By now, you've most likely catapulted, slashed and shot your way through the first two worlds in Rovio's latest Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Star Wars. But, good news for those patiently awaiting the next set of levels, an update is due to drop starting tomorrow with more bird flinging fun. 

Following on from Tatooine and the Death Star, next up is the ice planet of Hoth. So, expect snow, snow, more snow and some AT-AT Walkers thrown in for good measure. Rovio has released a teaser trailer which we can see here, but we'll know more tomorrow. 

Source: Rovio Mobile (YouTube)


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Angry Birds Star Wars to be updated starting Nov. 29 with new Hoth levels


How about restoring access to the Nexus 7 for the free version so I don't have to a) pay £2 and more importantly b) loose all my existing progress?

I am surprised more news sites didn't comment when they did this...


I haven't heard about this at all. For your progress, definitely use Titanium Backup. Have you contacted Rovio support?