Angry Birds Seasons

Tis the seasons for Angry Birds Seasons -- 25 holiday levels (one for each day through Christmas), available now in the Android Market. Also included is the 45-level Halloween special edition, in case you missed it earlier. Now excuse us, we have some pigs to kill. Download links are after the break.


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Angry Birds Seasons now available



Im not seeing it in the android market or appbrain.

Cant wait for it though, and the halloween edition.

just search for Angry Birds, find the one created by Rovio, and click on the Rovio link (more from Rovio). It should display 3 versions.

found it on and just sent it to my phone because i couldnt see it in the appbrain app or the andorid market app. searched for it but all i got was the original angry birds.

servers must be getting link apparently has been taken down and I don't see it in the market...

love how it will only allow you to play one level per one day for christmas. Great advent calendar.

Just in time, I beat it yesterday with 3 stars in all levels and every golden egg found.

For those of you having issues finding this, simply go to the Market, then to your donwloads, click on Angry Birds, scroll down below the screen shots and click on " View more applications" done.

Too many underpowered Android phones have difficulty running Angry Birds. Fragmentation happens, that's just technology.

For us old folks, it's not unlike how Lotus 1-2-3 was used to test IBM PC compatibility back in the 1980's. Example: NookColor rooted runs Angry Birds, so it's a powerful enough tablet.

Anyone else having trouble installing? I've tried a bunch of times on my Moto Droid, but it just won't work.

Been having the same issue on my EVO. Downloads, but won't install. Try unmounting your SD card and doing the install. For some reason, there seems to be a glitch on a few titles that try to install to SD that won't let them install properly. Not sure if it's an EVO issue, OS issue, or market issue.

I haven't been able to download anything from the Market for some time now. Everything downloads and apparently installs all the way, but then I get an Unsuccessful Install error..

If you are getting Unsuccessful install error you need to UNMOUNT your SD card, install the game and then remount your card.

If you have trouble installing, try selecting settings from the menu-> SD & phone storage -> Unmount SD card. Once that's done, try downloading and installing the app. Then be sure to go back & re-seat the SD card. I could never get Angry Birds (or several other apps) on my Evo until I tried this. Now, every time an install fails, I unmount the SD card, and it works like a charm. My hubby got his Evo at the same time I did, and he's never had this problem, so I guess it just effects some phones. Evo running Fryo

Again...will wait until there's a version without ads I can pay for.

(And yes: I know about rooting and AdFree but don't want to deal with that either, so skip it.)


They have rigged the app so that if it does not have internet access to check the time/date (and serve up its advertising) it won't play past the first level.

I would suspect they will put this trap in their other versions when they update then next.


Probably so you can't cheat and change your date to access the levels before their assigned day. I would call it cheat prevention before calling it a "trap".

I just downloaded the original angry birds today and am addicted. There should be a disclaimer that when you download this game time dissapears because I playeut for ten minutes and next thing I know it is two hours later. I will have to check out this one now too.

The Season birds and pigs left my phone, completely gone! What's up with that? I downloaded, installed and played the first level yesterday...great fun!! I couldn't wait to play today's level only to find that the app wasn't on my phone anymore!! Happen to anyone else?