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Let's force choke some birds

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 was due to launch tomorrow, but since there's just not enough chaos with updating to iOS 7 right now, Rovio thought they'd kick off their latest physics game across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone today.

You'll find a lot of the characters form the original Angry Birds: Star Wars game, plus many more. 

Gameplay-wise, there are quite a few new features, like being able to pick to play on the Pork side, a tie in with real-world Telepod models, and not to mention a ton of new levels based on settings from the beloved movies.

Although I always found the cross-licensing for Angry Birds: Star Wars a little tacky, but from a business standpoint, it's hard to argue with the merchandising potential. 

The download link's above - give it a shot and let us know what you think!


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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 launches on Android, gives pigs lightsabers


" since there's just not enough chaos with updating to iOS 7 right now,"

You forget Android users care not for iOS release dates. Nor should they be imposed on by them.... and the vis versa is also true

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You forget that not everyone uses just Android or just iOS. Some of us use both.... and Widows and BB.
In short I do care what is going on with iOS.

That's correct. The little figures each have a small QR code sticker on the bottom and they sit on a clear plastic tower/base that has some magnification capability.

My 5-year old son is thrilled. He's been waiting for this for months.

Wow, an application that's launched cross platoform a day ahead of launch. I'm so used to app launches on iOS only, and just waiting for the original, of course, Rovio is one of the best for this. Anyway, I just DL'd. As a point of caution, it looks like there are a bunch of Angry Bird Star Wars II apps out there, but only two Rovio offical ones, a free app and a $0.99 app. I'd stay clear of non-Rovio ones.

Cheers, it don't show up when I searched the play store in Canada, but I could get it when I clicked on your link, nice one :-) !

If you scroll through the list of other games by the developer you'll find the free version.

As normal, I get the game, play a few levels, get upset, and uninstall. All in 10 mins. Damn you Rovio

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