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Anyone who browses the Android Market from their phone knows one universal truth: it's a mess. Outside of search, there really is no easy way to find great apps that might be floating just under the surface. No longer content with simply making installing apps to your phone directly from your browser insanely easy, AppBrain is looking to change all that nonsense by adding some major new features to their site.

The new sorting bar at the top allows quick access to popular and top rated apps. Clicking on any of these links will then allow you to further sort the list by category (games, social, etc) as well as free or paid apps. You can even sort the list to only turn up newly released apps to make sure you stay on top of the latest great apps. There are tons of more options, so click past the link and check it out. While you are there, check out my apps here. [AppBrain]


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AppBrain introduces new sorting features, and there was much rejoicing


...they were forced to eat Phil and Jerry, and there was much rejoicing... yaaaaay.

Just kiddin' fellas - love the podcast!

One big problem I see with Google Market is having to wade through page after page of apps I've already installed. When browsing for NEW apps, I don't need to see things I already have on my phone. Will the AppBrain program be able to see my list of installed apps and then does it have the ability to filter out already-installed apps? I think this would be helpful.

Also, if I'm looking for a particular type of app, can I see just a list of that app type? For example, say I want to find a new music or radio app, can I filter to see just those? Thanks

I tell everyone who gets an Android phone to get appbrain. Everyone. And then I peter them until they do.

I think he means peter. ;)

And I love me some appbrain, love being able to browse for something really quick on the desktop when the phone is in the other room. Then kicking the DL over? Damn, sounds trivial but it's sweet.

Great sorting feature finally, but i wish this sort could be like a filter so you can sort by people in the U.S , in their Thirties for example. Appbrain is just elite!

It is still not enough. You can't combine searches with filters and sorting. I can't, for example, search for "gallery", filter by free, then sort by rating. Can't sort by downloads. Can't sort by date (created or updated). Can't filter by Android version.

Anything is an improvement, though.

It's kind of amusing how this article comes out this morning.

Before last night, I had been debating on downloading AppBrain for some time, being told that it was this awesome App, and well I thought it was more for aftermarket apps that may or may not potentially "brick" the phone if you don't know what you're doing. I suppose having had this happen once before I am a little more cautious than usual, but last night I made the plunge to download it, and I have to say that I am super impressed. It's basically like Android's little "helper/assistant" with applications already on the phone and then switches to "organizer" for what's in the market, without seeming like an obtrusive third party app. I agree with a few above that it should just come with any Android phone, and maybe Google should just purchase them or something (or develop their own version).

And to think, last night after spending probably 3 hours playing with AppBrain, I was wondering when Android Central was going to have another article about it so I could give it the praise it deserves. Thanks guys!

I was complaining here just last week how I think Appbrain needs to let their search results be sorted and voila they do it.

Much better now.

Now could ya put app barcodes on your site too so I could just scan and install...pretty please.

Isn't it a bit ironic that Google, that has the most-used search engine, produces the Android operating system and market, but offers no other way to search for apps than by name? How could they have forgotten to offer various ways to search for apps?