Weekly Photo Contest: Food

We saw dozens of fantastic food pictures this week.

It's been a week since we announced that we're looking for the best pictures of food you can take with your Android phone, and after hundreds of entries we've picked a winner.

Thanks to Gezim for showing us this fantastic picture of various meats and cheeses, taken with his Galaxy S4. We've contacted you and will be sending out an NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming system very soon.

Since we're in full swing of our weekly photo contests and getting more and more entries every week, we've got a very special photo contest coming up this week with some fantastic prizes that you won't want to miss. Keep your eyes here on Android Central and in the Photography Contests Forum for this week's contest.

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There are 25 comments

mkashen says:


Nice work Gezim! 

Enjoy the hell out of that Shield :)

mcgowan398 says:

Language Jerry! † :P




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bbooshay says:

looks tasty

Adamsville says:

yo... no hate but my pic was way better


Sounds like hating, to me.

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TLB69 says:

My picture is better and I didn't send One;-) in.

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gezim says:

Yo... no lie that waffle looks good too!

Deke218 says:

Those food pictures have me starving right now. Great pictures!

pamon says:

nice eats. good lunch or dinner right there

ConTejas says:

Congrats to the winner, but I must add that picture would've been deleted on my N4. Mabye it's just my eyes.

jimbo says:

Funny, yet appropriate post Jerry.

Always enjoy these occasional "tempered" responses of yours especially your wit and patience.

I don't have your self control. I suppose that is required as an employed editor.

(Born in Parkersburg, live in San Diego) .

Hand_O_Death says:


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omerbs007 says:

WOW! it makes me rreally hungry :)

icu says:

There were some really nice pictures in that thread. Congrats very nice pic and man I want to go to a party at your house!



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Chocu1a says:

Congrats & great pic of some awesome food!

betsuni says:

Congratulations! That is a great photo.

TLB69 says:

According to Jerry,the person who won it needs too take that shield to church and have the pastor lay hands on it to get the hell out of it and get it saved in Jesus name.lol!!!

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neonworm says:


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jimbo says:

Still haven't figured out how to attach photos in the forum from a smartphone even when going to advanced.

Instructions please or can attaching photos only be done using a computer?

Answer appreciated.

jimbo says:

OMG - Apparently the "edit one's post" feature is back!


gezim says:

Thank You! I wanna thank the academy... haaaa

Saw some awesome shots in the contest. Looking forward to the next one.

Probably won't get chosen ever again since I already won one and if I do win another one someone (cough-cough) will throw a fit lol