Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds is the still super-popular puzzle game from Rovio and the company doesn't appear to be halting the flow updates any time soon with this latest release for Angry Birds Seasons. The content patch adds a bunch of new levels in South HAMerica (a spin on "South America", if it's a slow morning), taking the player through 27 areas with new high altitude gameplay, relics, artefacts and pesky piggies.

The new high-altitude levels add some interesting elements to the mix with ancient statues, shaky rope bridges and swinging relics. The update should be available for your Android smartphone. Check out the update advertisement above. Still unsure as to what's going on? You're not alone. Enjoy.

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thatguy97 says:

God I hate this game

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mwara244 says:

They already had a south american game, called Rio, Da Fuq is with this?

Why not just update the AB Rio instead? Or is that one basically completed with no more updates?

I used to enjoy them as a time waster, but their updates suck, lucky to get 1 or 2 a year now. Remember when seasons got updated, wait for it, every season?

Ed_Grohl says:

Love it! Saves me from deleting the game to go through it again. Fresh new levels. Can't wait.

ahmedxking says:

It has been a long time after the last game.

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They're still pumping out these games, huh?

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XavierMatt says:


G0G1 says:

That's new, its a puzzle game now ;)