Angry Birds seasons

Everyone's favorite FPS (fowl precision shooter) Angry Birds Seasons just got the update for St. Patrick's Day.  Rovio brings us some new golden eggs, and 15 new levels packed with shamrocks and pots of gold.  It's in the Market with an update available if you're already running it, and if not we have the download link after the break.  Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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bruceko says:

Oh gawd, I totally read the title in an Irish accent.

paulkww says:

So did I, but then again I'm Irish so I probably should!

briankurtz79 says:

Is anyone else just over angry birds?

cabrone says:

Yes, if they took out the most annoying advertisements ever short of "words with friends" i'd like it a lot better.

El Jefe says:

Just root & install "Adfree Android"...Bam...all in app ads gone!

exactly!!! enough already!

Simer03 says:

YES! the first game was fun, but after that it just got excessive......and now apparently there's a movie? for god's sakes!!!!!

Gameboy70 says:

God yes. I can't figure out how it's become impossible to get through 12 hours with some blogger mentioning Angry Birds. Even Lady GaGa and Kim Kardashian less overexposed.

Haven't updated since Christmas and my son loves playing it and the Halloween versions. Will the update overwrite those and leave me with just the St. Patrick's Day version?

deercreek says:

No. In your case, the update will add the St. Patrick's Day levels and the Valentine's Day ones. I still play the Christmas and Halloween levels sometimes.


Nchaka says:

You will still have access to previous seasons. They will show in the same app

El Jefe says:


rgray331975 says:

You will have all levels when you update. Christmas,halloween,valentines, and the new one all on one game. Does anyone know when the eagles coming to android???????

JoshUng says:

Anybody know when the main Angry Birds is getting updated? I'm still getting "Coming Soon" on the last page of levels for Ham 'em High.

miketman says:

I see that honeycomb running nook color!!! cm7 is better on it IMO!! best device ever

easy1jay says:

I love this game!

Of course I'm not playing everyday nor going through it all in one sitting, so that's probably another reason why I'm not sick of it yet.

bjs188 says:

I love that the pic is on a rooted Nook with honeycomb

hmmm says:

It's a great game to play on the train. Cannot imagine how you can get 3 stars in some of those levels though...

meccariello says:

I wish i was overexposed lol.