later. How sad will apple get. I vote apple starts innovating and stops litigating, stop hurting technology and start helping technology. I personally am tired of apple taking away capabilites from the competition. Long live Samsung as they are giving customers freedoms like expandable memory, and going after apple and showing how their product is superior. Good luck HTC and Motorola, you make Android phones that are for you and not for your customers. I just hope people start being smarter about electronics purchases. Then maybe they would start supporting companies that give their customers more control and freedoms, instead of making you pay an inflated ammount for a larger built in memory card, or battery that only the company can replace for a fee.

So, is that all apple does is just sit and wait until a new android phone comes and to put lawsuits on it. Seems like no one is doing this to them, its always apple for the most part. I remember the GsII how they where all over that, which caused Samsung to make the GsIII and 4 to have those rounded edges if I remember.

That does seem to be all they do, instead of making their phones any better they just try and pathetically cripple everyone else. Which needless to say is obviously not working

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They did make their phone better. They updated their screen size to be on par with the rest of the 2010 version of the World. So think before you post, BRO... ;)

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If you think a bigger screen equals a better phone you should just not own a smart phone ;) lol so take your own advice BRO XD

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Thats an iSheep for ya simple to the very end. If a bigger screen is makes apple fans happy is it any wonder the company lacks any real product development. Now iOS 7 looks just like Android and Google isn't suing them? I would be all over them just for the sake of them suing everyone else.

I don't even remember what the case is about. How does GS4 "violate" AAPL patents?
This is becoming comical

Square or rectangular devices with a flat screen and rounded corners, sounds like apple copied TV manufacturers

Sounds like every smartphone out there. You really can't find a smartphone with a circular shape and a cluttered interface.

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I don't fault the lawyers for Apple. Apple is their client, and the lawyers are fighting for their client. That's their job. I do, however fault Apple for continuing this path, when their latest innovations are new colors (those weren't around before the advent of iOS7) and several other "brand new" features that have been on Android for years...."Do as I say, not as I do." I'm of the opinion that Apple's inclusion is a good thing for Apple consumers' user experience, but this self-righteous attitude ad a substitute for being behind in certain aspects of mobile tech is tiresome, and a financial burden passed to the people buying the products. Don't copy tech, and then sue others, claimimg that it's not ok for them to do it, when it's going on in your own house.

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These tech companies use and take ideas from each other. That's a given. But it's hypocritical to be one of those companies who continually sues another for doing what its done throughout its existence (read: beginning with Apple taking GUI interface from Xerox for it's original Macintosh line). Btw, there was no Google back then. This has been happening for years with different tech firms as the types of technology have progressed. Apple has continually been the aggressor against Samsung, less so with HTC, and indirectly Android on the whole. And now Apple has "invented" brand new AND years old features, off of ideas taken from someone else, and suing that person for those same's two faced, and I dont like seeing it from any company. That said, its also a dichotomy of points - why sue someone for what is claimed to be the same in many ways, when millions choose Android over iOS for a decidedly DIFFERENT experience? I have been a fan of Apple products for a long time, butbi want to see them get better through advancing the tech, not slapping down the other guy who's ahead of him to look better without doing the work. Glass house implies that both sides are doing the same exact thing, and by every headline I've come across, Apple is the one pushing the legal course of action. Its not even on both sides. Nice one sentence quip though.

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As much as I hate to admit it, Apple you really need to get your act together....your not even in the same league as Samsung anymore. Your products are old and antiquated. I know of a dozen people in my own circle that are moving from your products to Samsung or HTC. Better hurry up. You will always have your loyal followers, but even they are going to get tired of this after a while......Ya need something new.....NOT talking about IOS 7 either.

I moved from iPhone 5 to sg4 and I got to tell you android sucks Samsung sucks can't even text more than two pics or 30 sec clip without it satin to large try email that is the most thing people do with the phone so before you asheeps get livid android blows they can stick there stupid file system where the sun don't shine laggy pieces of shit phones

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Talk about a blankit statement. Maybe your SGS4 is a laggy piece of sh*t, but that's Touchwiz, not Android. Not even microstutters, that I'm keen to notice, on my aokp pub and franco'd N4. I have to agee about the video texting though...

Right, because the Google keyboard forces you type long run-on sentences that make no sense. Gotcha.

You're the one controlling the keyboard, it's not the keyboards fault if you don't know how to spell.

