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It's not just you -- the Android Market seems to be stalled.  We're getting reports of users unable to download, and it's pretty widespread.  We have no idea if this has something to do with changes surrounding tomorrow's Honeycomb event in San Jose, but we'll know the answer to that one soon enough, join us while we live blog it from the floor.

For now though, it doesn't look like you're going to have much luck until somebody gets a new hampster to run the wheel. [Android Central forums] Thanks Christopher!

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Tallas says:

I had no problems downloading a compass to test this.

dluxx06 says:

i thought it was just me but i have this problem... tried to update Handcent SMS and Google maps but it kept saying unable to download. Hope it all gets worked out...

snppr22 says:

I have been having hiccups for a few weeks now, auto updates are not working at all and I dont even get alerts that I have updates waiting for me. Tonight I saw an update and I was unable to install it, both wifi and 3G failed.

my phone isn't affected but for some reason, apps won't auto update or even notify me if i have updates to download. i checked the little box to notify me to update it and also made sure i checked every single last app to auto update (around 105 apps on my phone just to let you know in case that has something to do with it).

ovdevil says:

Can't even get to the market,getting a Network error window

I just downloaded the Beautiful Widget (paid) here at South Lake Tahoe about 30 mins ago and as far as I'm concern, I got it and it's running perfectly in my Nexus One.

MikeFalcor says:

My download issues are more than likely due to a corrupt SD card. Formatting now...

tompro53 says:

Thank god I am not the only person with this problem, I was the first person to report the problem.

Xopher says:

I was having problems downloading some updates for about an hour. After waiting a while, I tried again and it seems to be working again... at least it is working again for me...

noszero says:

Omg thanks for the info. I been trying to fix this for two hours.

SYL says:

I had an issue downloading as well, but I found a workaround that worked for me. When you try to install an app, it will place it in your "my apps" section of the market or whatever it is called. Long press the app in that list and tap install. Not sure if it works everywhere

greenlink says:

i was having problems, then i rebooted my galaxy tab. everything is working properly now

icebike says:

My bet is that its the weather.

Great chunks of the US midwest are without power. Some pages (even the official google blog) load with gaps in pages etc.

AppBrain is also hozed if you try to click the "My Apps" link.

Edit: its back up now 9pm PST.

tompro53 says:

Mine is working now thank god now I can try FireFox.

kcrave22 says:

(Stock Fascinate)Tried downloading Firefox about 6 times. Kept saying it was installing then just disappeared...

DJBigBenVA says:

Busy busy bees in the Honeycomb :-)

ezrevo2010 says:

At kcrave22... same here trying like crazy to dl firefox but it was all in vain cuz once i got it to dl i was very disapointed firefox sux big hairy balls!!!!!!

jds5445 says:

I havent had any problems, either earlier today or right now.

joshua.worth says:

I can't even find Firefox on my LG Optimus V..... :'(

cadmandu says:

Hamster people it's Hamster, not Hampster.

nmDXaddict says:

I had the issue last night. Haven't tried it today, but I unmounted my SD card and it worked out all the updates and loaded the app I was wanting to try.

Kage87Z says:

Nah... the spelling is right. After all, I live in Nashua, New Hampster.

eltrutgnik says:

Everytime i try install app it just downloads but it doesn't install. A