Angry Birds Rio

The latest Angry Birds Rio update is now available in the Android Market and with the new airfield chase level episode, that means you get 15 new levels to jam away at. We're sure you'll have them beat in a matter of just a few hours. Still reading this? Why? Hit the break for the download.

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drethos says:

I got that last week from amazons marketplace

Traci2831 says:

Is this the first 15 levels or the second set of 15 levels for the Airfield Chase Episode?

Rpatton says:

I have had this for at least a week i got rio from the amazon market its currently not showing an update so is this the same update i have had or is it a new update ?

Reverend Ink says:

I got the update from Amazon Marketplace a couple weeks ago. My version is showing 1.3.0 and the link above to the Android Marketplace shows 1.2.2.

Syounger64 says:

Its a new addition of 15 levels. Can't seem to get it though