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I would be ripping you off it is worth shit they suck the public knows it to there outlook on these dropped big time people already bored with it come on the next big thing what a shoe with a galaxy 4 in it ha ha sorry for the longest running sentence I thought I was texting not in a class room

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Galaxy S4 out sold the iPhone 5 but quite a bit so it couldn't be that bad. Plus dude your sentences are really f'd up man. Are you handicapped in some way? It would really explain why your having a hard time typing understandably. By the way 80 million to 55 million as of may.....oooooooh that hurts the Apple ego just a little.

English motherf*cker, do you speak it? :/

There are so many grammatical errors in your comment that it's too illegible to even consider it a viable argument.

Also, the 'Your mileage may vary' factor applies. Not every android user has the same experience as another. Next time you try to bash our beloved mobile OS, do it in a different place. If you hate android so much, why are you here?

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Ridgeline you have the most awesome comments I have ever seen on here. On top of that you took on everyone here and created chaos in the minds of these android fanboys. I'm with you in your comment about emails. My friend's uncle had this problem and he had to upload the video to skydrive and then have the recipient download it. It took a long time for on 2 minutes.

Oh please. The iPhone 5S will sell more iPhones than any of the previous versions, just like the iPhone 5, and the 4S.

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Agreed. But how many iPhone 6 & 7s will Apple sell? Especially as SIRI falls further behind Google Now, they refuse to implement NFC, and iCloud is a massive failure. Plus, iTunes will lose its ATM status over time as people move to subscription based services. Apple is in trouble - in the next 10 years, anyway.

NFC sucks Google wallet will go nowhere with apple no implementing this in there devices ha!!!

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Its funny because as I recall, Samsung did that to many companies. Ridgeline is not a paid Apple fanboy, just a person who realizes the truth.

See, when Samsung hires people to trash competitors' products, they at least hire literate people. Apple doesn't even hire someone who has a keyboard with a comma.

What do you expect from an "American" corporation? Apple can't even rely on themselves to make hardware for their devices. (Their A.x chips are an exception but you never know)

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"The second trial is set to take place next spring" By then every phone listed in the complaint will be out of production (the S3 is already winding down). Apple did (possibly) get an extra $640 million in money but at the end they didn't stop Samsung.

Really again Apple? Samsung supplies your parts still but you want to sue them. Keep in mind that the S4 does not look act or looks like an iPhone. Instead try innovating and stop sue you might actually make money instead of loosing money. Smh

Don't kid yourself... They are making plenty of money! However this will change and the iPhone "fad" is wearing off. I believe in the next few years you will start to see younger people purposely stay away from Apple devices because it has become a past "fad" and younger people will not want to be associated with it. When this starts to happen there market share and profits will start shrinking FAST!

Deja vu baby. This happened with desktops when they sued MS. I hope Mercedes Benz finally sues VW and Toyota and Ford and all the others because they make cars with four wheels and other various similarities.

Apple is become such a joke with all this BS. I can understand some of the complaints against some of original Samsung products but with the S3/S4 series and Note series they are very different and unique. The stupid thing is Apple sits around and dictates a single screen size for the current generation and claims it's the perfect size and they don't need to go larger but then try suing Samsung for devices that they refuse to complete with by releasing options for their customers. If they weren't so clueless and released different sized phones to meet the needs of different people they wouldn't have lost so much market share to Android. It's just so pathetic especially from an "American" company. I for one would prefer to support an "American" company but with their actions I'd just as soon see them fold up and disappear as it's a disgrace! This coming from a a very loyal Apple user back in the 90's. Although I moved away from most Apple products in the late 90's I never hated or disliked them until all this BS suing crap. Go to hell Apple!

Apple suing doesn't affect the majority Google stealing everyone's info then selling it does morons

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It's not stealing if you agree to it. Google takes as much info as Apple, the difference is that with Android you know ahead of time what permissions you are granting an app, apple doesn't even tell you that, they just do it

Posted via

I never understand people like you! First of all regarding the EU... There are always people/groups of extreme views and tighter regulations. Companies always push the bounderies and those making lots of money get investigated for what some call questionable practices. MS for example... Are they evil just because they created a OS empire with Windows and embedded IE? I guess I don't believe so but the EU sure didn't feel that way and although I don't think MS is evil I do think MS being sued was a good thing as it keeps companies in check and helps regulate. Every good company will push the boundries and sometimes they step over what "some" people feel is a line. Ok so we have the groups like the EU to step up to plate and force these companies to step back from the line.

