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APOD Muzei brings Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day to Muzei Live Wallpaper

Last night, we shared Roman Nurik's new app Muzei Live Wallpaper, because Nurik writes great code and we thought it was a great app. Part of why we thought it was great was because, like Nurik's Dashclock widget application, it's fully extensible with an open API. Today we've found a developer already taking advantage of that API with APOD Muzei.

Using APOD Muzei is simple. Make sure you have Muzei Live Wallpaper installed, then install APOD from Google Play using the handy-dandy link above. Open the Muzei app, and you'll see Astronomy Picture of the Day listed as a new source in the customize menu.

Hopefully, we see a lot more plugins made for Muzei. But we're loving this one, and I have a feeling that a lot of you will too. Give it a try, it's free!

Source: +Eric Richardson


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APOD Muzei is the first plugin for Muzei Live Wallpaper, and it's awesome


now if only someone would make an extension for the /gonewild subreddit.. that would be hot.

All you have to do is select Muzei from your app drawer. Once there, select the three dot menu on the lower right. Select customize and then select, choose source. Hit advanced and drag blur all the way to the left. Hit check mark on upper left. Done.

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Didn't work for me either. I don't quite get the appeal of a live wallpaper that blurs but people seem to like it.

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Great application for the Astronomy Picture of the Day! Always loved this image service from NASA but never remembered to check it from time to time, let alone daily.

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