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The results of our BBM4ALL Video Contest are in! After watching all of the awesome BBM4ALL video submissions we have picked a grand prize winner!

The passion of the CrackBerry and Mobile Nations communities never ceases to amaze me. There were some very creative entries from the Android Central, CrackBerry and iMore communities showing off plenty of BBM love. We saw a wide range of ideas in the videos and it definitely made for a tough time in picking a winner. We narrowed the field down to our top picks and ultimately chose the one that we think was best. The winning video shows off a great idea, high production and could totally stand up as an actual TV ad for BBM. 

So with that, the grand prize winner is ... 

Ryan Lee

Here is Ryan's video:

We just love this video. It strays a bit from the norm and takes on a the idea of the importance of pins -- something that any BBM user will understand. The ad is extremely well done and really shows the passion for BBM while getting the cross-platform message across. 

So we applaud you Ryan for your outstanding effort! We'll be reaching out with details on how to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone else that entered! We know it takes a lot when it comes to video contests but we do appreciate all your hard work.

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Congrats, Ryan!!!

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brendilon says:

How many videos were submitted?

Crimson says:

Just that one.. LOL

decypher44 says:

I think a dozen. All from CB.

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alex346 says:

Wow great job Ryan! That ad was very well done.... Maybe BlackBerry should consider letting there users/fans do all there advertising as they are obviously a lot better at it than there own people!

Gekko says:

nice job. unfortunately, few outside of french canada and the third world care.

mhinc says:

What a typical reply from an uneducated American...
Thinks he knows it all but knows absolutely nothing. It would be funny if Canada closed the borders to your fine Country, and you didn't get any of the resources from us, you DEPEND on and seem to think all come from your glorious pride driven land! Like Meat, Oil, Water, Electricity, Lumber, Diamonds....The list goes on. Shall I continue smart guy?


So, you combat ignorance with more ignorance?

Good luck.

P. S. I'm French-Canadian and I honestly don't even care for those comments.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

brendilon says:

1. Gekko is the worst of trolls.
2. You're as full of yourself as any 'uneducated American'.

gordongr says:

Attack the comment but do you have to attack the country? Plenty of "pride driven Americans" reading this site would never attack or insult yours

drokssilva says:

Why the hell do you hate French Canadians so much.
What's the freaking problem with French Canada. Seriously.

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Time for a nice view of BB employees running helter skelter looking for jobs :-D
Congrats ryan
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NoNexus says:

Well done video. Congratulations.

Snark can wait for a different BlackBerry post

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

That was very well done. Congrats Ryan!

TheStoryUp says:

Hopefully they post the rest of the videos within the week. I could use a good laugh, but this was nicely done and maybe Blackberry should hire this guy.

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IIJBII says:

Nice work. The video was well done.

decypher44 says:

Well done video. Congratulations.

But when you look at the message, it really brings home that BBM has nothing of much value to offer. Maybe 5-10 years ago, but not today.

ETA: if you never used BBM, and you are a "normal Joe", are you going to understand what PINS mean in this context?

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brendilon says:

You won't know what they mean and you won't care.

gordongr says:

They probably wouldn't understand pins but it might get someone's curiosity up enough to find out more