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Rovio's updated its interstellar swine-smashing simulator Angry Birds Space with 10 new levels. The new challenges can be found within the 'Fry Me To The Moon' chapter, which sees the classic pig-versus-bird battle re-enacted on a series of icy worlds. Fortunately the new levels are available in the free and ad-supported phone versions of the app, as well as the tablet-only HD version, so everyone gets to play. If you've already got Angry Birds Space installed, you can grab the latest version by hitting that update button in the Google Play Store. If not, we've got links after the break.

In an interesting twist, this latest update also adds a teaser zone to the main menu -- an unmistakable pink Simpsons-style donut. Could a Springfieldian crossover be in the future for one of the leading mobile gaming franchises? We'll have to wait and see.


Reader comments

Angry Birds Space updated with 10 new levels, could Simpsons tie-in be next?


Did not even notice that! Great eye. That would be an epic version, or even just a group of levels (Can't think of the word to call them)

Probably not Simpsons... could be like a candy/sweet treats thing. It would be funny with Simpsons, though.

I'm thinking that is more likely to be an alien tentacle than a donut. It appears to be a slight bit thicker on the left side and curve in more on the right. It's also slightly jagged and with an indention on the right side. Of course, that could be a bite, but I'm still going with a tentacle of some sort.

That donut with pink frosting has been one of the bits that you can destroy for bonus points in most of the previous versions of Angry Birds (as have been fruits, etc). Move along, nothing to see here, slow news day, etc.