Talk about elegant and secure: Android and the G1 have a unique unlocking feature. Instead of tapping in a security code, you draw a pre-set pattern on the screen, see the image above to see what we mean. This is a great feature -- you can quickly unlock the screen without having to compromise having all your data securely stored behind a "password."

What other surprises are are in store for today?

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[...] the screen up — just push to the left and up slightly and out comes the screen. Like the unlock feature we just mentioned, it’s a subtle and elegant difference from your standard [...]

[...] Crunch comes in with a very interesting angle about the unique unlocking method for Android. We know that in Android, instead of choosing a typical number based passcode, an Android user can [...]

Anonymous says:

how can you unlock the android if you forgot your passcode

Does not anyone know how to unlock the sprint moment if you forgot the username and passocode. I paid 400.00 for this phone and my daughter has had it a month and i'm pissed that a major phone company would make a phone where they cant even unlock it. Can anyone help?