As for people like you... I can't figure out if you are just mad because you don't trust Google so you don' allow yourself to use their products which ultimately limits you technology wise or if you are just another Apple fan boi who will bitch and complain about everything anything Google. There is likely no help for you however if it's the latter you do have a choice not to use Google and you should appreciate Google and Android for making the iPhone a much better product. Without Google and Android the iPhone wouldn't be much different/better then what Apple released in 2007. Competition drives innovation and makes products better.

If you can't respond intelligently why respond at all? No problem with my mother or the ladies... Stupid idiots on the other hand, can't tolerate them!

The EU can get crazy. They sue Microsoft for providing a free copy of ie with the os where people can still download whatever browser they wanted. Why don't they sue car makers for bundling car audio systems? Isn't that limiting consumer choice?

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And I hate to bang on Apple for this...but what browsers come on euro Macs?

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There are always paranoid people who are afraid of their information being accessed. You can live in that world and be handicapped by technology the rest of your life. Google collects general information (nothing personal) and uses it to better delivery information to you. You don't need to use Google and that is fine. I "choose" to use Google and don't have any problem with how they use the data they collect from me. I embrace this type of technology and appreciate what it currently does for inadditon to the potential future of it.

They wouldn't be getting sued if they weren't doing nothing wrong if you r fine with it good but don't act like Google is a perfect little company

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Google isn't perfect but without Google our SmartPhones would be just paper weights. I couldn't imagine my SmartPhone without YouTube, Google Now, Maps, etc. etc. The list is so long.

Yaay down with the American company they call Apple........more power to South Korea and Samsung!

Without Americas money and power you probably living in a shit hole america makes the world go round learn and love it ha ha

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Without the great USA south Korea would be north Korea right now USA is number one always was always will

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Not technically. The Korean war was never won with a true victory. Both sides just gave up and moved on.

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Everybody hates apple because they were top now Samsung is leading you r starting to see them get shit on how touchwiz sucks this that people just hate to hate no of this affects any of you

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NO NO NO! You are soooo wrong. The big difference is with a Samsung phone you have lots of choices in the size and style of the phone. And with Android you have choice and options in software, be it different launchers, keyboards, app defaults, or AOSP ROM if you choose. Apple defines the hardware and software you use. They tightly control the apps in the appstore and don't allow any side loading. I have no issue with Samsung, they make good products at a good price and I still have choices. With Apple it's basically 1 phone, 1 OS, and their approved apps! Big difference!

The lawsuit proves Apple's "self-righteousness" and the ignorant iPhone users posting here are showing their same ignorance (not all of you, mind you).
@rkirmeier earlier said it perfectly... with Android, Samsung or otherwise, you have choice. If you don't like the "stupid Google keyboard", use a different one. (By the way, I'm using Swype on my GS4... no spelling errors or horrifying grammar).
If you own an iPhone and you don't like the keyboard, too damn bad, Apple says you don't get a choice.
As far as the lawsuit goes... I hope someone can hit Apple with a huge one on their new iOS7... it looks like a 2 year old Android (specifically the GS2). Apple is so far behind innovation it's scary... reminds me of BlackBerry.

Interesting how you comment about iOS7 looking like a Galaxy S2 when my SGSII is running AOSPA 3+....

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Funny, too bad there is no patent on that. As far as innovation goes, Apple is not far behind, they just chose a different path. I admit Apple is lacking features that are worth more, but they using a different strategy. On account of that, their marketing skills are sharp. Just so you know, I'm typing on an iPhone keyboard and accessing this website through safari. Back to my point, the patents are for a matter of product security and its strategy for competition. Apple's iOS 7 is not an issue that can be sued because even with the similarities to android, android runs on many devices thus causing a wide variety of products being sued as well. So as an android and Apple user, both they both have great features, its just a matter of preference. As long as preference is a factor, neither company will fall behind until one company adopts the key features that people want. Oh and just so you know, I'm a 16 year old student in high school that know possibly a lot more than some people here. My grammar as you can see is better than most of the people on here. I used to be an "Apple fanboy" but now I simply don't care, I just prefer Apple products more because of their designs and ease of use. Options are not a factor in decision for me, its how the current options are utilized. Now think about this large comment and redefine your childish comments.

I'd reply to that but goddamn you need to take 3rd grade English. Can't understand anything in your run on sentence.

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Ridgeline, just one question for you..... Are you like, 12yo or younger, or are you just an illiterate dropout trying to gain attention? You obviously wasn't hiired by Apple to badmouth because you are only making yourself and Apple look stupid with your obvious uneducated blathering.

