Angry Birds Easter

Fire up the Android Market, folks, because Angry Birds Easter -- the latest seasonal edition of the ingenious Angry Birds Seasons -- is now available in the Android Market.

It's the same Angry Birds you've come to know and love, with a loose Easter theme tied in, so far as bunnies and eggs are concerned. Fling some Angry Birds, break some stuff, kill some pigs, free some eggs. We've got download links after the break.


Reader comments

Angry Birds Easter now available


Angry Birds Seasons will no longer open for me after the update. At first it was force closing, now it simply boots me right back to my home screen. Trying to run on the Captivate. Anyone else having this issue?

They are going over board with all of these angry birds. I know its popular but man its hard to keep up.

As much as I like that Rovio tries to keep their product fresh, I wish they'd revisit some of their past season releases. I know there's some optimization that could be done on some of them. They feel buggy and slow compared to recent releases.

Too bad I have the ad free Seasons from the Amazon App Store.... Wonder how long it'll be till they get that up?

Everyone talks about fragmentation, but this is a serious version of fragmentation. The android market tells me I have angry birds seasons, but it won't update because the Amazon Appstore has not yet released the update. They can't do it all at once? Ridiculous.

True NoSpin, I have looked 4 times in the past hour and nothing.... If I don't see it withing the next 12 hours I may just uninstall the amazon one and install the one from the market.

As a Jew, I'm offended. Where's the Passover edition? You can have an Angry Birds for Zombie Jesus, but not one for Moses?!

I would like to see a first person view of angry birds, getting kind of boring as is. And the physics are questionable at best. Lol. Plus they need a way to sync angry birds across a multitude of devices. Thunderbolt, XOOM and MacBook Pro and none are synced.

It's not the physics that are questionable, quite frankly. It's when the maps employ imaginary anchor points that support structures that wouldn't otherwise be possible. That's when I get frustrated.

I can't count how many times my bird has catapulted into one of those imaginary points only to be stopped dead in its tracks.

AB is still a cool game, I just wish the creators would cheat less.

I disagree, can't get enough of AB. The only thing is that I miss them no longer doing the opening splash screens where they first discover eggs are missing. Some of those were comical.

N E 1 Else having the issue where it shows the APP installed on your phone and NO Update for it? I open the APP and it doesn't include the easter update.... I snap a shot of the barcode in the article and it takes me to the market and shows installed.... I just want some new levels... whats the deal!

shoot the white bird backward and launch the egg right away and blow up the 4 leaf clover and the golden egg on level 16 is yours. Also I have have found 9 golden eggs (I'll get the 10th one after I 3 star 4 more levels) I was wondering if anyone found more than 10?

I've took a break from Angry Birds once RIO came out and I've been hooked on it ever since! The graphics are better and the gameplay is crazy hard! Amazing game!