Verizon Nexus One

Sorry, don't actually have launch information just yet for the Verizon version of the Google Nexus One, but we do have another indicator that it should be here any time now. Above is another one of those Verizon CelleBrite units with the Nexus One clearly listed. We'll give  you more as soon as we can, but that'll have to do it for now. Thanks, B!


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Another Verizon Nexus One teaser ...


I know, I know. The Nexus 1 is not supposed to be sold in the stores but why have it on CellBrite? If you have a non-android phone and need to synch phonebooks?

This means absolutely nothing. They also have the HD2 and the Hero on there (I know the Eris is like the Hero, but it would just be called Eris on there if thats what they mean). This just allows them to transfer contacts from a Nexus 1 to another phone.

Transferring contacts/data from an old phone to your Nexus would be a great reason for Cellebrite to support it.

I've noticed numerous web sites reporting on Cell Brite machines as indications that a phone is coming to Verizon (looking at you Engadget & Android Central). We got iPhones on there, too, ya know...for like 3 years now...the only thing this indicates is that Verizon can do phonebook transfers to/from that phone. Nothing more. Web sites need to stop adding fuel to the fire with "Cell Brite Findings". They don't mean squat.

verizon is getting on my last least i know tomorrow will bring some excitement, apple doesn't play games they say dates and stick to them!

wait...didnt apple just announce the iphone 4.0 event on the 5th? and its happening on the..... 8th? whoa! 3 days notice!! man, apple does NOT play games! *note the sarcasm*

you guys the reason that there are phones that verizon doesn't carry on there are for transferring from. means nothings. cellbrite requires a host and a target. example could be a nexus one from tmobile transferring to a motorola droid vzw. wouldn't make sense because of sync but the capability still has to be there!

Agree to all the previous comments. It's BS and means absolutely NOTHING. Stop reporting this Cellebrite crap as it does not mean the phone is coming anytime soon.. Ugggg!!!

haha, it seems that many of us are getting pretty frustrated here. I check on Nexus One every day and I have to admit that it's getting old. I actually went and played with the iPhone the other day and let me tell you, that thing is as smooth as silk. The touchscreen is very, very nice. I hope the Nexus One is nearly as responsive and sensitive...

Oh, and who else hates those stupid chinese translated websites that keep announcing Verizon Nexus One, or worse yet, domestic lowlife sites that somehow work "Verizon Nexus One" into a story about watermelons just to help their SEO. It's a good thing they can hide behind the internet, or they'd have a nice toilet paper and egg decoration over the front of their building...

This update should be deleted and Phil should be ashamed of himself for being such a nub on the cellbrite product....why not call cellbrite and do a review on one of their units to clear the air and give everyone a good idea of just what this device is and what it is capable of.


To all the people sick of Verizon "not keeping dates", Verizon hasn't even acknowledged this phone's existence (talking about the Incredible, not the Nexus One). So ease up there. Verizon will release it when they are done testing it, and have the patch ready for it 6 months later. Both the Nexus One and the Incredible will be with us shortly. A little patience please. BTW, why would anyone pick the Nexus One over the Incredible? I'm just sayin...=)

Are you kidding? First off, do we even have confirmed specs on this thing? Second, Incredible will be swamped by Verizon controls and delayed releases of OS updates.

Incredible will have weaker battery and underclocked proc based on current reports. And RAM of 256mb? Get out of town. Reports also show that although Incredible has higher megapixel camera, the Nexus One quality is superior, and if you know anything about cameras, megapixels is a very poor value to judge a camera on.

And are you planning to root/hack the phone? If not, you definitely want the extra freedom of the Nexus One. Expecially the stock 1ghz.

What do you like better about the Incredulous?

Do we even know if there is a CDMA version ready? Or is Google furiously working on an update (2.2?) to fix the -capactive button and limitation of apps installing to on-board memory only and phone not using all 512mb of RAM issues- that have already been solved by community devs/modders?

