Angry Birds Friends

Fling various birds at pigs in structures... now with your friends

Just as we expected, Angry Birds Friends hit the Play Store this morning as a free download, ready for you to challenge your Facebook friends to some intense tournaments. If you haven't played the browser-based version yet, the concept is pretty simple. You have access to all of the varieties of birds you know and love, but now you compete with your friends to make the highest score every round. There are weekly challenges with new levels in each, as well as individual challenges with friends for trophies, and various ways to brag to your friends about how well you're doing.

This is going to require a Facebook login (no way around that), but if you're interested in mixing up your Angry Birds play time this may be a good way to go. You can grab a download of the game for free from the Play Store at the link above, or if you need a refresher on your Angry Birds skills there are plenty of previous versions to choose from. The app has just now hit the Amazon Appstore in several countries as well, so those of you on a Kindle Fire can grab your free download at the source link below.

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Reader comments

Angry Birds Friends flies into the Play Store


I'd play it. Too bad I don't have a Facebook. /endhipstermode But seriously, do they need to track people that badly that you *need* Facebook for it? Couldn't I just use OpenFeint or whatever?

I'd like to try it, but not badly enough to make a Facebook just for it.

Seriously? You need facebook? Guess I'm out. Never understood why companies etc. will completely tie themselves to facebook and/or twitter. Good for facebook, not sure it's good for the devs to single out the rest.

Personally I do not see why logging with facebook is a problem. The game it self meerly takes account of the current tournament going on, and updates scores. There is no facebook advertising on the game at least for the time being.

I have been enjoying these tournaments for a number of weeks and having the option to play it on my tablet is much better than on my laptop.

It's only a problem if someone without a facebook account wants to play the game.

In this case, I'm left to choose between supporting a company that has shown a propensity to stomp on privacy and sell anything for a dollar against my desire to play Angry Birds multiplayer. Turns out Angry Birds multiplayer isn't quite awesome enough to make me turn a blind eye to facebook's misdeeds. Oh well.

It's a problem if you don't have a Facebook account and have no desire nor need for having one.

Then again, I guess it's not really a problem. Just play a different game or one of the other verisions of Angry Birds.

You guys are hilarious. You realize the only platform with more users than FB is Windows....right?