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Maybe Rovio's running out of holidays, because it's sending the Angry Birds into Space next month, as part of a deal with brings in NASA and National Geographic as launch partners. Details from Yahoo Games suggests that the new version of Angry Birds will introduce new gravity-based gameplay as well as slow-motion puzzles and "lightspeed" destruction.

Rovio plans a simultaneous launch across all mobile platforms, including Android, from Mar. 22.

We've got the full teaser trailer after the jump.

Source: Yahoo Games, Rovio

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prlundberg says:

How about finishing Rio first? What's going on with that?

scaots says:

I finished Rio. Check your updates

Lanhoj says:

Yahoo Games has "breaking news", WTF?!

mclifford82 says:

You obviously have no idea just how many people play and love this series of games.

It's a big deal. Not to you obviously, but to the other millions of people that play the game.

fredknex says:

read better

drathos says:

So does this mean it's an Angry Birds/Muppets crossover? Pigs In Spaaaaaaaaace!

Glenuendo says:

Awesome!!!! Let's see Miss Piggy karate chop her way outta that!!!

mclifford82 says:

My mom is going to be thrilled.

BoNg420 says:

Game got boring after awhile. yawn.

That has to be the gayest trailer ever!

brendilon says:

All mobile platforms? Even WebOS and Blackberry?

Why not make it to where I log in on a device and it tracks my progress. So when I go to my tablet or laptop I can pick-up where I left off. This is the only reason why I don't play it. Now that I have my Nexus I wont be picking up a new phone every other cycle. But considering this app requires a data connection for ads, why not track your progress. I know "track" can be a bad word in permissions but...

Suntan says:

Agreed. The biggest hassle with games is being "locked" to the device you start the game on.

Give us a simple/automatic way to keep games synced between mutliple devices.


Thing342 says:

Stale franchise is stale.

chucknine says:

Angry birds backup on the market let's you save your progress on one device and restore it on another.....used it when I got my rezound and it works really well.