Is there a 'hold-up' at all? We base this assumption on all of these flashing news reports and arbitrary blog updates that have all been disproven. Perhaps Verizon/Google never intended for the phone to come out before the end of April in the first place. It seems we've all been duped and are now using false assumptions as a base for our new false assumptions...

Does anyone ever look closely at the pictures, including the authors of these articles? It clearly states at the top of the CelleBrite screen "SELECT SOURCE MODEL" which would indicate where data is being taken from. This has absolutely nothing to do with the device to which data is being transferred. These almost daily CelleBrite screen grabs are getting old.

and you seriously think that apple would EVER allow an add of the nexus one in the middle of the apple store? just above the ipad? come on....

The funny thing about the nexus hype is, When it is finally released,there will be no blogs about when its coming, but of how awesome it is

I work for verizon and generally the machine asks weather the phone is cdma, iden or gsm... For some brands it does not ask. Example... Moto cdma, moto gsm, moto iden and when you select the type it list all the phones in that category. Okay so, some brand do not ask and they will just list all the phones mixed all in that catergory. HTC falls under the one that mixes all the different types of phones. Notice it does not say CDMA after it... That means it's the gsm version. Sorry to burst everyones bubble :( no doubt it's coming... But this post means nothing.

does anyone here know if the nexus one on verizon is going to be a world phone? i know the tour is, but i want to upgrade and im not sure what i can get.

Hey man,

You gotta remember, the "teases" are not coming from the carriers but the blogs. The other thing, we're only in the 2nd or 3rd week of Spring/Q2 - there's a lot more left to go...

Hold tight before making any decisions.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting pretty tired of being teased about these phones. At the current moment, I have the iPhone with the Death Star (AT&T). While the phone is everything that I wanted, their service has plenty left to be desired. I'm through with all of my dropped calls, and constant switches between 3G and Edge when I'm sitting still or standing in one place.

I left a perfectly good cell service in Tmobile because I wanted the iPhone. I'd be more than happy to go back to Tmo, but they really don't have a phone that excites me. Their selection is about as fugly as Death Star's cell service. I'm not interested in a non-upgradeable (to WP7) HD2, so the closest phone would be the N1.

Forgive me for saying this, but 2010 thus far has turned about to be the year of the c**ktease. First there was the Xperia X10 with no release date in sight. Then there's the Desire, and who knows if we'll ever get this phone. No idea if Tmo will ever get the iPhone. I don't exactly plan on moving to the UK just to get any of these options. It's just not in the cards.

So I explored the possibility of going back to Verizon. I like their customer service, and so many people rave about their cell service. I looked at their present and supposed future phone selection. The Droid just doesn't excite me. They're supposed to get the N1 in the Spring. It's April 8. Do you know where the N1 is? And then we keep hearing about the HTC Incredible. I find it incredible that we still don't know when it's coming out. And don't get me started on the Verizon iPhone!

So I'm either stuck with the horrible option of staying with the Death Star until a respectible carrier with decent cell service gets a phone I'm interested in, or I cave in and get the Nexus One on Tmobile. I'm less than excited with either option.

Instead of these companies teasing us with these "myths" of phones, I have a novel idea. Why don't they actually come out with them? Come on now, Verizon/HTC. Come clean at the very least with the N1 and/or Incredible. News Flash, some of us don't want The Droid! Come on now, HTC. Come clean with the Desire. TMobile, I'm fine with your cell service and customer service. Your phone selection smells of something fierce, and it would be nice if we could have a better selection.

Just because its on there doesn't mean squat... That machine supports phones on EVERY CARRIER. It could be on there for taking data from say... the T-Mobile version. We used to use the same one at AT&T.

Its seem that VZW will have to sell this in stores cuase of the fact that the have the Droid, Why buy the N1 online when you can get Droid in store.

The fact that this is on Cell Brite means nothing. It just means that Vz can transfer your contacts from this phone.

The statement above has been repeated < 100x so I figured I'd add one more.

Off to the forums to create another "When is the nexus one coming to Verizon Thread"