Once again the folks at the Vietnamese site Tinhte.vn are showing us what certainly appears to be the Moto X. These four minutes of video take us on a walkthrough of the phone, showing the exterior as well as a little glimpse of the software. There's nothing we haven't seen before, but we know you guys want all the Moto X news we can find. 

Anyone around who can translate? Drop anything we need to know in the comments, please!

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Another Moto X video appears, offers four minutes of clear footage


Saw this video last week on another site.

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But, I'm glad, Jerry decided to post it, for others that haven't seen it.

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Yeah I hadn't seen this yet. And I'm glad they posted it too because of that side by side iPhone size comparison.
I've never wanted to use a phone with a screen size bigger that 4.3 inches, but that side by side didn't make it seem that much larger at all. Definitely raised my interest.

here one with translation : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3x8eKBFttro , hit the transcript icon its the one right of the (Add To) button, or here it is :
0:03Hello everyone. I am holding a very strange-looking Motorola phone
0:08And when I received a tip about a new beautiful looking Motorola phone, my first though was about the X-Phone.
0:17X-Phone is the rumored next generation of the Nexus 4 with better specifications and a better camera
0:28However, when I got a hand on this phone, I immediately realized that this was not the rumored X-Phone but just a regular Motorola phone
0:37The biggest impression of this Motorola phone is its super thin bezel - it feels bezel-less. As Tai (another guy) says, the display touches the phone's border.
0:52Now I will launch Chrome. As you can see, the edge of the screen and the border of the phone is so close. The thinnest bezel I've ever seen.
1:08And the result is a phone with a 4.65 to 4.7 inch screen, but with the size similar to that of an iPhone 5, with a screen of only 4 inch.
1:25The two phone's sizes are similar. When you hold the phone in the hand, you feel very comfortable but with a very large screen.
1:34I'm not certain of the screen technology but my guess is a Super-AMOLED or an OLED screen, judging with my eyes. The resolution is 720p with a 2GB RAM
1:48The processor is a dual core with the speed of 1.7GHz through some hardware information apps.
1:59You can see three basic on-screen soft buttons, similar to the Nexus Line or Sony Xperia.
2:08At the top we have the speaker as well as the camera and the logo of Motorola.
2:17On the left we can see the sim-slot, similar to that of the iPhone.
2:33On the right hand, we can see the power and lock button. However, there's no volume control button on either side.
2:44At the bottom there's is a micro-USB port.
2:47At the top there is a headphone jack 3.5mm and the noise cancellation microphone.
2:52The back of the phone is slightly curved, so it feels very comfortable to hold. The whole back is in touch with the hand, making it easy to hold
3:03We can see a big camera lens here, with the flash right below and the Motorola logo beautifully crafted.
3:11There are many tiny little holes next to the camera. There are some similar designs in previous phones such as Lumia 920, 900, or N9 and HTC One X, One X+
3:27...the phones that use polycarbonate unibody. The Morotola's approach is not as beautiful or well-crafted as in the other phones.
3:37Also it's a unibody design, this phone feels sturdy in hand, especially compared to other non-unibody designs.

This doesn't show confidence in the statement made in the USA. If all the demo devices are in Vietnam.

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It looks like the first leaked images months ago came from this video. The date in the clock widget even says Mar 13.

thats what i was thinking. this looks like an EARLY build. not only by the date, but that glass has a funny angle to it like the very first time we saw this phone. while its a new video to us, its not new in terms of when it was taken.

you are either blind or stupid
the back of the phone is identical to the HTC One, for example the curvature and the camera/flash

just because someone compares your beloved phone to wait you think is 3 years does not mean you should go ahead an insult it, and defend your phone
what are you, a knight of the HTC one kingdom?

You're all wrong, it's CLEARLY an iPad mini sitting on top of an iPhone 5.

Sheesh, why can't anyone else see that??!?!

I Can translate. He is just going over the physical characteristics of the phone, talking about the small Bezel. Then he continues to talk about specs, and speed. - stuff we all know. Then he continues to talk about the shape of the phone, how good it feels to feel to hold in comparison to the lumia 920 and htc one... That is pretty much it.

Hey Jerry, I think I translated the word "Motorola". Yup, pretty sure we're dealing with a Motorola phone here. Lol jokin' I'm just trolling.

So, he says it's super AMOLED at around 1:37? I hope the colors aren't crazy overblown. After using a one I'm not sure if I could do a SAMOLED again.
Also, it has really weird reflections on the screen, like it's broken up into three sections.

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Wait 1 min... Isn't this phone made America? how come Vietnamese people have videos of it?

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I'd guess that only phones for the US market are made in the USA.
I would think that phones for sale outside of the US are manufactured in Vietnam or other countries.

Thanks for posting, I had not seen this before. Looks like a great device. Also, if it was running that smooth in March, Im sure this thing is seriously optimized now for performance.

Yeah... Everyone is right. Pull the article. It should have been written weeks, if not months ago.

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I hadn't seen the video. Thanks for the post. Also, is it just me or is there no volume rocker on this phone?

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The next person that says anything negative about Jerry is gonna have to deal with me.You can send me my free X phone Jerry when you get a chance.lol!!!

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One concern I have is I don't see in volume buttons and it kinda looked like he was showing that you just swipe the side of the phone up and down to do the volume. How would that work with a case? Am I missing the volume buttons?

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I haven't seen this video yet, so it's new to me. Really looking forward to the official announcement.

The "folds" in the screen are a layer of thick plastic covering the screen. If you look carefully, you will see that.

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I thought I was the only One who thought that.I was like why is the phone floating and then I saw has hand.

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I'm tired of my One and now I want this phone.

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Even, though, I've seen it already, I'm glad AC decided to report on it. I stumbled, upon this video, by chance.

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I think its funny that it has the old school Google Talk installed on it. I may be wrong but I've never seen that Android Sync app before, the one on the main home screen. Maybe Google will launch an iTunes equivalent for the desktop to sync android devices? That'd be pretty rad, right?

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is it just me, or is the screen slightly curved? If you look closely, it seems they have divided the screen into 3 flat vertical sections and made it convex to give the feel of having a curved screen. That doesn't seem like it would feel right when swiping to the side. Like you would feel a ridge when your finger slides over it, as if it's a corner in the glass.

Feel like I've seen this video before but hey I guess there's folks who haven't.

One thing you guys should take note of is the SMOOTHNESS of the phone in this video. This is an old version of the moto x but look at how smooth animations are, swiping, opening apps, rotating the screen. All of this with "mid range" specs yet the S4 would've lagged a few times with the same tasks.

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DeadpoolJunior for President!!!!,you got my vote.

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Yeah, is it me or is that thing horrific ?

Curved back looks very curved in the video, so the phone will rock when placed back down.

The back looks like its made of the nasty cheapest plastic they could find, and it looks like there is some form of ridge from the edges of the glass to the side of the phone.

Also a central placed camera is horrific ! learnt the hard way with HTC over the years.

i'd never jump to this phone from my N4. . .

N4 here too. I'm way more excited at the prospect of an LG G2 based nexus coming later in the year. Fingers crossed

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What exactly is happening at 3:40? Is that a bad glare from a window as he squeezes the phone or is he showing off a defect with the screen when the phone is squeezed. It almost looks like the screen starts rapidly shaking or scrolling.

While I do not understand the language he's speaking I somehow know exactly what he's talking about.

This is really old lol. There is a version with subtitles on youtube. I think I first saw it in March.

After looking at the specs on the droid mini I'm not so impressed. If only the droid line was available sim free for Europe.

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