Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space gets a content update this afternoon. The Pig Dipper update brings 30 new aquatic-themed levels to the popular game, extending its life and keeping players hooked like only Rovio can. The new levels require a bit of a strategy change, as you're now fighting gravity and buoyancy at the same time. 

You can have a crack at the new levels by updating via the Google Play app on your phone or tablet, or if you haven't been sucked into this one yet and want to give it a try, use the link above to the free version. An ad-free version is also available for a buck, and you can get it here. Just watch out for the mermaid -- we hear she is tough.


Reader comments

Angry Birds Space updated with 'Pig Dipper' levels


What's with the new permission: read phone state and identity?

Funny, app worked just fine without knowing who I was talking to previously...

Tried to update it several times and kept saying something like "Not able to download/install blah blah blah".. Piece of crap. Good thing I don't really play it that much.