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The inevitable cross-promotion between Rovio's classic Angry Birds title and their latest creation, Bad Piggies, has kicked off today. The original Angry Birds game has been updated with an extra 15 pig-themed levels, along with a new power-up mechanic, so players can get kitted out with the shiniest of slingshots to help them through tricky levels.

Power-ups include Super Seeds, the Almighty Sling King, the Sling Scope Laser Targeting System, the Birdquake. As you might expect, these are all wonderful new ways in which Rovio can nickel and dime you with in-app purchases. At least it's got a bit more interesting than the Mighty Eagle. 

As for the new levels, there's a full 15 dedicated to Bag Piggies, along with another 15 summer-themed Surf and Turf levels. Little seasonally late on that second one, but I think we can let it slide. It's also good to see the core game is still getting some support, even though Star Wars Angry Birds is right around the corner. What do you think of the new mechanic, Angry Birds fans? Are you tired of Rovio trying to sell you stuff yet? 


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Angry Birds updated with power-ups and Bad Piggies levels


From the reviews I've been reading since the update went out (which I've yet to download and probably won't) it seems Rovio is creating Angry Fans (do ho ho) with the IAP's (not to mention ads in a paid app).

Not sure why adding in app purchases would make people Angry, game has been consistently updated for free ad nauseum. Personally, I am not a fan of consumable in app purchases but I just don't buy them.