Angry Birds

We heard yesterday it was coming this summer, and technically it's summer.  If you have the Angry Birds Season app installed through the official Android Market, the latest pig pounding update is sitting there ready for you.  Promising a new level every day for a month, it looks like another cool update for one of the most popular mobile apps of all time.

Folks who have installed Angry Birds Seasons through the Amazon app store or other markets, no word on when you'll get this one, but it shouldn't be long.  The link to the Android Market version is after the break.

There are 10 comments

soccerfon711 says:

Amazon App store.... grumble, grumble... very impatient. :(

almath says:

It only lets you play one a day?...booooooo

cowboys2000 says:

Didn't the Christmas edition do the same thing?

icebike says:

It's summer. Go outside.

ItsMeMandi says:

Does it force close for anyone else?

polito5778 says:

FC on the loading screen, non of the angry bird apps work for me now- droid inc. so pissed!!

Yes. It only has let me do one level the first day I downloaded it over 2 weeks ago. Now whenever I try a new level it kicks me out.

kuest37 says:

Won't let me play level one. Weak

Sifu says:

Once again, those that actually paid for the ad-free app through Amazon are punished with slow updates. Just doesn't make any sense.

tnegg says:

Yea the waiting daily for the next levels is So stupid. I'm afraid that the majority is getting over their thrill ride of this game.

There will be PLENTY others!!!