Reminder: Spring into TEGRA Contest Ends Tonight!

First off, we would like to thank everyone for submitting their entries. The fun and creativity put into your entries was definitely on display. We really appreciate the time and effort put in to each and every entry… so THANK YOU!

Second, a BIG THANKS to our friends @NVIDIA. They've stepped up to partner with us on a few contests now, and for their continued support, we offer much thanks. If you're reading this, show them a little love and give them a follow @NVIDIA and @NVIDIATegra.

Now… it's time to announce the winners. Each winner will walk away with a brand new Tegra-powered HTC One X+… Drumroll please

The winners are:


Basscase, winner of a Tegra-powered HTC One X+

(We think he could use a new Tegra-powered device)


Charlie Hustle

Charlie Hustle, winner of a Tegra-powered HTC One X+

(The man was straight up with us)


We will be in contact shortly to arrange shipment of your prizes, and all that good stuff.

Keep it locked here at Android Central for more contests!


Reader comments

Announcing our Winners in the 'Spring into TEGRA' Contest!


Congrats to both these gentlemen! If The contest would have been extended til Saturday, i could have taken a photo of my now cracked evo ( fell while getting out my car lol no i was not drunk!!) No biggie, gonna get on the HTC One X + bandwagon!!!

wow you guys fell for the first pic. ?? i dont think that is real lolzz and thats not even a cell phone

oh well congrats

First of all, congrats Basscase and Charlie. Honestly I'm f***ing sad that I'm not one of the winners.

Congrats guys. Well I was really hoping I could win this. I need an android device.
Btw I have never seen an Indian win these contest from all these months I've been on mobile nations. Just saying :(

Congrats to both of you! However, I thought the contest rules required for the picture to show not only you, but also your current tired device?

Bummer i didn't win but i did have a lot of fun posing for the photos and checking 100 times a day to see if the winners have been announced :) next time... next time...

Wow!!! i actually won!!! Party over here!!!
Honestly i will end up giving it to my wife who is still rocking her evo shift 4g. She sacrificed her upgrade for her niece to get an iphone 4s, and her phone is hanging on by a thread.
Im good with my gs3, and my upgrade is in a couple months.

Congrats to both winners, But, I thought the contest rules required for the picture to show you and your tired device.

To enter, simply follow these three steps:

Take a picture of yourself with your tired and worn out mobile device.
Head over to the official contest thread.
Post the picture, AND tell us why you absolutely NEED a new HTC One X+.
Head over to the official contest thread and get your entry in. You never know… with a little luck and creativity you may end up with a brand new device at your front door.

But again congratulations to both winners.

Yeah it appears that rule number 1 and the whole creativity thing took a big backseat. They appear to have not mattered at all. To be fair i guess rule #1 can be interpreted either way that you take a picture with you and your tired and worn out device or it could read that you take a picture of your self using your tired and worn out device. Oh well it's their contest. It's great that they were able to do this and thanks to nvidia as well.Congrats to both.

I don't want to come off as a bad sport yet at the same time I can't help but remark that these are nepotism poor choices. I think you guys should have just said you ended picking randomly.

Just kicking the dead cat here...

Where is the mobile device of those guys? Was it suppose to be a contest with old phones ? Then probably the first guy won, but the second, he said he have a SGS3, this isnt worn and tired.

I know, mine entry maybe werent the best one, but i took the time and tried to do something creative, the second guy just said that he want it, he is not even with a mobile device.

Was the text part more important than the photo?

I know we cant contest the winners, but creativity was put aside and the rules wasnt met.

Anyway, congrats to you guys.

Yeah, not that it matters all that much, but the post here is correct. The second individual didn't even post with their phone in the picture. Although I can chuckle at the other winner's creativity. Hopefully we choose a bit better in the future for both parties involved.

I seriously can't believe I won! I've NEVER won anything in my life (at least nothing cool). And for those of you saying the winners weren't creative or tired old phones...does it get more tired than a late 80's Motorola?

Thanks AC and Tegra!!!! You've made this HTC fanboy VERY happy!!!!!

And congrats to you Charlie! It appears honesty really does pay off.

It's funny, I saw the first winner's picture and thought it was a great choice to pick him. Then I saw the second one's picture of him just staring into the camera and nothing else - I followed the given link to his forum post and immediately began laughing. I came back here seriously thinking, "This was a really good contest this time, they picked two great ones".

Then I read the comments here, which has practically everybody all up in arms about how they were the worst winners AC could have picked. Lol. Lol I say.

i think most people are up in arms as you say about the second guy not so much the first guy honestly.

Yeah, thought you should have a plate of my warm congrats guys. Was hoping for a "Spring Surprise" myself. I guess I will settle again for the "Crunchy Frog". Oh well...