A couple of weeks back we saw one of our forums members make their own custom Motorola Xoom car dock, and others have been inspired to do the same. Android Central forums user buurin has taken the mount to the next level, putting it on a pivoting mount and connecting it to an amp under the drivers seat, with a volume knob next to the emergency brake. Check it all out in the forums! [Android Central Forums]


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Another custom in-dash installation of a Motorola Xoom [from the forums]


DUDE... That is freaking Sweet looking, for real. Not tacky at all. and Im not being sarcastic... im serious :) Only downside is that he is covering his AC vents

Wow that's hideous, sorry but it is. I'm a car guy and that's just plain ugly. Cool idea, but much rather see it molded into the dash instead of sticking out like that.

Yes and no... I would look great moulded in the dash, but then how do you take it with you?

You could make some sort of hidden slot you could slide it down inside the dash and it could pop out if you want to take it with you.

Some sort of mechanism like those TVs you can get in the end of your bed.

There was a car show on about a week ago, they custom molded a fiberglassed mounting unit for the dash that had a "slot" for an iPad to fit into, and you could slide it out to sync to iTunes, I'm sure you could the same with a Xoom. It was very slick looking and they redirected the vents to nothing was blocked.

Molded into the dash.... you are a car guy. I'm sure he doesn't have a focus that he trailers around to shows and just has w xoom to mold into the dash for no reason. Its made to be functional and still take out for on the go use. I dig it. We need to see it in a truck where there's more space.

It is illegal in most states because it is considered a severe distraction to the driver. Car-approved systems that are in view of the driver have lots of limitations about what can or can't be done on them while the car is moving. Typically that includes- no motion video and no text/keyboard entry.

Of course, it *could* be made safe, running the right programs and such, but since it is a general-purpose computer, there are no assurances it would be used only that way.

I wouldn't call that in-dash. I would call it ugly. What is the functional purpose of this? Do you really need a Xoom at your fingertips while driving a car?

Seems like nit picking to me. They have had color touch-screens in cars for the last 15 years capable of displaying plenty of distracting graphics. It really doesn't seem that different from the GPSs that we all seem to have now or the people with phone docks in their cars now......