Troyboytn, at 12 years old I could spell better and was more grammatically correct than him. I'm 14 and I can still build a sentence better than him.

I feel like what apple is doing is right if someone make your Products and go behind your back and make something similar that what you making and they are making your products at the same time you will lawer up to. don't get me wrong samsung make real good products. just everyone should make there own thing don't be the same as everyone es.

But look at LG there products look like samsung products should samsung lawer up with them?

Don't worry. I won't be copying your semi-literate mistake-laden prose.

Why must Apple fans be so incapable of cogent expression? The people who make iPhones are smart. They have to be. The people who use them? Not so much.

Why doesn't Samsung just wait until Apple releases a new device, and then slap them with a lawsuit? /sarcasm

Apple lawyers are just camping at the respawn points, waiting for new devices to be released so they can extend lawsuits. Why don't they sue Nokia or HTC? Apple, try something different for a change, maybe it will help.

HTC paid....not sure that Apple recognizes Finland as a country so they don't know about Nokia.

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Like I said before, apple is digging a very deep grave. Look at their stock and no innovations in sight.

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So let me try to understand this still. IOS 7 is the copy and paste of virtually every smartphone OS out there and they are still running around suing people. It is downright pitiful to see Apple resorting to these tactics. It won't help them save the markets they are quickly loosing share in. I think its time everyone come together and counter-sue.

So let me get this straight googles android is basically the same as every other os just open to a point they r closing it slowly but surely can't even go to iclod .com there browser don't support it but on a windows phone no problem so please face it they aren't that open

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Don't know what you're talking opens fine on my GSIII. Just request the desktop version. It's not an Android problem, it's Apple's coding. They don't allow a mobile site.

Just sayin...

Not really sure why you think you can't go to icloud. com on an Android device.
I just opened a new browser window on my Android tablet and went straight to it.

And your comments about Apple being a great American company need some rethinking also.

All their patents are held by an independent company in Ireland so they can aavoid paying taxes to support this country.

Plus their devices are made in China.
The only thing they do in the US is R&D

Furthermore there was some talk not long ago how Apple is avoiding paying US taxes by using loopholes. Sure they are completely legal and but is this really what a $500 billion american company should be doing? They have a bigger savings account then the US national treasury and they do business in a way that pays taxes to other countries instead of the US because they can save some money. That's a really great "American" Company. Again, Apple is a disgrace to America!

It works for me too.
But even if it was the case, I don't understand how it would be Google/Android fault. It's the website developer responsibility to make it work. The only thing that mobile Chrome doesn't support is Flash.

I can theoretically code my own website in my proprietary code and it will not work in ANY browser.

"That judge is breathing! That's in violation of our patent on how the lungs and trachea function!" /sarcasm.

Normally I don't like to get involved in these arguments, but honestly, this line of discussion is turning into a gong show. Can there no longer be cogent conversation between two brands of smartphone users?

Is just like to point out that our tax dollars are constantly being wasted on this stupid sh*t. I don't like Apple, not because I think their products suck, but because of their business practices.

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Yes, couldn't agree more. I choose to use Android because it better suits me and I prefer the OS over iOS however I despise Apple for their business practices, not their products.

Um didn't Phil put a moratorium on pattent posts unless something got banned or money had to be paid? I side effect of the new Passport system is that now iMore members don't actually have to register with AC to troll here. .. just saying...

For some reason, the body of intellectual property law that enables these suits to be filed and the proliferation of barely literate comments in this thread strike me as being all of a piece.

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The lawsuit proves Apple's "self-righteousness" and the ignorant iPhone users posting here are showing their same ignorance (not all of you, mind you).
@rkirmeier earlier said it perfectly... with Android, Samsung or otherwise, you have choice. If you don't like the "stupid Google keyboard", use a different one. (By the way, I'm using Swype on my GS4... no spelling errors or horrifying grammar).
If you own an iPhone and you don't like the keyboard, too damn bad, Apple says you don't get a choice.
As far as the lawsuit goes... I hope someone can hit Apple with a huge one on their new iOS7... it looks like a 2 year old Android (specifically the GS2). Apple is so far behind innovation it's scary... reminds me of BlackBerry.
Apple is afraid because they had nearly 50% off all smart phone users for nearly 3 years... and now that number is steadily declining. 75% of iPhone users who switch to Android will NEVER go back... 75% of Android users who switch to iPhone switch back to Android. See the pattern?

why are you people even bother to reply to that emo apple kid, conclusion from this post "people copied apple is pattern infringement, apple copied other people is call innovation" feel free to quote me.