Dell Mini 5 FCC

Three things I believe in: Android will dominate the universe, everybody should go sailing at least three times in their life, and Engadget's ability to parse the FCC listings. And they've done it again, matching up the Dell Mini 5 -- which we recently saw in the hands of Michael Dell himself -- with AT&T's flavor of wireless. Looks like it'll sport 3G and EDGE frequencies, and likely more for use outside the United States. Now all we need is for this thing to actually be released. [FCC via Engadget]


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Android-powered Dell Mini 5 is destined for AT&T 3G


I agree with everything you said except the "go sailing 3 times in your life" comment. Sailing is nice, just beware of who you go sailing with. Years ago, my now ex-brother-in-law was at the helm of my ex-father-in-laws sailing boat tacking back and forth across the bay when he over tacked and almost sunk the boat. I mean we were listing so far over that water was coming in over the side of the boat... it took three of us jumping up and down on the other side of the boat, plus dropping sail, to get it back enough for my ec-father-in-law to right the stupid thing. That was the end of my sailing days. Oh.. a couple of months later my illustrious ex-brother-in-law somehow punched a nice hole in the side of the boat which put it into drydock for a couple of weeks. Sailing... no, I don't think so! Give me a speed boat any time!

Its even easier to do stupid things in a speedboat. And the consequences are usually much worse because of higher speeds.

I heartily agree with "go sailing", its an awesome experience if you have the right conditions and environment (boat, crew, etc).

Back on the subject, too bad it doesn't support T-Mobile's 3G frequency as well. I am so tired of phones that are made for one and only one cell company. It should at a minimum support AT&T and T-Mobile.

The unexpectedly awesome feature? The 5MP camera. The Dell Mini 5 has a 5-inch screen, and your subject fills the entire frame. It's an oddly satisfying implementation of a camera, in a super sizing kind of way.
This will be dell's flagship for their tablet device. More Details:

At least this one supports AT&T. All the hot smartphones have been going T-Mobile lately. I will have this baby the second they list it for sale. I was an HTC Advantage user until it died and there is nothing like a five inch screen. Can't wait.

Could someone please explain to me why on earth non of these nicer phones are hitting verizon? I see so many great phones released but they always hit tmobile or att. I just want a decent android phone on vzw already! And I refuse to buy that crappy 80's-styled-keyboard Droid, and the bloody Nexus one is seemingly forever away. I know they said spring, but that could be pushed back and/or it could be at the end of spring... grrr.

Two things.
Verizon often wants things their way, like often killing wifi.
Next they are CDMA and not GSM. GSM is by far the most used all around the world.

CDMA: There is nothing wrong with it. They can sport both antennas, like the Tour and Storm do for Blackberry. I personally feel the call quality is better on Verizon and Sprint than when I had ATT. I haven't tried T-Mobile, so I don't know about that. I was tired of dropped calls (and they can't entirely blame it on the iPhone as I had them well before that phone came out).

While what has been said about Verizon is mostly true, the DO have two droid phones - one with a slide out keyboard (motorola) and one without: Eris.

I have complained in the past about Verizon being slowest on the cool phones, but at least now they have some to choose from: Droid, Eris, Storm 2, HTC Touch Diamond & Touch Pro 2, Imagio, Palm Pre Plus, misc. BBs... Some have WiFi and Java app support.

Of course, if you're looking for iPhone or iPad, then you're out of luck on Verizon.