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I'm always on the lookout for a good looking live wallpaper. I know some people are vehemently against them, saying they slow down their phone or kill their battery, but Rays of Light doesn't fit that bill.

Rays of Light gives your phone this kind of Hollywood-esque, night at the club, gettin' down with my homies feel. Rays of light of different colors pulse and intersect one another, creating some beautiful color combinations as well as keeping things fresh looking whenever you're checking out your screens.

The colors are what they are with Rays of Light. There's nothing on the settings menu that lets you pick certain colors. As a matter of fact, the settings menu is pretty bare. There's two choices: Set battery saving tips and moving animation.

The battery saving tips gives you four options to save your battery, all of which alter the speed of the light rays. The moving animation lets you stop the animation when you're swiping between screens.

Other than that, there's not much to say about Rays of Light. It performs well, looks good, and best of all, it's free. The developer is a top developer, too, so you know this wallpaper is quality.

We've got a couple of screenshots and download links after the break.

Rays of LightRays of LightRays of LightRays of Light


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Android Wallpaper Review: Rays of Light


Is a 2 minute video really necessary to show what this live wallpaper does? Got the idea in the first 8 seconds

No one comes to your job & tells you how to flip burgers. Don't tell the writers/editors here how to do theirs.

I hope that isn't what I think it is to the left of the app drawer at the begging of the video

I'm assuming you're TheMp219 on Youtube. No, that's not a penis. It's LauncherPro's icon of a person's head for your Contacts, you sick-minded rascal you.

Poorly written LWPs can put a hurt on your phone/tablet -- you learn to weed those out pretty quick. I always have LWPs running because hey, moving pictures!

I've used some of this developer's other LWPs -- Shadow Galaxy looks badass on 10.1 screen!

Check out some of the stuff from Kittehface -- Blue Skies is incredible... drop dead gorgeous on my Xoom.

I focused more on the background music, lol.. it was MUCH better than the stale AC soundtrack we're used to hearing. but this doesn't look like an AC original video. AC needs a new song, something more lively, and upbeat (like this one)

This guy's wallpapers are some of the best free live wallpapers out there. I don't think he's put out a single stinker, plus they seem to go easy on the battery and don't slow down my NS4G at all. I paid the $2 for the full version of his Alien Skins wallpaper, which is about 50 wallpapers in one. Anything to support a good dev like this.

Yep!! Have this on my phone eversince the beginning. Looove the playing spectrum of colors. The best way to enjoy this live wallpaper is to leave out one screen blank for viewing. It has a certain mesmerising quality, akin to watching Springle form out patterns.

Trekkies might also want to try out Maxelus' Shadow Galaxy and Vortex Galaxy.