Angry Birds live action video.

If you haven't heard of Angry Birds, you must never, ever visit Android Central.  Or watch any of Phil's videos.  Or ever listen to the podcast

Taken from Eretz Nehederet -- an Israeli comedy TV show -- this exceptionally well made clip finds our favorite, less-than-pleased birds in the middle of tense negotiations with the green, egg-thieving pigs we aim to destroy.

Due to a four-letter word you won't hear on TV, we have to say this is mildly NSFW, but still good for some laughs.

Check out the video after the jump!

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dreedy01 says:

LMFAO!!! LOVE it!!!

hskrprd says:

That shit is so funny. "Say What? Fuck Off" LOL

ricbon says:

OMG....LMAO.......THANK YOU......

jtwebfusion says:


hoosiercub says:

For as conservative as they are in the middle east, the "Say What? Fuck Off" thing makes me giggle

meccariello says:

Standing ovation! Lol lol

fwdixon says:


davidnc says:

LOL thats right no pig surrender accepted 'fuck off' Pigs hahahahahaha

dougeetx says:

I was just about to post this here. LOL!! Say what? Fuck off!!

Icon says:

HAHAHA, absoultely fantastic. best video ever

campanth says:

That is awesome! But enough goofing off...time to get back to playing Angry Birds!

thingg says:

hahahahahaha that is genius

samid says:

Typical Israeli style peace talks.

That is to funny I can see this being a show LOL

dabaum says:

Damn, and I thought it couldn't get any better. I can see "SWFO" becoming HUGE in the Android world.

ToddPsyD says:

That made me laugh

MCPTV says:

Absolutely awesome..... Say What? Fuck Off!

that was stupid.

Haha that was off da gonna play the game right now lol

Tal Shterzer says:

I saw the Hebrew version and I was laughing my ass off during the "Ma Kara?" or as they say in the English version: "Say What?! Fuck Off!!"