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Alright folks, it's time to announce the 6 lucky people that will be joining NVIDIA and Mobile Nations at CES 2013!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the members that submitted an entry. We really appreciate all of the time and effort everyone put in, and the response was quite overwhelming.

So, getting down to business... after much debate and discussion, we have selected 6 stand out entries. These folks will join the Mobile Nations and NVIDIA crews in Las Vegas for CES 2013!

Congratulations to... *drum roll*


Robert Brown
Marques Brownlee
Rich Cermele
Michael Colvill
TJ Hardin
Martin Reisch

Congrats to Robert Brown, one of the 6 stand out entries we received!
(You've got to see it. Hit play.)

We're ALL looking forward to meeting you, hanging out with you, and doing all sorts of other fun stuff at CES. We will be in touch with our 6 lucky picks shortly to arrange all of the travel, hotel and CES pass details!

Congratulations again to our selections! We will see you in Las Vegas!


Reader comments

Announcement: Our Selections for The Mobile Nations 2013 CES Experience in Las Vegas!


I just subscribed to Marques's YouTube channel like 2 minutes before this announcement without no clue who he was! Congrats!

Congrats, but Robert Brown should be disqualified for actually wanting to see the playbook 10, nd for actually buying a playbook. Lol

It figures that he likes BlackBerry.

Oh, come on, someone had to say it.

Seriously, though, that is frickin' awesome. Thanks for you're service in the Navy, Robert, and you (and the other winners) go on and have fun in Las Vegas.

I've been using BB for a while. I have to other BB's in my house with a battery from an old BB Tour that I took apart for fun. You're welcome for my service and I will enjoy myself.

I was under the impression, like the entry article had said, that we were supposed to record a brief video with our phones. I didn't know it was an audition, I would've done something more than I did. Used an actual camera, for instance.

I actually recorded this with my Samsung Focus S. It has 720p recording. And it said to get creative. My original video was just me in my car talking but as I was about to submit it, I realized it was pretty lame and decided to write a rap. Thanks everyone, I enjoyed making the video and await Las Vegas every moment.

ok if for some reason one of these winners flakes or can't make it for some reason,can i take their place.I entered,and i'm sure I was about runner up