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The birds are back. One bird, rather, according to the latest teaser from the folks behind Angry Birds. "Summer Picnic" will be the latest addition to the Angry Birds Seasons lineup. And, like always, you'll be flinging a bird at pigs. And you won't be able to stop.

And as you'll see in the trailer, in addition to traditional Android devices, it'll also be available on the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, as part of its new app store.

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Hey phil not to be a jerk or nitpicky but its "Angry Birds: Summer Pignic" lol :)

Good Lord... I'm so over Angry birds. The repetitiveness kills me. IT was fun at first until I realized it was more luck than skill that it takes to get all starts in alot of stages.... "Oh you got all the pigs with few birds....buttt you didn't hit that ONE last RANDOM piece of wood for the extra points" 2Starts for you! . . . lmao

Can't wait for Cut the Rope

Are you implying Cut The Rope isn't repetitive?

alex27#AC says:

Just because you can't get 3 stars doesn't make the game bad, it means you are the one that is bad.

storino03 says:

Another angry birds? Jesus Christ

arundc says:

Another one? Jeez... I mustered up the interest to complete the current versions of Angry Birds and Seasons (3* and Golden Eggs). Rio has been sitting on my phone. Now this - sorry, I am done with the Birds/Pigs.

This isn't "another" angry birds. Its a new level-pack/world for Angry Bird Seasons.

If they don't release any new levels for OG, Seasons, or RIO, people complain, and now when they do, people still complain.

arundc says:

new level-pack or not...Angry Birds is played out. Comments here attest to that, more so than a cheer.

Well then I guess its a good thing there are other developers out there making other games you can enjoy.

Millions of people still love and play Angry Birds.

arundc says:

Don't get me wrong, I was hooked like everyone else but I have lost interest. If they develop a more advanced level of game play, I will certainly come back. Other than the story line, the current version is no different than what it was when the game initially launched.

Hopefully, the developers are reading this thread.


Have you played Rio yet? It has some added challenges in each world, as well as new and improved graphics, when compared to OG and Seasons. You might just find it to be fun.

I'm a big Angry Birds fan. Well, my kids are huge fans, but I fear that they are going to over saturate the market and people will grow tired of it. They should focus on major yearly updates....

eric6052 says:

I'm also over angry birds. Its still fun to fire it up once in a while but I've lost interest in having to get 3 stars on every level.

It helps pass the time on my meal break, that's about it.

icebike says:

They've heard you, and they don't want you to get burned out, so now you can only play one level a day. Then it has an enforced wait period before the next level unlocks.